Apex Legends will soon arrive to mobile devices; second season coming in June

The Recent Apex Legends Controversy Explained and Assessed

Returns about 5 years ago and the so-called game genre " battle royale " barely existed. However, thanks to the increasing prominence of games like Fortnite and Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds the format is in vogue among hardcore and casual players. In February, Respawn Entertainment launched Apex Legends to the world and the game had a player base of 25 million in the first week of release . While it is not difficult to see why the game has become so successful, Respawn has scored several spectacular own goals in recent weeks. With this in mind, we have decided to take a look at what has been happening and assess the damage that the dispute has caused both the game and the brand.

The Iron Crown debacle

Earlier this month, Respawn launched the Iron Crown event within Apex Legends. While the event introduced some impressive-looking new masks in the game, the comic feats were locked behind an expensive and punishing loot mechanics. No wonder, there was a fuss from game fans as they felt that the developer had gone too far in trying to monetize the event. Last week, Drew McCoy of Respawn explained that changes would be made in the availability of cosmetics in the sense that they would no longer require loot boxes (although the option was still there). Crisis avoided? Not even by now.

Reddit controversy

After the violent reaction of the fans, the developers turned to Reddit to explain the situation and the changes that were being made in the game, just so that everything would become small arguments and insult. McCoy intervened in the debate, reflecting that he has been in the industry long enough to remember when the players treated the developers with respect. Actually, his statement was drafted a little stronger than that and caused a strong reprimand from the Reddit community. As things got worse, McCoy continued to explain the notoriously expensive microtransactions of the game, but ended up labeling the vast majority of players as "free magazines."

Free-to-play done correctly

Games like Dota 2, League of Legends and going back a little more, Team Fortress 2, are good examples of successful free-to-play. For example, outside the scope of video games, Respawn entertainment should consider the online casino industry as a sector that covers the free aspects of its sites. Thanks to the free deposit bonus free spins, it is not necessary to pay money to play many online slot games, with several online casino platforms that encourage players to use these offers, obtaining as result many incoming customers. In any case, calling your consumer base in a public forum is a big no-no. Especially choosing to call them "free chargers." Ultimately, the credit that Respawn earned by altering its loot mechanics was almost instantly forgotten due to the Reddit debacle, and fans won't quickly forget it.

What is the damage?

The ridiculously expensive loot mechanics behind the Iron Crown event certainly hurt game fans and their pockets. However, those bridges can always be repaired with an apology and a corporate promise crossed fingers to change in the future. Unfortunately for Respawn, coincidences of public slander, insults and insults in the playground took everything to a whole new level. A quick Internet reading suggests that many fans now seek to boycott the game and anything related to Respawn in the foreseeable future. But for how long, and can the damage be repaired? Only time will tell.

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