YouTube Kids Gets a Dedicated Desktop Website

YouTube Kids was revealed to get a dedicated desktop website earlier this week. Well, if you've been waiting for children to watch YouTube videos directly from the browser (with proper scrutiny), then the YouTube Kids website has launched today. It offers a family experience, which parents who use the mobile application would immediately recognize.

The YouTube Kids website looks a lot like your tablet or TV application, but one of the key features is currently missing in action. You will not be able to log in to the website at this time, says the official support page. It is currently under development and should begin to be implemented at a later date.

"With this initial offer, there will not be an option to log in, similar to watching YouTube Kids on TVs today. Parents will still be able to view playback history, bookmark content and choose between the new content settings of the age group, "says the support page . The desktop website was officially launched today, along with the news that Google is resolving federal privacy charges against YouTube. The company will pay fines of around $ 150- $ 200 million for violations of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act.

 YouTube Kids desktop website

One of the changes introduced in YouTube Kids is the new age groups, which were revealed by the company earlier this week. The moment you open the desktop website, pass the parental control test, you will receive the new options. YouTube Kids now offers a new "Preschool" filter for children 4 years and under . This is combined with younger (5 to 7 years old) and older (8 to 12 year old) filters to watch videos.

 YouTube's new era media

The broadcast giant has also revised its child safety policies for the child-friendly platform. Parents may contribute to the elimination of insecure content, which includes "videos aimed at minor minors and their families those that contain sexual issues, violence, obscene or other mature issues that are not suitable for younger audiences. "Previously, these videos were restricted instead of being deleted directly from the service.

An interesting feature I found while reviewing YouTube Kids today was the option to enable or disable the search option. If you choose to activate the function, your children can search for new videos on the platform. The option to disable search will restrict children to a limited set of channels, which YouTube verifies are suitable for children.

 YouTube Kids Search on / off function

This website dedicated to YouTube Kids has been launched to address a major problem on the platform. The video streaming giant is not child friendly in general, which hides in its terms and conditions, indicating that the website is intended for users 13 years and older. Then, I was breaking the law and the new website corrects the deficiencies, offering a safer environment for children to explore their interests and curiosity.

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