The Best Gaming Speakers of 2019

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Sound is a forgotten frontier of the world of games. But with the right set of speakers, you can take your gaming experience to a whole new level. Whether it's a PC or complimentary lighting technology, fantastic sound quality, surround sound or just the best gaming speakers you can buy for your budget,

These are our favorite gaming speakers.

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Loudspeakers Category
Logitech G560 loudspeakers for games
Razer Leviathan Dolby 5.1 The best loudspeaker for games
Logitech G906 The best loudspeakers for games with surround sound
Creative A250 The best speakers for budget games
small speakers for games

Logitech G560

The best speakers for general games

  Logitech G560 B

Why should buy them: They look beautiful and have a virtual surround sound with virtual surround sound that offers decent 3D sound effects.

who are for: Players who want a set of statement speakers that also sound good.

What we think of the Logitech G560 speakers:

Logitech may be better known for its input peripherals such as keyboards and mice, but it also makes some excellent speakers. The G560 represents the culmination of years of development not only in audio, but also in lighting effects. They are part of the Logitech G series of gaming equipment and are aimed at top-level players who want the best of everything. While there are better sound kits available if you are willing to spend more, these represent a unique looking set and their sound quality is solid for the price.

As a 2.1 set, you can expect two powerful stereo speakers and a large, imposing subwoofer. They support virtual surround sound for decent 3D effects and the overall audio feel is powerful, albeit a little low. You can adjust that with a wide range of equalization options and with a little adjustment, we find that the sound of these speakers is excellent for games, with powerful explosions, crackling shots, and even show some nuances with more relaxed or delicate musical moments. [19659004SinembargolosefectosdeiluminaciónsonelgranpuntodeventadeestosaltavocesConlosfocosenlapartetraseraparaayudarareflejarmejorelambientedeljuegoalqueestásjugandopuedenaprovecharlosperfilesdemásde600juegosparamejorarlainmersiónmostrandodiferentescoloresalingresaranuevasáreasocuandotusaludesbajaParalosjuegosnoadmitidoshay"muestreodepantalla"parausarlailuminaciónbásicaquemejoraelambiente

Generally, the Logitech G560 are excellent speakers for games and for less than $ 200, are also quite affordable.

Read our full review of Logitech G560

Razer Leviathan Dolby 5.1

The best soundbar for games

  the best speakers for razer games rz05 01260100 r3u1 leviathan

Why you should buy it: Razer Razer is a powerful sound bar with a full subwoofer. at this price.

For who it is: Players who prefer wireless audio or like their bass.

What we think of the Razer Leviathan soundbar:

Just 20- long, the Leviathan is much smaller than its average soundbar, which makes it ideal for using it on desks and in front of a television. It can be connected through a 3.5 mm connection or Bluetooth, which makes it quite versatile and less messy if you are used to having several speakers with cables to connect together, ideal for playing music or movies on your phone.

As small as However, the Leviathan lives up to its name in the sound department. It's big, with bass and its virtual surround sound, impressively immersive. It is more suitable for games with grandiloquent effects than the more subtle experiences impelled by dialogue, but it is a sound bar that sounds good in general. For less than $ 200, it also offers excellent value for money.

Logitech G906

The best surround sound speakers for games

  The best speakers for play bestspeakers03

Why you should buy it: The G906 sounds fantastic really immersive with its detailed 5.1 audio system with a lot of push.

For who it is: Those who want a real immersion in audio.

What do we think of the Logitech G906 speaker set:

If immersion is your main concern with gaming audio, there are few settings that can approach the Logitech G906. With a true 5.1 surround sound system, it delivers powerful and clear audio, whether you're playing, watching movies or listening to music. It has a multitude of inputs, allowing you to connect up to six different devices at the same time. The attractive and intuitive control box and remote control give you the ability to choose what to play and how to do it at any time, and there is even an optional Bluetooth adapter to connect devices wirelessly.

Although it lacks an HDMI input and the HD audio format support is lost, these speakers are compatible with Dolby Digital and DTS bitsteams and are THX certified. With a variety of sound options, you can adjust the audio to sound just right for your ears.

However, regardless of the choices you make, the G906 speaker configuration has a powerful sound. There is real flesh in explosions and booming voices. It can be a little more serious than anything else, but there is still a lot of clarity at the highest level. When combined with the 3D element of true surround sound, this set of speakers is one of the best you can buy for high-end games.

Creative A250

The best speakers for low budget games

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Why you should buy them: For the price, these speakers offer decent sound quality and a lot of touch when you want.

For who they are: Players with a budget. [19659004] What we think of the Creative A250 speakers:

You can not wait for the world with budget speakers, but you do not have to accept the bad quality either. Good enough to update your audio beyond the stock monitor or the TV speakers c on a real increase in volume and the power of the explosive moments in the games.

– Volume control for easy adjustments when you are at your desk or near the TV. The overall sound leans towards greater clarity in the high-end range, but the subwoofer also offers a satisfying bass beat, especially compared to some similarly priced speaker systems.

That's the real trick of this set of speakers. Its price. With less than $ 30, it offers an incredible value for money that simply can not be matched by the competition. If you have a tight budget but still want some extra power in your games, the Creative A250 is hard to beat.

Razer Nommo Chroma

The best small game speakers

 The best game speakers bestspeakers05

Why? you should buy them: They are small but powerful, with beautiful lighting effects and great sound.

Who they are for: Players with little space or who love the Razer aesthetic.

We think of the Razer Nommo Chroma speakers:

If what worries you the most is the space in your desk or room, Razer Nommo Chroma game speakers give you a serious sound quality without the great footprint of a subwoofer. Better yet, these speakers have their own small brackets, so you can place them next to your TV, monitor or keyboard even in the most compact gaming configuration.

Despite the lack of a subwoofer, these speakers offer impressive power for their size. Each has a rear-facing bass port for a more complete overall sound, even providing some low-end vibration effects during rumors. deepest of the game. If that's not to your liking, the speakers have built-in volume and bass markings for optimized hardware control. The Razer's automatic gain control also ensures that bass increases are not distorted.

You can make more precise settings in the Razer Synapse software by adjusting the speaker equalization settings. This is also where you can adjust the elegant Chroma RGB lighting effects at the base of each speaker.

However, if you do not care about lighting effects, you can save more than $ 60 by opting for the standard edition in "Black." .

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