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Zombie Hunter King is a new zombie shooting game for android by mobirix. Check out our zombie hunter king tips, tricks and strategy guides to master the game

Mobirix’s latest zombie hunter game Zombie Hunter King has asked you to shoot down the waves of zombies before killing you. It features various game modes such as Stage, Survival, PvP and Bonus. All you have to do is shoot down the zombies before they attack you. In this post we covered everything we need to know about the game. Zombie Hunter King Tips, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Start – Zombie Hunter King

Tip Head, Cheaters part, learn the basics first. Zombie Hunter There are three game modes in the game. Stage, survival and PvP. In stage mode, you complete a level and complete a series of levels to create a diamond. Difficulty increases with progress. In survival mode, your goal is to shoot as many zombies as possible. In PvP mode, you are confronted by other players from around the world to face enemy waves. A player who performs better or erases all waves wins the game. In survival and PvP mode, compensation is distributed according to ranking. So get a win after a short season (weekly) and earn valuable rewards to improve your rankings.

Zombie Hunter There are two types of in-game calls that appear in King games. Coins and diamonds. Diamonds are a valuable item and you can score points by clearing the stage set and surviving and playing PvP mode. (19659005) Zombie Hunter There are dozens of weapons in the game and you can unlock the game. Spending diamonds. This game also includes a card system. Players can draw cards and equip them with special effects such as increased attack power and reduced reload time.

For beginners The Zombie Hunter King Game Guide is. . Zombie Hunter King Tips, Tricks and Strategy Guide

# 1.) Destroy the Tank

In the game, many tanks. Shoot this tank to explode and shoot down zombie gangs. Let them explode on time; When the zombie is very close to the number of bullets

# 2.) Go to headshot only

In all shooting games, headshots will do enormous damage to the enemy. The zombie hunter king game also causes huge damage to the head shot.

# 3.) Frequently reloading for safety

Do not lose too much ammunition after you shoot certain bullets.

# 3. Reload it. Reload early. If the enemy is nearby, reloading the gun can be dangerous. And it is better to switch to another gun. Simply tap the Reload icon on the right side of the battle’s screen. See also – best survival game for Android

# 4.) Improved ability

There are three attributes in the character: health, power, and points. The health attribute level determines the character’s HP and power level to determine the damage power, and the point level to determine the score points obtained by killing zombies. Upgrade these abilities or attributes to increase your performance in combat. On the next screen on the left, tap one of the game modes to tap the attribute you want to level up, then tap the Upgrade button. Also, the best action game for Android

# 5.) Import items when there is a problem

It is better to take items in PvP or Survival mode. Such as magazines, bullets, magazines, shields, critical things, and more (one of these). You can buy these items before you start combat. Using this item at the right time in combat will give you more benefits. These items are very helpful in game modes like PvP.

# 6.) Installing and upgrading cards

The Zombie Hunter King game features a card system. Players can equip cards or draw cards for manual or active benefits. First of all, you have to draw a card first. You can import cards from the card shop. From the main screen, touch Card -> Card Shop. You must use a card or use a coin. You can get a card ticket by completing the mission.

Use duplicate cards. Tap or card to sell or equip.

# 7.) Firearm or weapon upgrades

Upgrade is one of the main steps in the zombie hunter game. You can not proceed unless you upgrade the base gun. Go to the weapon menu screen and press the level up button. You can equip multiple firearms for battle and switch to anyone at any time. More – Best War Games for Android

# 8.) Enjoy bonus battles to get more coins

Zombie Hunter One of the best ways to make huge money in king games is bonus battles. To start on the left side of the screen, tap the eye icon (bonus). If you play more than 10 games in another mode, you can play it again. Stage, PvP, Survival

# 9.) Repeat Stage for Compensation

You can play each stage multiple times and claim compensation.

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Zombie Hunter King (19459028) There are only two guns in the Hunter King game, but you can use a diamond to open a new gun Go to the Weapons menu -> tap the gun you want to unlock -> read the conditions on the left side of the screen.

# 11.) Complete the mission for compensation

You can earn diamonds, auto-play tickets, card tickets and coins by completing your mission Main screen Tap the Mission icon to see the pending mission

So, these are the zombie hunter king tips, tricks and strategy guide for beginners, it’s a really good game. Zombie Hunter King for Android Download Game – Here (Google Play Store) Also, More – Best Zombie Games for Android.

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