Top 25 Best SNES Games Of All Time

The consoles of today have a lot of energy, and we want to say a lot.

Able to offer almost realistic graphics, modern consoles far surpass their older counterparts. At least, when we talk about pure graphics processing and power.

But, even with all that power under the proverbial hood, many still argue that none of the consoles released since then could be compatible with Nintendo's Super NES. [19659002] Of course, the SNES was not aesthetically beautiful or powerful. In fact, the younger brother of SNES, the Nintendo 64, which launched a few years later, was capable of much more.

Still, throughout the 1990s, at a time when Sony's original PlayStation was already starting to establish itself. Like the console to beat, the SNES gave its most powerful contemporaries a good run for their money, and all thanks to an extensive library of games whose influence continues to be felt to this day.

Next, we pay tribute to the titles that made the 16-bit Nintendo console so special and memorable.

These are the 25 best SNES games of all time .

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25. Super Ghouls' n Ghosts

  top 25 snes games

If you thought that today's video games are difficult, then you definitely have not played Super Ghouls' n Ghosts.

A side scroller who had the audacity to make you jump through all the hoops, fight against ghosts, zombies, bugs and demons, just to make you take the trip again and give you a bad excuse for a final, Super Ghouls & # 39; n Ghosts was the type of game that revealed its difficulty without falling short in terms of entertainment value.

24. Mortal Kombat II

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The original ] Mortal Kombat was what put the franchise and video games in general, on the radar of the mainstream media because of its unprecedented horrific and violent, but it was Mortal Kombat II that demonstrated that Mortal Kombat had more to offer than just gore.

Claro, Mortal Kombat II still retains the violence that made the first title infamous. However, it made Gore a novelty.

Instead, he focused more on being a very good game, and he certainly succeeded.

One of the first titles of consoles to make videogames attractive for the oldest and mature. Audiences, Mortal Kombat II is an iconic game.

This is partly because the game helped to push the envelope of what was then considered appropriate in video games. Not to mention that it was also the game that helped set the standard for how the Mortal Kombat games should be played and played.

Although its sequels have definitely exceeded it, Mortal Kombat II deserves the approval to start everything.

23. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

  the best games of snes of all time

Beat & # 39; em ups were the favorite genre of the NES and SNES era. [19659002] Created for maximum difficulty and to help milk players with as many coins or chips as possible, most beat games have not aged well due to the way they do not They evolved beyond simply following the typical "beat everyone on the screen". and go ahead. "

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time is one of the few exceptions.

Put players in the place of any of the four turtles. , the game allowed one or two players to test their skill against Shredder and his lackeys.

While the SNES version did not look as good as its arcade counterpart, it retained everything it did Teenage Mutant NInja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time a big hit, that includes a smooth and responsible control

These elements contributed to that Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time is one of the best games of his genre, and a game that continues to be a joy to play even by today's standards.

22. Breath of Fire

  best fighting game snes 2019

Breath of Fire was nothing special. In fact, it was a classic RPG that really brought nothing new to the genre, even by the standards of that time.

At the same time, that's what made it special.

Well executed and well designed, Breath of Fire took everyone's favorite RPG elements and decided to make it their own.

The sequel, Breath of Fire II, was also excellent, and so was the exclusive PlayStation, Breath of Fire III and Breath of Fire IV, ] but it was Breath of Fire which helped Capcom demonstrate that they had what it took to create a legit RPG Experience.

21. Pilotwings

  best flight game snes

A title of the day of the launch, Pilotwings was supposed to be a mere technological demonstration. Instead, it became the beginning of a long-running franchise that has seen sequels released for the Nintendo 64 and the Nintendo 3DS.

Pilotwings & # 39; the main attraction was its revolutionary graphics and its ability to "replicate" the direction of flight.

What made the players stay was their variety of games and their presentation that made it more than just a demonstration.

20. The best games of Star Fox

The graphics of Star Fox really do not adapt well to today's standards.

Such is the usual situation of the first attempts of the games to "revolutionize" game graphics.

However, if you manage to look beyond the wound, Star Fox is still an entertaining and fun game with a close air combat that made you dodge all kinds of obstacles with multiple throws while you try to shoot down to the opponents.

19. NBA Jam: Tournament Edition

  best sports game in snes

NBA Jam: Tournament Edition allows console owners to enjoy the same experience that arcaders have had the privilege of enjoying for a while, and absolutely killed him.

From mates that defy gravity to comments on top, as well as extravagant characters that you can unlock and play with or against, NBA Jam: Tournament Edition Michael Jordan, did not even need his air it was one of the best games released in SNES.

18. Against III: The Alien Wars

  best shooting game snes

One of the games that made the Konami code so famous , Against III: The Alien Wars it had everything they looked for in an arcade of shots in 2D, and then in some.

While the previous 2D shooters pretended to feel like an action movie, Contra III: The Alien Wars actually felt like one.

