all classes in team 2 strength rated

The Best Classes In Team Fortress 2 (Ranked From Best To Worst)

Team Fortress 2 is an extremely popular class-based FPS title that does not really get all the credit it deserves.

Apparently abandoned by Valve, the game continues with occasional updates and robust support from his ever loyal community.

While the game is balanced on its own, since it is a class-based FPS title, it is natural that some classes are more useful compared to the others.

As such, we took the time to round up the classes in Team Fortress and classify them according to how viable and useful they can be, especially in a situation from 6 to 6.

that, without further ado, here are our rankings for the best classes in Team Fortress 2 .

1. Medic

  all classes in team 2 strength rated

This should not to surprise.

No way should I run an alignment without a Medic . Unless, of course, you do not want to win, or play in public servants where the goal is not so much to win and more fun without thinking.

Occasionally, alignments 6v6 without Doctors appear . But, they rarely succeed if they do.

Seriously, why not take a Medic to a shootout? That's worse than bringing a knife!

The Medic is the most essential class in Team Fortress 2, with a skill in Ubercharge that can turn tables around and offer your team a advantage, or break the stalemate in favor of your team, when used properly.

2. Classifications of the classes tf2 of the soldier


If the Medic is the most essential class in Team Fortress 2, Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier Soldier is the class par excellence.

The Soldier is the most complete class in Team Fortress 2. This guy does not seem to have any significant weaknesses. It has enough range and can do so much damage from near and far.

It is also quite agile and has the potential to be the fastest class of the game if used properly.

In short, the Soldier is quite useful in all situations, so the class is here on our list.

3. Scout

  best team fortress 2 class from best to worst

The Scout may be the most underrated or overvalued class of all Team Fortress 2, depending on who you ask.

For us, we believe that it is right in the middle.

The Scout is neither as complete nor as useful as the Medic, but he is not a specialist either. Actually, it is extremely capable of confusing teams, especially in a 6v6 configuration where there is a lot of room to move and cause chaos.

Easily the fastest class of the game, Scout is perfect for, well, exploring enemy teams and flanking them.

If you see two Scouts experienced in the opposing team, prepare to flank all the time.

4. Sniper

  the best class of tf2 for beginners

If you play mainly on casual servers, you will not find so many people playing Sniper.

However, on other "serious" servers and higher game levels, get ready for a world of damage.

While many will rush to label the Sniper as situational, the class is everything else. After all, the objective of the game is to kill the opposition, and what better character is there to take down opponents than one who can literally kill anyone with a single blow?

The sniper can literally counteract every other class in the game Yes, even those annoying Scouts and those highly mobile soldiers .

The only problem with the Sniper is his high skill floor.

. , anyone who has played with a Sniper before knows that a good Sniper is an incredible asset and a bad Sniper is a big responsibility.

5. Demoman

  the most dominated tf class

A strange mixture of generalist and specialist, the Demoman It is useful in almost all situations, BUT it is not so useful in certain situations when compared to the Sniper and the Soldier.

Similar to sniper on Demoman is not for beginners. However, unlike the Sniper the skill level is not too high.

Play the Demoman enough times, and you'll already get a good understanding of what your role is, which is to set traps and defend the choke points.

Just remember not to get too close to your enemies.

Do not let the great body of Demoman and your health fool you, it is not. It's exactly as useful at close range, unless you have excellent control of your goal.

6. Engineer

  senior class in the fortress team 2 2019

The Engineer is a good class, and in the right hands, can do a lot of damage in a short time with minimal effort: you just need the proper configuration.

Unfortunately, the Engineer is rather situational. It is quite useful in the defensive game, but it requires a lot of time for an adequate configuration.

Not to mention, at higher levels of play or in 6v6 games, it's the opposite of Scout in that, more room to move around is not really that good for him.

In addition, the Engineer has a relatively low health and once all your buildings are gone, you have only a shotgun and a gun, as well as a key, to defend yourself.

Not enough to stay alive in the chaotic world of Team Fortress 2.

In public matches and larger However, the Engineer can be quite devastating. Or, you know, if you have one thing to build machines of death to do the killing for you.

7. Heavy

  best class in team fortress 2

The problem with the Team Fortress 2 classes classified as low is that they are situational, but at the same time, they do not stand out enough in the specific situations in which they are supposed to be to make them so useful.

The Heavy is a good example.

The Heavy is supposed to be a tank. That means I should have excellent short range damage. In addition, you must play as if you could make space for your teammates. But, he really does not do all that particularly well.

At lower levels of play, a good Heavy is not so useful because even if he makes room, his teammates need to do

On the other hand, against higher skill players, Heavy is often found useless due to its low mobility.

Giant through, the only consolation is that the Heavy is an excellent choice for beginners. Because he has twice the HP as most other classes in Team Fortress 2 beginners have more room to joke and make mistakes.

Also, playing Heavy is pretty basic, since the whole team has to play with you instead of the other way around.

8. Pyro

  tf2 most dominated class

Pyro is in a strange place where, it is supposed to be extremely strong to short distance, but is countered by demoman Soldier, Scout, and Heavy.

The problem here with the Pyro is that it has no way to get close, and even when it does, it does not do enough.

Its short-range inefficiency only gets worse if you consider how useless it is on larger maps with long-range lines because it has no viable way to kill from afar.

The only reason why the Pyro is not at the bottom of our list is because its flaw control abilities can still be useful, especially on public servers.

Other than that, the only reason he wants to play Pyro is if you want to set other players on fire.

9. Spy

  better classes in tf2

Spy is easily the most viable class in the casual game because there is very little communication between strangers who go out there in these games.

Unfortunately, Spy is difficult to counteract by communication, a common element in high-skill games.

Not to mention, at this point in Team Fortress 2, players have discovered enough to play against a good Spy player, making them relatively useless and a liability unless you get withdrawals early, and even then, it is difficult for the Spy to remain relevant. [19659002] Finally, the Spy stands out much more in the 6v6 matches.

Ultimately, what we're saying is that the Spy requires too much skill for the occasional player. able to play in a rewarding way and, nevertheless, it is not so useful for the most skillful players in high abilities

For these reasons, we classify the Spy dead-last in our ranking of Team Fortress 2 .

Final reflections

Although some of the lower ranking classes of Team Fortress 2 are too situational and are not as useful in most of the situations, that does not mean they're not worth it

Team Fortress 2 never had to do with competitive play, but rather, just old-fashioned shootouts and fun.

Then, choose the class you want, dominate it and try to have fun as much as possible.

Regardless of the class you're playing in, you'll surely have a better performance if you're comfortable playing instead of playing in the "best" classes if they do not fit your preferred play style anyway.

Remember, Team Fortress 2 is just a game!

This article was written by a freelance writer.

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