The Best Headphones for 2019

Time to invest in a new set of headphones? It is a very crowded market with hundreds of models to choose from, so here we offer you a useful time saving: the Sony WH-1000xM3 are the best headphones. In fact, its combination of excellent audio quality, excellent noise cancellation and reliable wireless performance is such a solid formula that we call the WH-1000xM3 the best wireless headphones and the best noise-canceling headphones, too.

is an extraordinary set of claims to make, and we do not do them lightly. Our team has combined 50 years in the consumer and professional audio industries. We review hundreds of headphones, using them in all kinds of locations, with audio sources ranging from surround sound movies to the most aggressive hard rock and rap.

We are totally convinced that the Sony WH-1000xM3 will be the best option for most people, but if you are looking for some alternatives, we also have it covered. We identified seven other models that are worthy of your consideration, each with its own specific strengths, either to use during a workout or simply to avoid giving your credit card too much exercise.

Sony WH -1000xM3

The best

  Sony Earphones WH-1000xM3

Digital Trends

Why you should buy them: Beautiful wireless sound, comfort and excellent noise cancellation.

Who are they? for: Anyone who wants a first-rate wireless experience, and who loves to silence the world around them.

Why we chose the Sony WH-1000xM3 :

The technologically advanced Sony WH The 1000xM3 are the third generation of Sony's flagship wireless noise-canceling headphones (following the excellent WH models -1000xM2 and MDR-1000x) that offer first level noise cancellation, wireless audio of excellent quality and comfort. This attractive combination made the model get an exceptional five-star rating in our review and, thanks to some notable improvements, converts the latest version into the best headphones you can buy.

At the heart of the WH-1000xM3 is the excellent wireless technology. Sound. Sony's LDAC technology delivers a wireless signal to what the company claims is three times the quality of standard Bluetooth transmission, and the headset also supports the latest HD aptX codec (with compatible devices). The 1000xM3 even "exclusive" wireless music from high-resolution audio devices that use a special chip, which helps make the music sound dynamic and beautiful, with authoritative bass and a clear treble response linked by a well-rounded midrange.

The excellent noise cancellation technology of 1000xM3 ranks second after the new Bose QC35 II, the brand that has dominated the market for a long time in terms of noise-blocking capacity. That said, Sony's cans sound much better than the new Bose low-advance option, and offer numerous features that help create a much better overall experience.

The advanced control systems of the WH-1000xM3 allow you to enter several levels of ambient sound, with advanced features such as voice-only mode, which helps filter the vocal frequencies so you can hear your music and ] the voices around you while blocking other sounds. Sensitive touch controls allow you to navigate the volume, make calls and play and pause the music easily, all while helping to maintain a clean aesthetic. Best of all, the WH-1000xM3 offers 30 hours of amazing battery life, giving even heavy users days of use with a single charge, and a fast-loading feature that lets you enjoy 5 hours of listening after only 15 minutes

If you are looking for a pair of extremely comfortable wireless headphones with great sound and a lot of features, these are the best you will find.

Our full review of Sony WH-1000xM3 [19659019] Audeze Sine

The best hearing aids for hearing

  Audeze Sine
Greg Mombert / Digital Trends

Why you should buy them: Clarity supreme, durable design and an optional Lightning connection.

For who they are : anyone who wants the best money available can buy, especially Apple fans.

Why we chose the Audeze Sine:

The Sine don It's not cheap, but as expensive as it is, it's still getting a bargain. This is because Audeze has done something amazing with Sine, leveraging the technology of its more expensive (and bulky) EL-8 headphones to create a pair of flat magnetic controllers that fold to offer unimaginable size and efficiency only a few years 19659003] Like Oppo, whose PM-3 is also our best list, Audeze has helped push the technology of planar magnetic headphones to leaps and bounds in recent years, allowing it to pull out a highly sophisticated mechanism from the audio lab and the real world, and Sine is the tour de force of the company on this front.

Further boosting that technology (iPhone friends, take note here), the Sine can also be equipped with a $ 50 Lightning cable that receives digital audio directly from your iPhone and transfers it to a pristine analog sound. This is achieved by a DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that doubles as a piece of three-button iOS microphone. The design also allows a digital equalization through the Audeze application, which allows you to sculpt the sound as you see fit. Even if you do not play with Apple, the low impedance of the Sine, the padded but robust design and the minimalist design make them an obvious choice for audio nuts that want to bring fantastic sound everywhere.

With a scene of crystalline sound and madness Separated between instruments, the Audeze Sine will allow you to listen to things in your favorite songs that you never had before: giving you a truly audiophile listening experience on the fly.

