The Next Fitbit Could Have Alexa Integration and an OLED Display

Fitbit may have been one of the first companies to adopt the smartwatch when the concept was still in its infancy, but since the emergence of devices such as the Apple Watch, the company has not been able to keep up. However, that could change if a new leak is created: the next Fitbit could offer a built-in OLED and Alexa screen directly.

The unknown device is in the current Fitbit Versa class, but apparently it is much more functional. The integration of Alexa is especially remarkable, as it would allow users to control their smart home and search the web directly from their wrist, as Apple Watch users can do with Siri. The leak itself comes from the well-known Twitter fugitive Evan Blass .

The screen change is also noticeable. Apparently, the device removes the Fitbit logo below the screen, opting for an OLED display with an uninterrupted glass surface. It is not a bad aspect, and offers a more simplistic approach compared to the Fitbit devices of the previous generation. The OLED screen should also improve battery life.

In addition to the incorporation of Alexa and the OLED display, there does not appear to be too many changes in the way the device would work, at least compared to the current Fitbit Versa The device still offers a heart rate monitor and will probably be rugged to the water and will admit the payment system of Fitbit, Fitbit Pay. In other words, the device would be a high-end alternative to Apple Watch.

There are still many things we don't know about the device, including exactly how much it will cost: the current Fitbit Versa costs about $ 200. We also don't know exactly when it will be available, although considering the fact that the Fitbit Versa was launched in April 2018, it may not be long.

The Fitbit Versa of the current generation may be a relatively nice device, but most people seem to want a smart watch that integrates with the rest of their digital lives, which makes the Apple Watch the obvious choice for Apple users, and a watch with the Google Wear operating system, the best option for Android fans. Perhaps the addition of Alexa will be useful for Fitbit, since many users have Alexa in their home, and that number is likely to grow.

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