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The Best iPhone XR Cases to Keep Your New Phone Pristine

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Each year, Apple finds a way to improve the range of the iPhone and offers a greater variety. IPhones 2018 continued this trend with the daring style of the iPhone X, and gave the three new sizes of iPhone: the iPhone XS, the iPhone XS Max and the iPhone XR.

Although it may be more affordable, the good looks of the iPhone XR come with similar vulnerabilities: a massive screen is beautiful, but that means there is even more real estate to crack, and that the metal body is easy to dent. Therefore, if you are looking for Apple's medium iPhone, you can consider investing in some protection to prevent your expensive new phone from generating cracks and chips. Here are the best iPhone XR cases to keep your baby beautiful.

UAG Plyo Series

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Urban Armor Gear (UAG) is a pretty big name in protection, offering military cases. drop standards (MIL STD 810G 516.6) for protection against falls, scratches and other hazards. But it's the design that really helps UAG stand out from the crowd. The elegant design of Plyo is one of the most subtle entries of UAG, but it is no less striking. It's made of a combination armor with a soft impact-resistant core, and the corners have been reinforced with soft cushions. Protects the screen with raised edges and buttons on your device with large button covers. However, it is expensive.

Tech21 Pure Print Liberty Prunella

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Many cases may be a little nude in terms of design, but not in the case of Pure Print Liberty Prunella from Tech21. It's made of Tech21's Bulletshield material, which absorbs energy from falls, bumps and bumps. It's so good that Tech 21 says it is proof against damage from falls up to 3 meters high (10 feet). Despite this protection, it is also extremely thin and hardly adds volume to the phone. But it is the beautiful impression that really draws attention. Use morning glories, chrysanthemums and roses to create a group of Asian-inspired flowers. It is a beautiful case, but keep in mind that you will have to pay a high price for it. There are also other designs available if this does not attract attention.

Vaja Grip leather case

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The iPhone XR is made of top quality materials, but there is no material that can Matching leather for true luxury. Vaja specializes in the development of high-end protective cases made of the most premium materials. The Graja de Vaja case is made of a polycarbonate cover that is wrapped in the Argentinian leather of your choice, whether it be tanned bridge leather with vegetables or floating leather for all weather, and your choice of style and color. These cases are designed to last and will also protect your device. If you want more complete protection, look elsewhere, but if you are looking for daily protection with style and do not mind paying a bit more, Vaja is an excellent option.

Moment Photo Wallet Case

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The iPhone XR may be the only iPhone 2018 with a single-lens camera, but it's still impressive. If you love the skills with your phone's camera, do it with a Moment case. It is made of premium quality Horween leather, comes with an integrated backpack that supports up to three cards at a time and even has a point of attachment for the bracelet. It is elegant and protective, but the real attraction is the ability to join the new range of lenses of Moment that allows taking shots of wide angle, zoom and macro, among many other things. Both the case and the lenses are expensive, so it is definitely an investment. But if you're willing to spend cash, this is a worthy bodyguard for your iPhone XR.

Apple Transparent Case

If you bought the iPhone XR, it is very likely that you want to show its unique color. While Apple does not usually make clear cases, it made an exception for its multicolored flagship. Almost invisible on your phone, the iPhone XR Clear Case is made of a thick polycarbonate with flexible TPU materials. It slides easily, but it will provide protection against scratches and falls. Although it is strong enough to protect your new iPhone, it is not bulky enough to block the wireless charging coil.

Catalyst impact protection case

Looking to protect your new iPhone XR without hiding it? The Catalyst impact protection case can be perfect. This case has a translucent back that lets you see your great new phone and protects it from debris. There is a rubber bumper with a front edge that protects the phone from falls of up to 10 feet. And while the Catalyst impact protection case protects your iPhone XR from accidental drops, it's still thin enough to support Qi wireless charging.

Otterbox Commuter Series

Protection is exceptionally important, but it does not mean much if you can. Do not put the phone in your pocket when you need it. The Otterbox Commuter series is designed to avoid that problem. Made from a shock absorbing TPU double layer system and hard polycarbonate (PC), the Commuter is all the protection you would expect from Otterbox, with a slim profile that is easy to slip in and out of your pocket. It is exceptionally protective, thanks to the two durable materials, but Otterbox takes it a step further with the port covers that prevent dust and the addition of non-slip grip sides that help you keep your phone. Like most Otterbox cases, it is not cheap, but it is one of the best protections you can buy.

Moshi Capto

Are you looking for a slim case that also has many interesting features? Look no further than the case of Moshi Capto. It comes with good protection for a thin case, with a hard cover to provide military grade MIL-STD-810G protection against falls, as well as an elevated bezel to protect the device when placed. But the real magic comes from the strap on the back. When it is not in use, it hooks on the back of the case and stays flat against your phone. But give it a pull and you can wrap it around your finger, using it to maintain a firm grip on your iPhone and prevent it from falling. You can also hold it in place as a stand to see your favorite media while traveling. With additional utilities but no extra volume, the Capto is an excellent way to protect your slim iPhone XR.

Nomad rugged case

The rugged Nomad case confirms our list of favorite cases because it is durable and refined. The case is made of high quality polycarbonate and adorned with Horween leather. This case is designed to withstand the rigors of everyday life, developing a beautiful patina as it ages. Although designed to withstand drops of up to six feet, the rugged Nomad case is extraordinarily thin and fits the new iPhone XR like a glove.

