The Best Police Scanner Apps for iOS and Android

Police scanners have long been a tool for journalists and fans to tune into what is happening on the streets, monitor the police in their daily beats or follow the latest news from the neighborhood. In previous years, they required a more complicated smartphone radio configuration. Today, there is an application for that because police scanners now use the Internet and are accessible to those with an application or web link. While some police departments have moved away from radio broadcasts, many still use classic and worthy communications.

Below are our selections for the best police scanner applications, so you can tune in to all the events in law enforcement, whether in your hometown or around the world. Just don't expect the highest quality when it comes to design. While some applications are cross-platform, many operate exclusively on iOS or Android.

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PoliceScanner +

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This application allows you to listen to live audio from police and fire scanners across the planet. You can explore thousands of sources, find the 100 current sources, find your favorites, listen to them in the background and find your source on the map. The premium version costs $ 5, and an annual subscription costs $ 40.


Police Scanner

This highly qualified Android scanner allows you to listen to live audio from more than 7,000 police radio scanners, fire scanners and repeater radio amateurs worldwide, mainly in English-speaking countries. The application allows you to view the 25 most popular police scanner radio stations, save your favorites and tune in to air, rail, sports, weather and emergency radio stations.


Scanner Radio

Scanner Radio allows you to navigate through a variety of channels worldwide, view all 50 major scanners and recently added scanners, and target your specific location. You can also find public safety, air traffic and marine scanners with the application. You can receive notifications when important events or emergencies occur, and it is compatible with Android Auto. The $ 3 pro version eliminates ads, includes push notifications and offers the ability to record audio.

Android iOS

Broadcastify offers 6,500 global channels for you to listen to, each sorted by country and metropolitan area. The application's interface is clean and easy to read, although the media player has bulky buttons. The channels focus on fire and emergency services, as well as aviation, rail, weather, marine and amateur radio transmissions, and you can even search for channels near your location and establish a list of favorites. The free version includes ads, which you can remove for $ 3 with the pro version.

Android iOS

Police Scanner 5-0 is a functional application that offers a variety of channels: local, national and international The application also includes information on police codes, and the accompanying transmissions are stable and fast to load. The application allows you to find channels near your location based on GPS or 3G triangulation, save your favorite channels and listen in the background. But the buttons are too big and have ads. The iOS version costs $ 2 and was last updated in 2016.

Android iOS

The 911 scanner looks clean and professional for easy navigation. The sound quality is generally good, and the application presents numerous options to adjust the audio settings. This highly qualified scanner helps you find nearby scanners or search anywhere in the country, listen in the background, adjust the sound with a built-in equalizer and amplifier, control the transmission with lock screen controls or headphone buttons, and see 10 codes to keep up with local action.


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