The Demon Seed (Dreadmist Peak Location): WoW Classic Guide

The Demon Seed is a mission you will receive in Far Watch Post in World of Warcraft (WoW) Classic.

Your task is to bring a defective stone of power to the altar of fire in Dreadmist Peak.

Here is a tour of The Demon Seed in WoW Classic.

To unlock the mission, talk to Ak & # 39; zeloth in Far Watch Post.

Take the defective power stone

First, take the defective power stone next to Ak & # 39; zeloth when you're ready

The stone only has a life of 30 minutes or a little less than 30 minutes.

 Wow Classic - The Demon Seed Guide

Go to the Dreadmist Peak

Go to the Dreadmist Peak located a little northwest of the crossroads.

 wow classic - the demon seed tutorial

the location is shown on the map below, marked by the player's location.

 wow classic - demon seed wiki

Climb the mountain in the usual way. Find the least steep path.

At the top, the surroundings will turn red and you will find many Burning Blade mobs here.

 wow classic - the demon seed tips

Find the altar of fire

The altar of fire is not on the upper platform. Actually, it's just under the peak in a small cavern in front of the Burning Blade camp.

You shouldn't miss out, since there are many mobs around the area.

Interact with the altar of fire to destroy the demon's seed. .

 location of the diremist peak - wow classic

Once the seed is destroyed, return to Ak & # 39; zeloth to claim your reward.

 Where is the directing peak? wow

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