Incipio Reprieve Sport

Incipio is well known for making solid protective cases, so it means a lot when Incipio says that this is its most protective case. But despite this award, it is a very subtle case. A transparent polycarbonate back allows your phone's style to shine, while keeping it protected. The exterior is surrounded by a tough but flexible TPU bumper that will help absorb shock from falls. There are reinforcements at each corner, which further reinforces the areas most likely to hit the ground first during a fall, and has undergone fall tests of up to 12 feet. It is ideal for people who may be a little prone to accidents, and who want protection without losing the style of their phone.

Mous Limitless 2.0

Being slim and elegant, it is to be expected that the case of Mous & # 39; s Limitless 2.0 is not as Defensive as the larger and more bulky cases may be. But Mous has taken advantage of quite impressive technology to create the protective and attractive Limitless 2.0. and states that the case will provide solid protection against falls. It is made of a material called Aeroshock; Mous boxes are injected with microcrystals that expand into air microwells when subjected to high temperatures. These airbags form thousands of small air pockets inside the box, minimizing the impact caused by the impacts by dissipating the energy inside the box. The back panels are made of real materials, including bamboo, carbon fiber and real shell. It may seem expensive, but it's worth the Limitless 2.0 case.

Lifeproof Fre

The iPhone XR has an impressive IP67 rating for dust and water resistance, but it still does not. I really want your phone to get wet. Therefore, if you know that your phone will come into regular contact with water, consider investing in a fully waterproof Lifeproof case. The curriculum of Fre is certainly impressive: Lifeproof claims that it protects against falls of up to 2 meters; completely sealed against water, dust, snow and more (even ports and speakers are completely sealed); and offers 360-degree protection with a built-in screen protector. It will protect your phone against immersion in up to two meters of water for up to one hour. It is not the cheapest case, but it is less expensive than a new phone.

Olixar ArmaRing

El Olixar ArmaRing is a hard case that is not afraid to show. It is made of two different layers that are added to the strength of the box. The first layer is a soft and absorbent TPU core that wraps around the phone, adding grip and excellent resistance against falls and bumps. The second is a hard polycarbonate (PC) cover that hooks to the top, providing a rigid spine that helps resist other damage. But that's not all: the back of the ArmaRing contains a ring that can be folded. You can swipe a finger for an additional grip or use it as a useful foot support. It is difficult, it has its own robust style and you can not discuss that price.

Totallee Thin

This case is not only thin, it's Totallee Slim! Horrible jokes aside, this is a very good case to keep your iPhone XR safe if you want thin protection to avoid a variety of daily threats. Totallee's thin case has a thickness of only 0.02 mm, weighs 0.1 ounces and is completely unmarked for that minimalist look. It will not be as good at fall protection as other specialized cases, but it offers excellent protection against scratches, as well as an additional grip. There is a raised edge around the camera to keep your lens safe, and it comes in multiple varieties. The leather offers sophistication, the glossy finish gives a minimum shine and the matte allows the Apple logo to shine, strong and proud. Good protection without complications.

Snakeskin Wallet

Looking for a stylish elegant executive? Look no further than this Snakehive case. It's made of European whole grain cow leather nubuck leather, so you can be sure you're getting the real deal. Your phone stays in place with a plastic cover inside the leather, while the inside lining of the case is made of soft leather that does not scratch or damage your phone's screen. It folds completely around your phone, which guarantees total protection when not in use, and the inner lining also comes with space for up to three credit cards or some extra cash, allowing you to leave your wallet at home. Since this is real leather, its case will not look exactly like the one in the picture, but it will develop its own patina as it ages, adding to its unique style.

PureGear Dualtek Clear

Wishing a little Of protection without hiding your new and vibrant iPhone? You will want to review the PureGear Dualtek Clear case. In addition to its transparent back, the Dualtek case also has a protective rubber bumper with built-in corner protection for hard drops. On the sides, you'll find ergonomic handles to keep the phone from slipping out of your hand. At $ 35, the Dualtek case protects your investment well without breaking your wallet.

Case-Mate Karat Mother of Pearl

Who needs a minimalist and subtle style when you can have a case that is literally covered in pieces of pearl? If you can not get enough style, the Case-Mate Karat series is perfect for you. It is made of genuine materials coated with transparent resin, to ensure that its shine never fades or darkens. And it's more protective than you think, with proven fall protection up to ten feet and flexible sides that help grip. It is well finished, with metallic buttons and anti-scratch technology, and comes with a lifetime warranty. It is one of the most expensive cases on this list, but with a daring appearance and excellent protection, it is still a good option.

Silk Wallet Slayer Vol. 2

The wallet cases are great, but not all wallet cases also have to be foldable. The murderer of the silk wallet vol. 2 is not a folio type case, but works like a wallet thanks to the elegant "backpack" on the back of the case that can carry up to three payment cards or cash reserve. It is still thin, despite that addition, and is made of a tough material that should last the life of your iPhone XR. The Wallet Slayer Vol. 2 comes with extra-sticky sides, and also comes with a slot parallel to the card holder that functions as a support bracket. Simply insert any credit card and keep your phone horizontal, ideal to see while traveling. The airbags in each corner help resist falls and a free screen protector completes the protection.

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