The Best Booths at E3 2019

Many people think that E3 has to do with games. Fans from around the world tune in to know when to wait for the next entry to one of their favorite franchises or discover the mysterious project that their favorite developer has been working on. But E3 is more than just press conferences and opportunities to play games. It is also a place where developers can give life to their games with massive crowded booths. This year, we saw everything from the Fortnite battle bus to an ode to FF7 right in the showroom. If you missed the fun or want to relive it, check out our summary of the best cabins.


Should I say the obvious? Nintendo stole the show at E3. The Nintendo Direct not only highlighted a ton of incredible titles scheduled to come out this year, but its huge stand was an incredible ode to its most anticipated games.

On the one hand, you will find buttons with complete uniforms that mark the beginning to register at the delighted hotel of Luigi & # 39; s Mansion 3 as the photos with Luigi and Gooigi wait right at the main entrance . In another, coaches ready for battle in the gym can enter the gigantic stadium of Pokémon Sword and Shield .

As usual, Nintendo makes a point to bring a complete E3 experience for their fans, they never skimp on the small details and always pull out all the stops.


Capcom has been working very well by itself. The remake of Resident Evil 2 Devil May Cry 5 and Monster Hunter: World have had great success. This is a drastic change from a few years ago, when it would be very difficult not to stumble upon a piece that spoke at length about Capcom's problems. At E3 2019, the publishing house celebrated its success with another beautiful Monster Hunter: World -thematic theme.

The Capcom stand this year was dedicated to its next expansion MHW ] Iceborne . With the giant Velkhana Elderdragon and a winter aesthetic with snow-covered branches and terrain, the stand is so impressive that it's no wonder it's an opportunity to take pictures.

In front of the giant statue of Velkhana there is a place for the Posar fanatics with weapons like a hammer, a sword and more. Behind the cabin there is an adorable scene of a cute little Palico with appropriate armor for the snow.


It should not be surprising that Fortnite had a big presence at E3 this year. The game was launched and has grown exponentially, both in players and content. The developers of Epic Games have really invested a lot in their Battle Royale mode. We have seen everything from a gigantic purple cube called Kevin to the emergence of volcanoes and snow biomes on the map. This same imaginative extravaganza appeared on the floor of the showroom.

The Battle Bus was parked on the side of the cabin with its flame still on as if it had just arrived. The cabin was covered from top to bottom in neon of the rainbow and the people dressed with Fortnite clothes could be found walking with several peaks and dancing. One character Fortnite walked inside a bush and another could be found in the corner of a hamburger skin. A giant statue of a smiling banana and a fish hanging with a helmet also decorated the floor of the exhibition hall.

Borderlands 3

It's hard not to love the vibrant art style and the top-the -top Characters from the Borderlands series. With the release of Borderlands 3 just around the corner, Gearbox Software and 2K Games made sure to remind fans of these things in E3 2019. Not only can psycho mask banners be found in a variety of artistic styles on the catwalk that leads to the South Hall, but the booth Borderlands 3 was also adorned with a neon bright neon art.

The most striking feature of both, however, were the statues located around the booth itself. On the right side, the four new vault hunters were placed in poses ready to fight, and on the left side, the Calypso Twins became threatening.

Square Enix

Japanese role-playing games experienced a resurgence this year in E3. This was largely thanks to two companies: Nintendo and Square Enix. Since we have already covered the Nintendo stand, Square Enix also deserves a shout. Beautiful cherry blossoms of the upcoming expansion of FFXIV Shadowbringers decorated the center of the stand. On the left side, Final Fantasy VII Remake fans could pose in front of a pseudo-block entrance to a large Shinra building, complete with smoke coming out of the top of a Mako Reactor. On a large screen on the floor of the exhibition room was a screen showing the trailer of the Mana Collection along with some other titles announced during the Square Enix press conference. And we definitely can not forget the very patriotic Marvel & # 39; s Avengers on the right.

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