From the well-placed musical signals, immersive sound effects and impeccable rhythm, Contra III: The Alien Wars was easily the best game in a franchise full of good games and could be the best game of SNES of its kind

17. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

  best Mario game in snes

When you take a game that has become a gold standard for platforms and mixes with different elements of the genre, like the RPG, it's going to be difficult.

Nintendo, always brilliant, managed to get away with it in Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars .

the realm of RPGs at a time when some of the best RPGs were possibly released, Nintendo's liveliest version of the genre helped lay the foundation for their future RPGs with their clever use of multiple plot twists and timed attacks, among others.

In a franchise full of memorable games, the fact that Super Mario RPG: The Legend of the Seven Stars is a testament to how good a game is.

16. Donkey Kong Country

  best donkey kong snes

Donkey Kong Country proved to the whole world that the aged hardware of SNES still had one last hurray.

The game flew into everyone's mind In the day with its photorealistic graphics. But that is not all. Although their graphics have aged well, their gameplay also, which offered an excellent variety with the difference of how Donkey and Diddy played each other, had a great role in making this platform game worth playing until today. .

As an additional advantage, Donkey Kong Country also had those relaxing water levels in his favor.

15. Shadowrun

  best rpg in snes

The embarrassment of The JRPG of SNES is not a secret.

But, did you know that one of the best RPGs in the console was actually developed in the United States? ?

Based on the board game of the same name, Shadowrun the plot of the crime-noir and the futuristic environment of cyberpunk helped differentiate it from his contemporaries at the time and won many fans among critics. [19659002] Unfortunately, the players did not agree with the critics at that time. This sent Shadowrun to wallow in the dark for years.

While today's players can finally enjoy Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Dragonfall, worth the original Shadowrun also deserves some love .

14. Mega Man X2

  best action games snes

When the franchise Mega Man joined the 16-bit wagon, Capcom initially decided it was a good idea to abandon the Blue Bomber-friendly Children's Form and left with a darker and rougher approach.

The result? The games Mega Man X .

With the same open game mode that had the original games Mega Man the game Mega Man X was also extended Many aspects. This includes the introduction of multiple hidden areas, as well as alternative routes and even hidden bosses.

At the same time, the design of the game helped to encourage players to play through the same level several times to uncover all the secrets. [19659002] The first title of Mega Man X was a refreshing brand change that contrasted well with the major franchises of Mega Man but was really the model Mega Man X2

With a better content and a more polished game, Mega Man X2 was a masterpiece of a sequel that, unfortunately, set the bar too high for its sequel, Mega Man X3 , to follow, making it one of the best SNES games.

13. Super Punch-Out !!

  best fighting games snes

The original Punch-Out !! was a classic.

Its sequel? Well, it was super (word game attempt).

Improving everything that was in Punch-Out !! and introduced a couple of new things, including greater strategic depth, the game was fun, silly and, most importantly, played very well.

While the sequel to 2009 on the Wii was a good game, just missing. the same charm as Super Punch-Out !! had.

12. Tetris Attack

  best puzzle games in snes

11. Secret of Mana

  best super games 2020

10. Super Mario Kart

  top snes games 2020

Super Mario Kart was the result of the question, " What would happen if Mario and his friends compete with each other? In the adorable and small cars ?"

Judging from the success of the Mario Kart franchise it is safe to say that we are happy that Nintendo has decided to answer the question.

With a single player, as well as multiplayer racing at its finest, Super Mario Kart and its collection of runners and tracks, as well as charming 2D images, will take you on a journey full of nostalgia . I will have difficulties to get enough.

9. Street Fighter 2: Turbo

  best super games 2019

Street Fighter II was everything.

If we go back to the roots of the history of fighting games and look for what game helped to initiate the fighting game community, the unanimous answer would undoubtedly be Street Fighter II.

Unfortunately, Capcom made a big mistake when it launched a stuck port for the SNES.

Luckily, fans of wrestling games who wanted to settle bets and fights at home did not have to wait too long for a suitable port with the release of Street Fighter 2: Turbo.

Street Fighter 2: Turbo was a great update.

It was faster, smoother and with more characters, in addition to movements and combos, making one of the best fighting games. in history if not the best.

8. Earthbound / Mother 2

  the best games of snes of all time

You know the good thing Earthbound, also known as Mother 2, is when it continues to stand out among the best SNES titles, most of the best video games ever released.

Earthbound was different at a time when most of the games were experimental.

Sent along with a huge box with a strategy guide, Earthbound delighted with its strange, colorful and humorous world, which contrasted sharply with the heavy games of medieval times that filled the market back then

If you're looking for something completely out of the left field, Earthbound is a game that, to this day, remains unique and very different from any other.

7. Super Castlevania IV

  best games of all time

Before Castlevania: Symphony of the Night reinvented the formula of Castlevania Super Castlevania IV was the franchise at its best linear moment.

