Top 10 Best Weapons in Team Fortress 2 To Choose From

Team Fortress 2 is an extremely complicated game with several game modes that lend themselves to a lot of different approaches that a player can adopt to win. This includes, among others, your choice of weapons.

But, although most players have their own preferred weapon game, it is also clear that not all weapons in Team Fortress 2 are the same. [19659002] That said, we took the time to list some of the best weapons available at Team Fortress 2.

10. Sentry Gun

The Sentry Gun is practically the backbone of any defense, and the moment you see it as a player of a team opposition, is the moment when you should start thinking about running away.

Equipped with enemy detection capabilities and capable of delivering a world of damage in just a few seconds, a can Sentry Gun can place

which makes the Sentry Gun ] Even better is that there are only a handful of ways to tear it down. Not to mention, even when it's already knocked down, a Engineer can fix it quickly.

The only reason why we classify the Sentry Gun this low is because a The engineer must know where to place it for minimum visibility and maximum damage.

9. Stickybomb Launcher

  tf2 best weapons 2019

With high explosion potential, sustained damage, as well as area denial capabilities , the Stickybomb Launcher can clean entire cars and decimate entire equipment.

A single shot with the Stickybomb Launcher is enough to finish off a Scout and Spy, or remove at least half of any Health Bar from other classes. Not to mention that it is also excellent for removing dispensers, as well as for teleporters.

In a nutshell, the Stickybomb Launcher causes a lot of damage.

Unfortunately, the Stickybomb Launcher sacrifices the aim and accuracy for all the damage it does.

Beginners and those who are not used to playing at Demoman often find it difficult to defend themselves using the Stickybomb Launcher, let alone go on the offensive.

But, once you learn the angles, you can use the Stickybomb Launcher to virtually eliminate anyone from anywhere, even those on higher platforms.

8. Mini-Gun

  top 10 best weapons in tf2

The Heavy is not necessarily a of the best classes in Team Fortress 2, but the Mini-Gun is still a force to be reckoned with.

A weapon worthy of the giant that the Heavy is, the Mini-Gun will literally open the way for you and your team if you enjoy playing as a leader.

The Mini-Gun is the only reason why almost every other class in Team Fortress 2 hates playing against a good player Heavy .

Although a Spy can surpass Heavy most of the time, the presence of the The Mini-Gun will give them enough reasons to pause because of how difficult it is to counteract their speed and accuracy at close range.

Whether it's on the front line or hiding in the corners waiting for its next victim, the Mini-Gun is hard to beat.

7. Knife

  best weapons in the strength of the team

The Spy can be one of the worst classes in Team Fortress 2, especially in a configuration competition and high skill matches, but that does not make the class any less annoying to deal with.

The Knife is one of the many reasons why the Spy can

Able to kill any class with a single punch, the Knife ] would have been so powerful if it were available for other classes.


Only the Spy can use the Knife, which is a well-received consolation. However, that does not make the weapon less hateful, especially because the game allows a Spy to know when they can stab enemy players.

Whenever you're playing against a Spy, always be careful. Otherwise, you may just find yourself with a knife in your back.

6. Sandman

  the top 10 weapons in the team's fort 2

Get ready to face the Sandman when you hit the default baseball bat .

Able to surprise players and leave them vulnerable to enemy fire, the efficiency of Sandman is only aggravated by the speed with which the Scout can move through the field of battle and literally move away to whoever approaches.

If you want to annoy your opponents, you can move the Sandman and flee.

However, the Sandman is not only good for trolling. It is also a very effective weapon. A single blow can make the enemy Heavy and Medic useless, allowing your team to attack them or, at least, prevent them from going against your team


5. Ambassador

  best weapons in team fortress 2

You know, the Spy actually has many weapons dangerous at your disposal. There are his camouflage skills, the knife and then the ambassador .

Able to shoot lethal shots from afar, the Ambassador gives the Spy a much-needed long-term death threat.

] In fact, if you want to be even more annoying and have a good goal, you can simply mark, unlock, aim and shoot. Your enemies would not even know what hit them, especially if it points to the head.

While the Ambassador can not literally hit all classes in Team Fortress 2, usually, it does not take two or three bullets from this bad boy to end a class.

4. Rocket Launcher

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If the Soldier is the mobile tank of Team Fortress 2, considers his Rocket Launcher as his cannon.

No class in Team Fortress may have a chance against a well-aimed shot Rocket Launcher . In addition, if you are creative enough, you can aim the Rocket Launcher at your opponent's feet to send them into the air, approximately where they are going to land, and hit them with another shot to end their misery.

Or, you know, you can also simply send your enemies to the air to leave them vulnerable to the fire of your companions.

The good thing about Rocket Launcher is also that it's not just for offensive purposes.

You can also use the Rocket Launcher to perform high jumps and get out of tense situations or get more advantageous high ground.

A good example stands on elevated platforms and a rocket launcher lands well punctuated against its opponents. Most will not expect the Soldier to reach high platforms anywhere, so it will have the element of surprise for you.

3. Flamethrower

  best tf2 weapons

Burn baby, burn.

The Flamethrower is the only object of destruction in Team Fortress 2 [194590044] even a beginner can use it and get away with it.

It is a simple weapon that does a lot of damage and is difficult to counteract, especially in a public server where there is very little communication between teammates. In addition, you can check if a Spy is within the area.

The Flamethrower also has other uses.

You can use Flamethrower ] to put out fires, blow bombs, as well as grenades, and even deflect rockets and baseballs, or even push at enemies who come too close to you or your allies.

2. Sniper Rifle

  tf2 Stronger Weapons

The Dreaded Sniper Rifle.

Anyone who only plays on public or low-level servers will tell you that it's not really a powerful weapon. However, anyone who unfortunately has ever had to face a relatively competent sniper on top-level servers will tell you how many nightmares he has to face, and this is due to his Rifle of sniper.

The Sniper Rifle can shoot down anyone with a single shot. It does not even have to be a headshot, because, unless you're a Heavy, it's very likely that a body shot will take you out.

Also, the Heavy is not safe. In fact, the Sniper will almost always point to Heavy first, because their size makes them the perfect target.

A good Sniper has a dedicated Medic heal all the time is a matter of nightmares.

You can only hope that you will not find one or both on any server in the future.

1. Medi Gun

  best weapons in team fortress 2

Easily the best weapon in Team Fortress, and the margin is not even close. 19659002] There is a reason why Medi Gun is the favorite and most used weapon of anyone who plays a Medic and that's why it works.

Whether in a competition or in an informal environment, there is virtually no other unique skill in Team Fortress 2 in which teams play more than Ubercharge.

In addition, healing is always necessary on the battlefield, which makes the Medi Gun even more useful.

In a few words

There you have it, the 10 best weapons in Team Fortress 2 .

Just remember, our list is not final and if your favorite is the weapon you did not get here, that's fine.

You see, each weapon in Team Fortress 2 is as useful as the other, it all depends on how you use it.

This article was composed by a freelance writer.

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