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WoW Classic Walkthrough And Guide

Centaur Bracers is one of Barrens' missions in World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic.

Your task is to collect 15 centaur bracers of the Kolkar beasts (centaur).

Here is a tutorial from Centaur Bracers in WoW Classic.

To unlock the mission, talk to Regthar Deathgate, located somewhere west of the crossroads.

 wow classic-centaur bracers

Hunting the Kolkars

If you are strong enough, you can hunt the centaurs near where Regthar Deathgate is located.

The exact location is shown on the following map, marked by the player's location.

 wow tutorial of classic centaur bracers

You will find many centaurs and many horde guards fighting in what looks like a battlefield.

It's quite difficult here. so if you are too weak right now, there is another place to look for centaurs.

 wow classic centaur bracelets wiki

Reach the forgotten pools

Another place to find lower-level centaurs (Kolkar) is in the forgotten pools. They consist of Kolkar Wranglers and Stormers.

There are campsites everywhere and you will find many of them around level 12-14.

The exact location is shown on the following map.

 wow classic centaur brace tips

Keep killing them until you get 15 bracers.

 wow classic bracelets of centaur help

centaur bracers return to Regthar and claim a weapon as a reward.

 Classic Wow-Centaur Bracers - Where to Find Kolkar


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