Tritton Kunai Pro Review: An Affordable Headset with Expensive Sound

Getting a truly immersive sound, whether on the console or on the PC, usually requires the purchase of headphones that cost more than $ 100. However, with the solutions of Software that help improve the performance of less expensive devices, players no longer have to break the bank to get the sound quality they need to enjoy the latest games. Tritton's Kunai Pro is not the most eye-catching or feature-rich headset available, but we were still impressed with the performance we got.

Designed as an economical option and currently only fully compatible with Windows 10. You will be told that full support for PS4 will come later – the Tritton Kunai Pro is quite simple out of the box. It is made largely of lightweight plastic that does not look like it can get a big beating, but it is designed with earmuffs that make it very easy to store. The twists and padding that travel the upper band also make it one of the most comfortable budget headphones we've tried so far, especially after trying the Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 200, it's like wearing a marshmallow hat.

Simple, but smart

The Tritton Kunai Pro has an in-line system with no controls on the earmuffs. The options here are simple: switch between one of three audio modes, adjust the volume or mute the microphone.

One of our favorite features is the removable microphone, which can convert the Kunai Pro from a gaming headset to a pair of perfectly repairable headphones. . It can be bent and adjusted to fit almost any head shape, and if you decide to take it off completely, all you have to do is turn it counterclockwise and pull out the 3.5mm plug. However, we suggest leaving it connected while playing, because the output quality is surprisingly good. We heard a small amount of white noise while we tried it, but our voice was heard with a clarity that we have not seen in similar headphones.

It is unlikely that the microphone will influence your purchase as much as the sound quality of the headset, which is a cut above headphones of similar price. With Dirac audio drivers installed on your PC, you can choose between two software modes: HD and 7.1. The HD option is designed for stereo content and offers a remarkable sharpness compared to the standard option of headphones. The voices sound better, and by testing the mode next to a waterfall in the game, the water fell clearly that we were not used to listening to with an inexpensive handset.

7.1 mode offers Dirac's 3D audio technology, which gives more depth to your games. It made the games feel a little more realistic during the use time, since the sound of several different sources of the game seems to be combined better than the HD option. However, the sharpness seemed slightly reduced and, depending on the type of game you are playing, you may want to keep HD mode. However, the change button in the online control unit allows you to alternate between them without problems, so you can always choose the best configuration according to your own tests in the game.

Limited options

Probably in an effort to keep costs low, the Kunai Pro is a wired headset, with a standard USB connector instead of the 3.5mm that we traditionally see in budget-compatible headsets the consoles. This works well for PC, which we use during our time with it. For PS4 players that are not directly next to your system, however, it will be less convenient. Given the large number of other cheap headphones available for consoles, the Kunai Pro is not as attractive.

At least at this time, the drivers are also incompatible with MacOS. We were still able to get Kunai Pro running on a Mac and the sound quality was relatively clear, but without access to the software that distinguishes it from other low budget headphones, it is less impressive.

The Tritton Kunai Pro is not there It is the best option if you are playing on something other than a PC, but if is on the PC and you need an inexpensive handset that will not deplete your bank account, it is a very impressive option. The microphone and sound quality have not been compromised with the reduced price, and as long as you take care to avoid damaging it during use and storage, it can be useful to you as much as a gaming headset or a good pair of headphones. We only hope that Tritton can incorporate the impressive software into a compatible device with more systems in the future.

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