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The Best Farm Types In Stardew Valley Ranked

Have you played Stardew Valley? If you have not done so, then you should. Because, three years later, Stardew Valley continues to dazzle fans with its entertaining game mark that belies its simple premise of being just an agricultural game.

To date, players who have been tending their farms for years in Stardew Valley continue to discover hidden secrets that they never thought they would find in the game.

Such is the broad scope of content that Stardew Valley has. It's something like old games Harvest Moon but only with steroids.

There are so many things that players can do Stardew Valley, that can range from building relationships to the game, exploring, and more.

At the end of the day, however, it is the agricultural part that makes people play Stardew Valley.

  Stardew Valley Farm

But, before enjoying agriculture in Stardew Valley, you would first have to choose a suitable type of farm.

When starting Stardew Valley, players have a chance at the type of farm they want to have.

Although the game does a respectable job of explaining the pros and cons of each type of it is almost impossible to fully understand what you are getting into unless someone tells you which farms are better and worse.

That said, we take the time to complete the different types of farms in Stardew Valley and ranked them from worst to best.

Here are the best types of farm in Stardew Valley .

5. The Hilltop Farm

  best farm types in stardew valley
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Hilltop Farm is one of the most interesting farm types in Stardew Valley [19659006]

On the one hand, the quarry will give you all the ore and geodes you will probably need, and more. In addition, you get convenient fishing access and you really don't need to splurge on fences since the southern area is naturally enclosed anyway.

But, the thing is that, while the quarry CAN be a constant flow of mineral and geodes, the generation rate leaves much to be desired.

Unless you are really too busy to extract ore elsewhere and all you want to do is wait, the quarry will be of little use.

Not to mention that there is a great possibility that you cannot use most of the farm spaces until you have finished updating your tools, which can take a long time.

Finally, what worsens everything is that there is not much room to work at Hilltop Farm.

If you really like mining and want something that complements your mineral and geodes, Hilltop Farm is good for you.

But, even then, the adjustment is strange because you will be limited by the design and you will not be able to change your min d later and you will be forced to create a new save in case you want to take a different route.

4. The best type of farm in Riverland Farm

  in stardew valley

At first glance, Riverland Farm looks like a Obviously It is a farm located in the middle of a river, after all. What could be better than that?

Well, how about a farm that isn't surrounded by water?

The point is that while Riverland Farm is nice and everything, especially if you like fishing, the type of fish you can catch is not so unique.

You can get the same fish in the city, which means that all you are doing is saving some time by not having to go to the city. [19659002] And, speaking of time, crossing bridges can age quite quickly. All that water is nice and everything. But that's just that: that's all you're going to get.

Due to the amount of rivers in Riverland Farm, there is little room for you to do other things, making your farm primarily for fishing only and you will have very little else to offer.

So, unless you really know what you're doing, or just want a challenge, skip the Riverland Farm.

3. The Wilderness Farm

  best type of farm stardew valley

For the more adventurous and combat-oriented players, Wilderness Farm He will give you all that.

Forget about agricultural crops, food and just get as rich as possible. At Wilderness Farm, you will not be worried about all those material things, but about your survival.

This is because, at night, your farm will attract the same type of monsters that you find in mines, as well as in Golems.

This may sound fun and all, but don't get confused, these creatures mean business. They will be quite difficult to handle, especially if you are not prepared and combat is the least of your priorities in Stardew Valley.

The only reason why Wilderness Farm occupies such a high place despite the warning is that there is plenty of room to build and raise animals there.

If you can bear to keep driving monsters away at night, which, honestly, may seem like a difficult task, it is worth considering the Wilderness Farm, especially for experienced players of Stardew Valley.

2. The Forest Farm

  which type of farm is the best in Stardew Valley

What do you like most about agriculture in Stardew Valley? Do you like to forage? Go fishing? Make handmade products? If your answer is yes at three, then Forest Farm is the right choice for you.

Forest Farm will allow you to search your heart's desire and go to the desert to reap things.

In addition, in case you get bored of looking for items in the forest, you can always take the time to write down some pond fish for use, and with a generous amount of 1,413 chips to plant your crops, the Farm Forestry is quite spacious. 19659002] The only problem here is that most of the Forest Farm will be inaccessible until you update your ax, which may take some time.

1. The Standard Farm

  best type of farm in stardew valley

Have you heard of the common saying that says: "If it is not broke, do not fix it". "?

Well, the Standard Farm is living proof of that.

In Stardew Valley, the best type of farm is the one that gives you a bit of everything and much less of the disadvantages that the other types of farm have. That's what you get with the standard Farm.

Where other types of farm have some kind of advantage over others, or a peculiarity that makes them unique or bad for certain players, the Farm Standard is a hassle-free and hassle-free type of farm that practically allows you to do what you want.

This means that the only limit to what you can do with Standard Farm is your imagination.

Already a beginner in Stardew Valley who doesn't want to make many mistakes, or you are an experienced veteran who has a unique idea for a farm, the Standard Farm is a delight to play because it can be shaped as you wish.

That's a great strength in a game like Stardew Valley, where you can cultivate the kind of life you want.

Final thoughts

As you can see, in Stardew Valley, not all farms are made equally. Some are better for others for specific purposes, while others are worse. But, at the end of the day, everything depends on you and what you want to achieve.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that, just because you have already chosen a particular type of farm, you will be limited to playing your strengths.

While it is true that each type of farm has peculiarities that make them better for certain scenarios and needs, there really is no impediment for you to use each farm as you see fit.

Because, really, no one prevents you from planting crops and raising animals at Riverlands Farm if that's what you want to do.

Remember, the goal of Stardew Valley is to let you do whatever you want.

Therefore, instead of worrying about whether you will change your mind or not, simply choose the type of farm that suits your preference at this time and continue from there.

This article was written by a freelance writer.

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