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The Best $500 PC Gaming Build

  PC Building Guide
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Making PCs for budget games can be as fun as creating high-performance monsters. If you pay attention to the components you purchase, it may be surprisingly powerful. This guide details some of the details you need to build a $ 500 gaming PC that can be played at 1080p with some tweaking settings.

You must build your own PC. In addition, prebuilt systems can cost hundreds more dollars for system builder expertise and quality checks. But don't be intimidated. Building your own PC is easier than you think, and there are some great guides to guide you through the process.

If you want to focus more on 4K games or games with higher budgets,

What this build can do

Details about each individual component below, but an overview of the build and possible features I'm working on:

Note: All of the components below are available for purchase from Amazon and were found in a survey of the site. It changes regularly, so it's a good idea to check the price of each part before buying. Unfortunately, it sells quickly, especially if you publish our recommended guide. If you don't see any items in the modules below, often click on the link under each component of the Amazon listing in stock.

Products Price
Processor AMD Ryzen 5 1600 $ 115
Motherboard MSI Arsenal B450M Bazooka V2 $ 79
RAM RAM RAM 8 GB Patriot Viper Speed ​​ $ 38
Graphics card Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 570 $ 123
Storage Kingston A400 240 GB SSD $ 32
Case Case Cooler Master Q300L $ 38 [19659015] Power Supply Corsair CX 550-Watt 80+ Bronze $ 70

This is a budget configuration Most of the components that went through are budgets. That doesn't mean it's not suitable for games, but it does mean that you have to sacrifice to keep it under $ 500. CPU is great but how old. Graphics cards do not handle 4K resolution and have limited storage space. This means that you can enjoy all esports games like Fortnite, DotA 2, CS : GO, or League of Legends [e]. 60 FPS more than . If you're more interested in older AAA games like GTA V you can play them at 1080p as well, but you'll need to lower some settings to get the most out of this build.

The real difference between budget games and the most expensive gaming equipment is that instead of sticking to everything very much, you have to adjust the in-game settings to what you want.

CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 1600

  Best 500 pc game build ryzen52600

Ryzen processors from AMD were on fire when Intel debuted in 2017, and have been in tears since then. The Ryzen 5 1600 doesn't offer the enhanced frequency and instructions per clock of the next generation 3600, but it's still an excellent 6 core 12 thread processor. There is no onboard graphics, but no problem with dedicated graphics cards. And with the bundled cooler, you don't have to worry about extra costs.

If you have less money you can choose Ryzen 5 2600 to a few hundred megahertz more power. Or overclocking with a reasonably-supplied bundled cooler, you get similar performance at no extra cost.

Motherboard: MSI Arsenal B450M Bazooka V2

  Best 500 pc game build msib450m01

Budget B450M motherboards aren't much, so if you don't cut a few dollars here and there, the MSI Arsenal B450M is a great board. There is only a single PCIe 3.0 x16 slot, but it avoids GPU sag and there are no small dots on multiple graphics cards in 2019. Supports memory speeds up to 3466 MHz, leaving room for overclocking with the kit of your choice. There is also an M.2 storage slot to select this kind of storage in the future.

There is also a four stage VRM which makes it much easier to overclock the CPU.

RAM: 8GB Patriot Viper Steel 3,200MHz

  Viper Steel DDR4 Stick

The memory price is low, so you can get a high speed kit without worrying about the price. Ryzen 5 1600 natively supports up to 3,200MHz RAM so you can get the most out of it. We chose 8GB because it should be enough for the budget game we aim for, but if you look around you can find a 16GB kit for about $ 70. If you want to do a lot of multi-tap web browsing, or try streaming during the game, I recommend upgrading to 16GB.

Or buy this 8GB stick to buy something else nearby

Graphics: Sapphire Radeon Pulse RX 570 4GB

  Best 500 pc game build 570pulse01

AMD's RX 500 series graphics card As it may have been, the RX 570 is undoubtedly the world's best buck-to-buck card. Don't keep in mind everything NVIDIA has to offer. Amazing performance while easily passing through almost any 1080p game. This version is limited to 4GB so if you are aiming for higher resolutions it will captivate us. But this is not a problem.

Esports game will be very easy with this graphics card. Lowering more focused visual settings like shadows, textures, and anti-aliasing can also make some games look prettier.

As an AMD card, it can also enjoy all the features of AMD like FreeSync and anti-lag. If you can increase your budget by as much as $ 40, you can find the budget RX 580 and get plenty of graphics bumps to play at higher frame rates (great for reducing input latency).

Storage: Kingston A400 240GB SSD

  Best 500 pc game build kingstonssd01

This Kingston A400 SSD doesn't offer about 200GB of storage. After Windows and all updates. But this is enough for a few games, and with this SSD, the operating system and its games load quickly. A 500GB SSD isn't that much, but you can see the speed difference, but you can choose a 1TB hard drive instead.

Or buy a 120GB SSD on a cheap 1TB hard drive and use AMD's StoreMI technology

Case: Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L

  Best 500 pc game build q300l11

Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L Recommended for advanced builds and budgets. Because the option is an amazing chassis for money. It features a dust filter, side windows to view components, and useful front panel inputs and outputs. It offers features that are less than $ 40 and were limited to more than $ 100 chassis a few years ago.

You may want to add two more fans to improve cooling in the future, but in this configuration this mATX case is everything you need for a budget gaming PC.

PSU: Corsair CX 550 Watt 80+ Bronze

  Best 500 pc game build cx55003

This PSU is more expensive than many components of this system. . It may seem silly, but for good reason. A good power supply will keep your PC going for years to come. The bad will cause all sorts of stability problems, and in the worst case it also blows out many other components. PSU is one area that does not recommend budgeting.

Corsair CX 550 is a low cost model but high quality. You'll find all the cables you need to operate your PC, and they're modular, making cable management much easier.

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