Our Auditory Review Audeze Sine Complete

V -Moda Forza

The Best Hearing Aids (Headset)

  Best Headset
Bill Roberson / Digital Trends

Bill Roberson / Digital Trends

By what should buy them: perfect combination of comfort, sound and portability.

Who it is addressed to: The active listener every day who wants great fidelity in a small package.

Why we chose the V-Moda Forza:

The excellent Forza for ears of V-Moda offers the perfect combination of fidelity, affordability and sports performance for any audio adventure.

The V-Moda Forza water resistant is a pair of low cost headphones that put an excellent sound quality at the forefront, with a round and warm sound that characterizes it. It combines well with virtually all genres. A wide variety of fins and sporting tips means that almost any listener will find a perfect seal, and they are made of a soft rubber compound that classifies them among the most comfortable in ears we have found.

Because headphones are designed to resist the elements, they are a perfect companion for workouts, rain trips or any other outdoor activity that requires a clear and crisp soundtrack. We have used them both in the office and on long rainy trips around Portland, Oregon, and they have never failed us.

If you are looking for a pair of headphones that will accompany you everywhere and never be disappointed, there is not a pair of headphones better for $ 100 or less.

Our full review of V-Moda Forza

Samsung Galaxy Buds

The best wireless headphones

  Samsung Galaxy Buds

Why you should buy them: Comfort, six-hour battery life, sweat-proof performance.

For who they are: People who want a comfortable and affordable wireless headset with a great battery life.

Why we chose the Samsung Galaxy Buds:

With a compact and ergonomic fit, a wireless charging case included and six hours of listening time on the move, the Samsung Galaxy Buds offer the listeners The latest in technology and design.

Small headphones are designed to work. -Everywhere, the performance of anything, with built-in hearing aids and IPX2 sweat protection that allows them to be a companion during rainy walks and sweaty workouts alike.

Well-thought-out application-based customization allows you to adjust the equalization, find your headphones and even hear sounds from the outside world, which is especially useful during outdoor workouts or unfamiliar trips on public transport. A variety of useful features makes Samsung's buds your best friend for daily listening, giving you what you need, right when you need it.

The best part? Galaxy Buds cost less than the Apple and Jabra models, which makes them a real no-brainer when it comes to choosing the best true wireless headphones.

Our complete review of Samsung Galaxy Buds

TaoTronics TT-BH060

the best budget on ears

  Taotronics TT-BH060
Riley Young / Digital Trends

Why you should buy them: They are cheap, comfortable and full of features.

Who is it for? : Those looking for a pair of headphones with excellent sound at a very low price.

Why we choose the TaoTronics TT-BH060:

With 30 hours of battery life, active noise cancellation and a simple and discreet design that is geared towards travel business and long trips, the TT-BH060 from TaoTronics is the low budget champion of the headphone market.

Where other active noise cancellation models with such The battery life (like the Sony model at the top of this list) costs many m This TaoTronics brave model costs less than a single night in the city.

But that does not prevent them from feeling premium: the headphones come in a rigid case with a 3.5mm cable included for cable listening, and the easy-to-use controls make it quick and easy to change songs, adjust the volume and turn off and activate active noise cancellation. One thing worth mentioning is that you will want to turn off the noise canceling when you are not using them. This is because the noise canceling function does not turn off when the headphones are turned off.

The sound is better than you would ever expect because of its low price. Our favorite music is warm and balanced, with headphones that offer a tight and energetic bass performance, but not overwhelming with muddy layers in the midrange. Such a well-balanced sound benefits greatly from active noise cancellation, which provides a blank slate on which the TT-BH060 can project its favorite sounds.

If you are looking for an excellent pair of headphones to place over your ear, but do not want to touch your savings account, this is exactly what you need.

Our complete review of TaoTronics TT-BH060

Shure SE112 and SE112 Wireless

The best budget available

  best headphones shure se112

Why you should buy them: Excellent sound, comfort and the best price-performance ratio on the planet.

For who they are: Who wants the great sound headphones at the lowest possible price.

Why do we choose the Shure SE112 and the Wireless SE112:

? If there is a category, the audio / video staff at Digital Trends receives more questions. , it is affordable in the models in the ear. The fact of the matter is that many of you, headset hunters, want something simple, affordable and with excellent sound, and can not (or will not) spend more than a moderate amount of your hard earned dollars. So, what are the headphones that we find ourselves recommending over and over again? SE112 from Shure.

This is a subwoofer because, whether it's wired or wireless, it's getting great value. A pair of long-time headphones from one of the most reputable audio companies on the planet, the SE112 offers a clean appearance, a comfortable fit and a surprisingly good sound for the money in any of the iterations.

