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The Best Augmented Reality Apps for Android and iOS

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Augmented reality (AR) has long been a wild and futuristic concept, but technology has been around for years. AR is about superimposing computer generated images on your view of reality, creating a composite view that increases the real world. AR applications span the gamut, from interactive map overlays and virtual showrooms to massive multiplayer skirmishes. More and more ARKit applications are being implemented in Apple's iOS, and although Google eliminated the Tango Project, ARCore is the future of Android.

The available selection of augmented reality applications is diverse. Here are our best options for the best AR applications available, whether you are looking for iOS or Android applications.

The best applications of AR

Froggipedia ($ 4)

While definitely not for the most delicate, Froggipedia is an excellent educational tool for anyone who really does not like the idea of ​​dissecting a real frog in name of science. Froggipedia helps you explore and experience the unique and fun life cycle of a frog, from its inception as a single-celled egg to a fully developed frog. The application gives you the possibility of disassembling a frog or having a transparent vision of a living frog. Use your Apple Pencil or finger to dissect your frog more closely and observe individual organs and systems closely, all without damaging a real frog. Unfortunately, for Android users, this application is currently only for iOS.


BBC Civilizations AR

  the best applications of augmented reality bbc civilizations ar

Education is a great use for augmented reality, and it is like applications that is really starting to pave the way for a future focused on AR. The Civilizations AR application of the BBC gives you the possibility to admire several historical artifacts, locating them, rotating them and resizing them as you see fit. There is an extremely useful tutorial when you start the application for the first time, which guides you through the review of an Egyptian mummy, hear its history and even see its interior with an X-ray function. There are more than 30 historical elements to admire, Explore and photograph in your living room. This is a great application for anyone interested in history, or for those looking for a preview of the likely future of museums.

Android iOS


  sketchar best ar apps

There is a bit of art in all, but not everyone has time to sit down and practice drawing their hands for hours on end. Why not cheat a little? SketchAR is essentially an AR trace: draw a couple of circles on a piece of paper and choose a sketch, and SketchAR will project that image onto the paper, allowing you to trace around it. It is not exactly the tracking, since it will cost you to join the lines correctly, but it works very well if you are looking to practice specific drawing techniques.

SketchAR can be a little uncomfortable: holding a phone with one hand and drawing with the other is not exactly a natural position, but it's worth a try. It works with small pieces of paper on most phones compatible with ARCore. It's available for Android, iOS and the Microsoft HoloLens headset.

Android iOS HoloLens


Do you want to learn a new language, but you never feel like you have time? Mondly is one of the best ways to learn a new language and, as it is on your phone, you can learn as you go. With 33 different languages ​​for you to choose and daily exercises to keep you learning, you will be chatting in a different language in a very short time.

Mondly has not been slow to adopt new technologies. There is a VR version of the application for the Gear VR, and even more exciting, the AR technology is integrated into the main application. Press the AR button and you will be asked to find a flat surface like a floor. Once that is detected, the application will ask you to write to your AR teacher, and she will begin your lesson, bringing examples of the words as memory aid. While it may not be something you get involved with every day, the AR side of Mondly is a fun little addition that can shake up your language learning experience. The AR of Mondly is currently available only in the Android version of the application, but the company promises that the iOS version will be up and running very soon.

Android iOS

Pokémon Go

It would not be a List of the best AR apps without mentioning the Pokémon Go from Niantic, a game that quickly attracted everyone's attention and gave them a reason to Go out into the world, walk and catch Pokémon. The game uses GPS to mark your location and move your avatar within the game, while the camera of your smartphone is used to show Pokémon in the real world. For the most part, it works, as long as the game has not been blocked or frozen. There are not many instructions when you first start, or information about game mechanics like the colorful rings around wild Pokémon, but thanks to the nature of the Internet, discovering what to do is not that difficult.

Players Of the original Ingress other creative creation, you will see many similarities between the two games of the developer, until the locations marked as Pokéstops and gyms. So far, the game has received multiple updates, including exchanges, raids and player versus player battles. And, of course, hundreds of new Pokémon have been added. Niantic is scheduled to continue updating the game to improve its performance and add new features, so we imagine that Pokémon Go will stay for a while.

Android iOS

Ink Hunter [19659006] Ink Hunter is the application you should use to decide on a tattoo and where to place it. The application allows you to try prefabricated tattoos, as well as your own designs, and can be oriented in any position you want and place them anywhere on the body. The tattoos that are placed on the body with the camera are as close to real life as you are going to get, without going under the needle, and that's all thanks to the editor built into the application and the way Ink Hunter makes tattoos Previously, the application was only compatible with black and white tattoos, but its latest update also included compatibility with color tattoos, which means you can get a better picture of how the design will look before making it permanent.

Android iOS [19659008] WallaMe

WallaMe allows you to leave hidden messages in various places in the world that only other people can read using the WallaMe application. When using the application, you can take a photo of a nearby wall, street or sign, then use the application's drawing and painting tools to create your own special messages. You can also attach images to the areas you have chosen, just to prove that you were really there. The augmented reality aspect really comes into play when you're in a location that has a hidden message, but you can only find it using WallaMe and your device's camera. Messages can also be made private, so that only friends who use the application can see them, or they can make them public for all to discover.

WallaMe's biggest strength also works against that, somehow. Those who are not aware of the existence of the application, or those who do not use it regularly, will never be able to see the smart messages created by others. But fans of the application may want to keep it that way, to maintain the sense of exclusivity.

Android iOS

Google Translate

Google Translate is not strictly an AR application, but it does have an AR Feature that is incredibly useful for translating text. That particular feature is part of the application's camera mode. Simply take a photo of the text you do not understand and the application will translate the text of your photo in real time. When connected to Wi-Fi, the application supports a large number of languages, but users can also download a series of language packs if they wish to continue using the instantaneous translation function without connection or without a cellular connection. The next time you travel to a country with a language that does not dominate, Google Translate could be your best friend and the only thing that will prevent you from getting lost in a strange land.

Android iOS

Amikasa ($ 1)

  the best applications of augmented reality amikasa ar 2

Amikasa helps you design your room and discover the desired design before buying a piece of furniture. With the camera of your iPhone or iPad, you can easily walk around your bedroom, kitchen, work office or any other room you decide to furnish, and place 3D models of various elements to see how they look, or to discover your ideal location. This includes the ability to modify the color, because perhaps that chair cherry red is better suited to the room than the peach. The application uses branded items, which you can buy while using Amikasa, and if you are ever unsure of your own style, your augmented rooms can be shared with friends and family through the application. The latest update also added more kitchen faucets, cabinets, burners and wallpaper, which give you even more options to design your perfect room.

Unfortunately, there is not yet an Android version available, but the IKEA Catalog and Overstock applications can offer similar functionality.