Ulala: Idle Adventure Guide, Tips, Cheats For Beginners

Woollahra: idle adventureUlala: Idle Adventure is a fun idle RPG from X.D for Android and iOS. global. Check out this Ulala: idle adventure guide, tips and tricks for beginners

If you've started the Ulala: Idle Adventure game, this post is for you. We have already shared a class guide explaining all the classes in all three fields and their scores. Survival, Attack and Support. Ulala: You can read the Idle Adventure class guide here. In this article, you will learn the basic concepts of the game and how to get stronger faster. So don't waste your time and head to the main content.

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Woollahra: An Idle Adventure Guide

Woollahra: idle adventureThe main goal in the Ulala: Idle Adventure game is to strengthen your character and challenge dinosaurs to defeat them. After you create a character class, you enter the battlefield. There are three more characters that will help you on your adventure. Yes, you play alone, not in a team. You can check the location by tapping the mini map in the upper right corner of the battle screen, or just below the mini map.

Defeat enemy waves and gain experience.

Challenge progress

To conquer an area or progress in the Ulala: Idle Adventure game, players must defeat their local boss. This is a real threat. Press the challenge button in the bottom right corner to find the boss. Bit the boss to get better rewards. Move to gears, in-game items, and more to advance to the next area. As you progress through the game and meet powerful creatures, your rewards will be much better.

Woollahra: Idle Adventure Shell

Just below the mini map, the game displays the number of shells earned per minute. This shell is necessary to improve the gears. The character is equipped with weapons, accessories, and armor-all of these gears can be fortified and require a certain number of shells.

Woollahra: Idle Adventure Level Up Guide

To level up your character in Ulala: Idle Adventure, you need to hone your XP. You can gain experience by killing creatures or bosses in adventure or combat mode. The amount of EXP earned per minute depends on your current progress. Defeat the boss, clear the area and gain experience every minute. You can check your character's current level in the upper left corner of the screen. Tap the level bar to see how many experiences you need to reach the next level.


Starfish is the default game currency for the Ulala: Idle Adventure game. You can buy a shell and use it to buy your pet immediately, in many other ways. How do you get starfish? Complete quests to get starfish


Unlike shellfish or starfish, pearls are hard to get. It is a premium currency in game and can be obtained by spending real money. (Up to get a pearl). Pearls can be used in skill chests, in-game items, and in many other ways.


Basically you play the game with the default team allies (AI). You can join other players' teams to get more benefits. You must first leave the team. You leave the team at the end of the battle. Tap the Teams option in the bottom right corner and go to the Teams tab in the upper right corner-> End button. Now go to the bulletin board section under the team menu and apply for another team. Or join a team of other players quickly. To create a team, go to the My Teams tab-> Recruit Team Members. Recruit three team members.

To accept the invitation, go to the Team menu and press the invitation info button.

Woollahra: Idle Adventure Pets

Pet features are unlocked at character level 16. And you get a pet for free. Once the pets feature is unlocked, go to the Pets menu (third tab in the bottom menu), select your pet and press the Send button. To catch your pet using food as bait, tap the capture button in the upper right corner.

Train your pet, research your skills and get more benefits. We will soon publish a pet guide (update-> ⇒ read the pet guide here; elements, the best pets, etc.).

Woollahra: idle adventure property

Woollahra: idle adventureCharacter class attribute functionality is unlocked after a certain level. Attribute points can be used to increase evasions such as attack, defense, HP, critical strike, and character class stats. These energy points can be earned by leveling up your character.

  • Int-Increases Attack, Hit and Stab
  • Sta – Health affects, prevents, and evades HP
  • Skill-Armor, Critical Strike, Tenacity

Woollahra: Idle Adventure Gear

Gears affect the stats of characters like HP, ATK, Armor, ATK Speed, Impale, and more. Defeat bosses, creatures in adventure mode to gain gear. You can check your gear by going to the camp menu (first tab in the bottom menu)-> storage->. Smelt these gears and get gem pieces. This shard can be used to create new equipment.

Woollahra: an idle adventure gem

When you reach a certain character level, a new feature, Gems, is unlocked. Just as you strengthen weapons to increase the effect, gems work in a similar way. Inlaying gems on gears can improve your gems even more. The second tab of the game (Character Profile-Cogwheel Tab)-> Gemstone Button (near the Enhancement Button)-> Stone or Gemstone.

Jewel Fusion –

Go to Storage-> gem-> gem-> fuse By fusing, you can get fine jewelry or stones. For example – merge (x2) level 1 gems to obtain (x1) level 2 gems. Different types of gems provide different additional stats / boosts: –

  • Defense Stones-Increased Defense
  • Stone of Life-HP Increase
  • Attack Stone-Increased Attack
  • Critical Strike-Increased Critical Strike
  • Hit Stones-Increase Hit Rate
  • Block Stone-Increased Block Rate
  • ale seats – Increases statistics.
  • Kang In-seok-Strength gain

If you are unsure about these properties, check the ⇒ class build guide. This guide has explained all the attribute information.


To transcend your character, you must complete the Transcendence quest. Go to the character profile menu and press the Transcend button to see these requirements. Transcend your character and increase your rank and stats.

Woollahra: Idle Adventure Monster Box

Monster Box is one of the best sources to get legendary gear. To access this feature, you will need to go to the Camp menu side-> on the left to see the Monster Box options. Tap Make sure you belong to a team of real players, not real NPCs. After that you need to roll the dice-pick an animal or pet and choose your luck. The highest scorer on the team wins. All team members can roll once a day or participate in this event. At the end of the timer you get an item.

