The War Of Genesis Guide: Heroes, Airship, Facilities, Battle, And Much More

Genesis Wars Antaria Battle is a new MMO strategy game for Android by Joycity. Heroes, Airship, Battles, and more

Joycity, the publisher of the popular game Gunship Battle, recently launched a new MMO strategy game for mobile devices. The game challenges you to become the highest level of admiral.

Now And If you did not play the game for the first time or you did not play a game like this, there might be some problems in understanding the mechanism of the game. In this post we have covered everything we need to know about the game. The Genesis War Quick navigation: –

# 1.) Basics – How to play the Genesis War game

The game begins with a tutorial on basics. However, the tutorial does not cover every aspect of the game. In the Genesis Wars game, the main purpose is to increase the strength of the airship.

It’s up to you to play with the priests, attack, upgrade, hero management, resource management, and so on. [19659006] It is a MMORPG game where all players fight against each other for resources. You can steal resources by attacking other players’ airships, and your rivals can steal resources by attacking airships. Victory depends on the power of the hero and the power of the admiral.

Join the guild and attack with guild members. For more information, see the Battle Guide. To increase your power, you must upgrade your hero and airship facilities and start an investigation. –

  • Resources (please read the guide below)
  • Force (upgrade to upgrade all facilities, research, level up)

This is the main The War. Genesis Guide for Beginners. Now, learn everything in detail.

# 2.) Admiral Guide

In The Genesis game, you play with Admiral. Click the Admiral icon in the upper left corner for more information. (19659006) Admiral Traits : Adverse traits can be activated using trait traits. (can) Transformation (tap the adjective icon, which you can acquire at level up). You can activate three types of traits: heroes (performance enhancement of the hero), skills (performance improvement of airships and machines), and management (related to upgrades and research). Admiral ‘s information screen -> Admiral characteristics -> Tap the property icon (view the benefits) on the next screen –

Admiral’ s Level -> There is. By winning the battle (gain EXP to raise the level). You can see the level of the Admiral in the upper left corner.

Admiral ‘s Power -> Total power of hero, hero gear, machine, research, facility and airship equipment is the Navy captain. Upgrade all these to increase power.

# 3.) Facilities Guide

There are many facilities such as cabin, control room and protective deck on the airship. The Genesis War To understand all aspects of the game you need to know everything. Spouse: –

The Control Room is one of the main facilities of The Genesis War game. If you do not upgrade, you will not be able to upgrade the rest of the facility. From the main screen, tap on the> Control Room icon to view airship lovers, hero rankings, and more.

As you know, other players can attack the airship at any time. And it’s a good idea to set a defense. Press the protective deck icon and set your defense hero. Tap one of the empty slots and select a hero. Upgrade to add more Heroes.

Here you can access stocks, private shops, bazaars and events.

  1. Personal store -> Sales of materials. Registration and Pricing
  2. Stock Exchange -> Trading with other guilds
  3. Bazaar & # 39; s Shop – Here are discounted deals.
  4. Event – Complete Challenge for Reward

On the main screen, you can use

radar to search for specific sections. Monster, boss, machine, dark armor, battlefield resource site. Go to the radar screen -> Tap the Scout button to search.

Radar also steals resources by detecting enemies approaching the airship. Hero Gears

  • Hero Gears
  • Hero Gears
  • Hero Gears
  • Hero Gears
  • Hero Gears
  • Hero Gears
  • Hero Gears
  • Hero Gears
  • Hero Gears A study on how to gain access to features and get heroes, bonuses, buffs and more. Tap one of these studies -> Tap Study -> Confirm. If you can not investigate, identify and complete the requirements (eg resources, admiral and laboratory level). Also, see – Best War Game for Android


This warehouse protects resources from the enemy. Upgrade to increase capacity and protect more resources. Upgrading to level 7 allows you to create items from the resource repository.

Here you can make gears. But before that, you have to work in the laboratory. Please read the lab guide above. Select the gear type. Hero or airship. After selecting one of the gear types, select one of these sets on the next screen.