– cost performance, with a pure and open sound signature that easily outperforms competitors in its price range. A high quality bass and striking sound, but not too loud, combine to provide sharp details. Although not as clear as premium headphones, the SE112 easily holds against several more expensive models, allowing you to save your money for something special in the future.

Our full review of the Shure SE112

Jabra Elite Active 65t

The best training headphones

  Jabra Elite Active 65t review

Why you should buy them: Good sound, battery life and waterproof functionality. [19659082] Who they are for: Listeners who want total wireless autonomy without sacrificing sound quality or sweat-proof performance.

Why we choose the Jabra Elite Active 65t:

With small extrusions that emerge from otherwise underestimated and totally wireless, the Elite Active 65 from Jabra resembles the miniature versions of Bluetooth headphones that helped put the brand on the map. But do not be fooled by the look: with the competitive battery life, sweat protection, excellent sound quality and a variety of useful features, these small ones beat all other headphones on the market as the best headphones of training.

The Elite Active 65t comes with three sets of silicone tips and features an ergonomic design that guarantees a good seal, which is an important reason why we prefer them to other completely wireless models. With exceptional comfort and excellent passive noise isolation, you get the most out of each note, and you can also lower the volume to reduce hearing fatigue. The overall sound quality is solid, and the sound is clear and balanced, with a powerful bass response and a surprisingly dynamic range of treble.

Unlike its excellent predecessor, the Jabra Elite 65t, the Active Elite adds an IP56 rating, which means that they are protected against high-pressure water jets and limited dust entry, which makes them perfect for virtually any excursion, and they allow you to rinse them after especially sweaty workouts.

In terms of juice, the Elite 65t offer 5 hours of battery life: Match the AirPods and it is among the best you will find, and the included charging case adds two recharges on the fly. Jabra also combines many of the best features we have seen elsewhere in the completely wireless space, with the company's Sound + application that allows you to adjust the settings as the equalization, or if you want to use the built-in smart assistant of your phone ( Siri on iOS, Google Assistant on Android) or Amazon Alexa. The sensors incorporated in the headphones can be configured to play and pause the music when the buttons are removed, and can even be set to channel in different levels of ambient sound, making it ideal for listening to announcements on the plane or your office mate. [19659003] But perhaps the main reason to buy the Jabra Elite Active 65t is that they always do what you want, and never get disconnected. That is surprisingly rare in the completely wireless space at this time and, when combined with the other features, makes these some of the best and most effective wireless buttons you can buy now.

Our full review Jabra Elite Active 65t

Yamaha HPH -MT8

Best for the studio

  best yamaha hph-mt8 headphones
Bill Roberson / Digital Trends

Bill Roberson / Digital Trends

Why you should buy them: Simple style, solid construction and excellent sound for money.

For who they are: Music purists, studio regulars or podcast professionals who want quality cans to lick themselves.

Why do we choose the Yamaha HPH-MT8:

If you're a music or media creator who needs a pair of solid headphones that give an honest look at your creations and resist countless hours of Use in demanding configurations, do not go beyond Yamaha's excellent HPH-MT8 ears.

Designed by audio professionals for audio professionals, these studio monitor headphones feature two detachable cables (a 1.5 meter coiled cable and a 3 meter straight cable) and include a one-centimeter connector that screws to use with audio interfaces. Plush leather pads and a padded band join the solid metal brackets of the headset to create a good seal and a comfortable long-term fit, making them feel good during extended work sessions, while preventing sound from filter into the microphone during dubbing. Do not work in the hustle and bustle of audio, the MT8 is a pair of killer cans for music fans worried about the price. The most outstanding sound characteristics are the intense bass and detailed treble, which allows you to listen and adjust each individual element of the sound with surprising clarity, especially considering its price of $ 200.

In many ways, you can think on the Yamaha HP8- MT8 as a reliable pair of audio work equipment. They may not be the most striking accessory, but they do the work every time. If you are looking for excellent studio headphones, or just really accurate sound, these are some of the best you will find.

Our complete review of Yamaha HPH-MT8

How we tested

We tested headphones and headphones the way normal people do.

We conduct each pair through a rigorous testing process over the course of several days or weeks. This includes reproducing them in all kinds of scenarios, whether on a bus, in the listening room or in the office, and reproducing from a wide variety of sources. We know that most people use their headphones with a smartphone, often with lower quality MP3 resolution tracks, so we also do it.

However, we also turn to high-resolution audio files, as well as to a wide variety of sources. , including direct connection to a PC or Mac, using USB DAC (digital to analog converters) and employing high-quality dedicated portable amplifiers and players. Finally, we compare the hearing aids with some of our models, both in their category and price, and in a level or two above to find out if they can pierce over their weight.

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