Skill Chest

You can access the Skill Chest feature from the Camp menu. (Near the store). You can get high quality skills by using skill vouchers or starfish from the skill box menu. Epic, legendary, etc. This game guarantees one epic or higher quality skill after every 10 draws.

Wish coins

You can earn Wish Coins in the daily quest (all done to earn coins). On the Wish Fountain screen, you can select your wishes or reset your skill wishes. Use this coin to get your desired points. When you reach 100 hope points, the goddess will fulfill her wish. Wish to gain legendary skills.

Woollahra Black Market

Women at Blackmarket sell dozens of valuable items at affordable prices. In-game currency like shells, starfish and pearls. This item includes cooking ingredients, high quality gears, stone / jewelry attributes, skill pieces, etc. Note – Only consume items when you need them. Do not waste in-game currency.

Woollahra: Idle Adventure Backpack

It is always a good idea to keep your backpack clean. You can go to the vault and inspect all loot / items such as gears, food ingredients, cooked food, pet skills, fossils, gems, stones, vouchers, books, etc. The main thing is useless equipment. Go to the equipment Tap-> Press the smelting button in the bottom right corner-> OK. Get a piece of gear-> Use a piece of gear to build / build a better gear.

Woollahra: Idle Adventure Hero Hill Guide

Woollahra Hero Hill GuideYou can access the hero fill menu from the camp screen. Here you can track your hero creation progress. And it is calculated based on the current progress of the game. In the upper right corner of the battle screen, tap the mini-map-> Main Server Progress. After that, the game displays a message showing the current progress. Exceeded 89.72% of players (depending on current progress).

Woollahra ProgressNow go back to the Hero Hills screen and you'll see the same number in the bottom center and rewards as you progress. –

  1. Less than 90% – gold box
  2. Over 90% – Epic Box
  3. 95% or more – Legendary Box
  4. And over 99% – myth box

You will be rewarded according to your progress. Hero Gen. on the same screen You can check the remaining time in the Reward message. The game rewards you according to your progress based on the deadline. For example – timely player gets over + 95% and receives a legendary box reward.

You can get reputation points and starfish from this box. Reputation points are required to claim reputation rewards. For example – collect reputation score 60 to get toys and rainbow stones. Press the Hero Hills Rewards option at the top right of the Hero Hills menu to see your reputation rating rewards.

How do you overtake and develop players? Challenge the boss and progress on the map stage. Beyond 99% you can promote your character to the next generation and discover a new era every 10 generations.

This is all in the Ulala: Idle Adventure guide for beginners. Let's look at the best Ulala: idle adventure tips, tricks and strategies.

Woollahra: Idle Adventure Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Choose the best class

Woollahra: Idle Adventure game is playable in total 8 classes. Of course, you won't want to play everything. It is better to choose the best class from the beginning. There are gladiators, hunters, warlocks, druids, assassins, shamans, and warriors, including DPS, tanks, and healers. If you don't know what the best class is, follow this class guide.

2.) Choose your team wisely

Need more firepower and team cover to bite the boss in Ulala: Idle Adventure game. If you have a basic team, you can't survive long. Therefore, we recommend finding a good team and then fighting with them. When choosing a team, check player stats, gear levels, enhancement levels, pets, classes, and more. Get help from online players using the chat feature.

3.) Equipped with the best gear

You can get better equipment as you progress through the game. Make sure your character is equipped with the best gear set. Replace gear if necessary.

4.) Go to AFK to grind the experience

The game is idle. You don't need to do anything except watch your character fight enemies or manage your gear. Leave the game open for other tasks. Characters change their experience and shells over time. There is no need to challenge the boss in this AFK period. Or go to mobile settings and change display-> power saving settings in no time. Or stay awake using developer options. You can leave the game as it is before you fall asleep and your character can hone XP. One of the best ways to level up quickly.

5.) Gear Hardening

Use the shell to strengthen the gears. This increases the gear stats-this increases the character stats. And you can quickly defeat monsters or bosses.

Inlaid gems to improve your stats.

6.) send energy points

Gain 5 energy points at every level. Use this energy point to increase the attributes of your character class.

7.) Technical upgrade

Go to character profile-> skillbook-> upgrade-> skill page / material selection-> skill upgrade to get more benefits.

8.) fast combat use

Use Quick Battle every day to sharpen your in-game items quickly. Pray to the goddess for 2 hours to gain combat gain. Check your backpack for free space.

9.) Get help from pets in monster battle

Monster or boss battles are usually difficult compared to normal combat. If you have unlocked pet features, we recommend that you dispatch / place boss powerful element pets to get bonus benefits. If you do not know about monsters and pet elements, please refer to the pet guide.

10.) consume food dishes

Eating can increase your character's damage, HP, and many other attributes. Go to Camp screen-> Find Save Options and tap-> Go to Food tab-> Food Items tab-> Read Buff Details (Character)-> Eat. When fighting a boss, you must necessarily eat. If you are unsure about food cooking or cooking, follow the cooking guide.

The best Ulala tips, cheats and guide information for beginners. We will be posting cooking guides, pet guides, and chest features soon. Please stay tuned. Also –

update : –

05-10-19 – Added Hero Hill Guide

18-09-19 – Added gem information

16-09-2019 – Added Monster Chest, Backpack, Blackmarket, Skill Chest, and Wish Coins Info. If you have any questions, please comment below.

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