Difficult, challenging and created with immense attention to detail, Super Castlevania IV did everything for the book. 19659002] However, that is not an inconvenience for the game.

Instead, it's a compliment. After all, it takes a lot to get players to play a game exactly the way you want it and still make it wait.

6. Yoshi & # 39; s Island

  best super games

It's funny what you can achieve when you have nothing left to try.

An example, The island of Yoshi. 19659014]

Developed and published by Nintendo at a time when they could not do anything wrong, Yoshi & # 39; s Island exactly doubled the reverse of what other games were doing in that moment, using a world to paint crayon, a made-to-measure world, created specifically to make use of what Yoshi could do.

Yoshi & # 39; s Island is a masterpiece in games and visual design that stays well even by today's standards.

5. Super Mario World

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You would think to overcome Super Mario Bros 3 would be the least of the priorities of Nintendo, but a blow in Super Mario World and you will be surprised to the contrary that those guys rest in Nintendo.

More vibrant and alive than any other game Mario Super Mario World was the perfect way for Nintendo to get SNES to sell.

And that's exactly what he did.

Teaching new tricks to the old man Mario dog, Super Mario World captivated you with his newly updated graphics and made you stay with his classic but polished game.

Nintendo could not have asked for a better launch title.

4. Final Fantasy VI

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Final Fantasy VII could have been the game that popularized the game franchise of Final Fantasy but it was ] Final Fantasy VI (or Final Fantasy III if you live outside Japan) that showed the franchise at its best.

With 14 playable characters, each of which has its own tragic history. and motivations that really make sense, Final Fantasy VI told an epic story that the franchise has struggled to overcome since then.

And oh, he also had Kefka, who, by the way, is arguably worse than Batman's enemy, the Joker himself.

You can discuss everything you want, but Final Fantasy VI was and is the best Final Fantasy title of the story.

This is not even for debate.

3. Super Metroid

  top snes games 2019

History and game mode.

These are the two most important elements of any videogame.

Video games often have to sacrifice one for the other, but that was not the case for Super Metroid.

A masterful demonstration of how to combine the game with the story, Super Metroid astonished old-time players with their ingenious puzzles but also captivated them with their immersive world and receptive controls.

] Super Metroid did not trust any script or text to tell its story. The game was based on what the players did in the game, and he did it without forcing anything.

The game was deliberately designed to make players want to explore and experiment, which it achieved without fail, giving rise to a completely new genre that requires developers to create games that are as impressive in the first game as in attempts subsequent

Many decades after its release, the gaming experience of Super Metroid remains difficult to replicate. only superior.

2. The Legend of Zelda: A link to the past

  best games of snes 2019

At this point, you could consider our No. 2 package as more than 1B (or 1A, if I prefer) at our choice No. 1.

Because, really, regardless of what you choose, You will end up making the right decision anyway because of how timeless both games are.

Challenging and complex, but fair, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past took players on an unforgettable journey guiding Link from a green-horned adventurer to a warrior destined to save the Hyrule's kingdom of the evil tyrant that was Ganon. [19659002] Sure, the game was not perfect. Or, at least, not in the eyes of everyone.

One could argue that A Link to the Past lacked the variety of future games. But, you can also argue that, because it was a fairly simple (though open-world) adventure, the lack of padding actually helped make it a better game instead of the other way around.

Either way, Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past was the title that helped set the bar ridiculously high for all the other dungeon puzzle format games that followed.

 the best games of snes of all time [2020]

1. Chrono Trigger

  ] best games of snes

While Secret of Mana was possibly what started the Golden Age of the JRPG in the 90s, Chrono Trigger ]] was the pinnacle of everything.

Chrono Trigger was one of the last RPGs, along with Final Fantasy VI, to focus its characters and history, not on graphics.

When playing through the game, you can really feel that each of the characters, who come from different parts of the world and from history, take care of each other when they work together to help save reality.

To the surprise of no one, Chrono Trigger was a commercial and critical success. However, what makes Chrono Trigger so high on our list is due to how timeless it is.

Today you can boot an SNES version of Chrono Trigger and do not miss a

Created by a dream team of Japanese developers, Chrono Trigger had the perfect combination of excellent gameplay , brilliant stories, unforgettable music and an artistic style created to withstand the test of time. 19659002] Remember, there is a reason why many wonder if Chrono Trigger will be finished or not.

Final reflections

From The Legend of Zelda to Final Fantasy, as well as Street Fighter, many of today's largest game franchises were literally constructed. in the SNES.

This is why, among many other legitimate reasons, the SNES occupies such a special place in the history of games.

If you ever want to educate yourself with a little history of the game, or just want to have fun with retro games, feel free to start with SNES.

While doing so, you can go with any of the titles that we have included in our list.

With 25 of the best SNES games, you will surely find one for you.

This article was written by a freelance writer.

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