  • Finesse
  • Deathblow
  • Resistance
  • Resistance [19659000] Fortitude
  • can. Click the Craft button. On the next screen, select the star rating of the gear (choose the number of stars). Press the craft button to get the gear. Complete the research hero equipment required in the lab to obtain higher level equipment.


Here you can upgrade and unlock machina. Machina is one of the protagonists of The Genesis War game. You can call it in combat, and machina will do huge damage to the enemy. Raising the hook increases the level cap.

Here is a prisoner.

Here you can set the percentage of resources to be collected. You can upgrade to produce more Eld and Aedilium and save more. For more information, see the Resource Guide below.

PSI can produce energy. Press one of the empty slots at the bottom left and select a hero to produce more PSI energy.

You can manage heroes. Tap on the cabin icon -> on the next screen, tap the hero icon on the left to see the statistics. There are four more tabs in the top menu of the same screen. Level ups, skill upgrades, equipment management and hero wake up. Go to this tab to increase your hero’s stats.

Here you can access the main story, the sub-story mission. Tap the herodex option to see a list of all the characters that have appeared in The War Of Genesis game. They are classified into three categories; Silver Arrow, Dark Armor and Neutral Forces. Tap a character for more information.

When you complete a battle in Story mode or any other mode, you gain a treasure. Collect enough to use various techniques.

# 3.) Hero Guide

Many characters appear in the Genesis War, and all the characters have different statistics and types. A complete list of heroes can be found in the herodex section (storage room).

How to open a new Hero

  1. Go to the Lab section
  2. Select Hero Options
  3. Tap the Hero to unlock.
  4. Click the Acquire button

If the Acquire button is locked, check and complete the requirements

How to Level Up and Upgrade the Hero

Go on board -> Choose a Hero -> Level Up Tab – > Level Up

How to Upgrade Hero Skill

  1. Go to Cabin
  2. Go to Technology Upgrade Tab
  3. Select Hero
  4. Select Technology
  5. Click Level Up Button [196590008] ] Complete the level-up requirements. In addition, [BestStrategyGameforAndroid

# 4) Gear and Equipment

You can make hero gear and airship equipment in the forgery facility. (19659008) Equipment selection

  • Equipment button press
  • Equipment upgrade selection (19659008) Equipment selection
  • Equipment selection
  • Equipment upgrade selection


High-quality equipment can be unlocked by studying in the lab.

Tap the icon of the facility to upgrade in the main screen.

# 5.. At the top right of the next screen, tap the upgrade icon. Then a pop-up appears to show the requirements. When everything is complete, tap the Upgrade button.

# 6.) Machina

You can upgrade or upgrade in the hangar facility. For more information, please read the guide above.

# 7) Resource Guide

Resources such as Eld, Aedilium, and PSI must upgrade the game (for example, an icon is displayed in the lower right corner of the battle). Facilities, healing heroes, level up, and more. The resource dock or chamber of commerce produces these resources.

Attack another player’s airship to steal resources, search resource sites on battle maps, or use radar for scouting.

# 8) Battle Guide

There are three ways to start a battle. –

  1. You can go to the archive room and defeat the enemy from the story mission.
  2. You can protect resources by upgrading the resource store. ] Go to the radar facility and go to battle map by tapping the battle icon in the bottom left corner [19659000] Battle map guideGo to battle map and there are monsters, other players Of airships, dark armor, resource sites and more enemies. Ever tap a site -> choose attack -> select a hero and hit the attack button. After that, the fleet will move to that location. When it reaches, tap it and select the attack option.

    Select a Scout to get details of the enemy’s airships, power, and heroes. The reconnaissance report appears in my mailbox. On the right, tap the Inbox icon -> Reports -> View.

    Choose a rally to attack with guild members. To join the right guild, click the guild icon just above the inventory icon.

    So this is a guide to the Genesis Wars for beginners. We will soon share tips, strategy guides, tricks and tricks of the Genesis Wars (simply search this blog). The War Of Genesis game for Android – Download here (Google Play Store).

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