The Addams Family Mystery Mansion Guide, Tips & Cheats

Adams Family Mystery MansionAddams Family Mystery Mansion is a new game for Android and iOS by PIXOWL INC. Check out the Addams Family Mystery Mansion guides, tips and cheats.

Goosebumps – Pixowl Inc., behind the HorrowTown game, has posted a new game called The Addams Family Mystery Mansion on the Google App Store and iOS App Store. In the game, you interact with all the characters that appear in the show. Start with Gomez and Morticia and enter the annoying house / mansion. Most rooms are locked when the game starts. The player's goal is to unlock all the rooms in the mansion and get all the characters. So don't waste your time and move on to the main content, the Addams Family Mystery Mansion Guide and the Addams Family Mystery Mansion Tips, Tricks and Strategies for Beginners.

Adams Family Mystery Mansion Guide

Let's start with the basics. There's a lot to do in the Addams Family Mystery Mansion game. Action, Quest, and Character Needs-The goal is to unlock all rooms. – You must be at a certain level to unlock the room or expand the mansion. And to level up, you need EXP / stars obtained through quests, actions, and activities.

There are many rooms where you can unlock crafts. At the top of the screen you can see the ghost meter, the number of items in the bag, the level bar (the amount of XP required to reach the next level), the number of coins and the ruby.

Adams Family Mystery Mansion Characters: –

  • Gomez
  • undertaker
  • Puzzle Lee
  • uncle
  • Wednesday
  • grandmother
  • lurch
  • Itt (cousin)
  • Parker Needlerler

How to get a character and a costume?

Adams Family Mystery MansionGet your character and costume from Kooky Boxes and unlock the room. Kooky Box can be obtained in a game or in a store, you can write ruby ​​in this box. Every character in the Addams Family Member Mansion game has 4 types of costumes. Normal, rare, epic and legendary. And to unlock all these costumes or certain characters you need a certain number of cards.

For example – to open Gomez's honeymoon outfit, you need 10 honeymoon outfit cards – 10 cards. And to unlock the grandmother and costumes, you need to unlock the room and get the cards.

Tap the Wednesday letter icon at the bottom left of the game screen to see a list of letters. Then tap on the character to see his outfit. You can also see how many cards you need to unlock here.

What is Kooky Box?

Kooky Box contains Addams coins, cards, ghost spirits and other items. There are 4 types of Kooky Box in the game.

  • Common Cookie BBox
  • Rare cookie box
  • Epic Cookie Box
  • Legendary Cookie Box

Reward according to the box quality. For example, legendary costume cards or rare character cards can be obtained from the legendary Kooky Box.

How to get a Kooky Box?

Cookie boxes are hard to get. And one of the best ways to get a Kooky Box is from a safe. Tap the + button next to Ruby in the upper right corner. The store opens. Go to the Kooky Box tab at the bottom of the store. You can buy Kooky Box in exchange for ruby.

  • Common Cookie Box – 5 Ruby
  • Rare Cookie Box – 15 Ruby
  • Epic Cookie Box – 25 Ruby
  • And the legendary Kookybox – 50 rubies

Alternative way to get Kooky Box:-

  • Fill the Spooky Soul Meter
  • Watching video ads

How to open a Wednesday room?

This is the first difficult task or when you first hit the p2w wall in the game. This quest requires you to open your Wednesday room. The jewelry cost is 100. Since there aren't 100 rubies at the time, it's better to skip this quest and save 100 rubies for now. Do other quests and get rubies-don't write elsewhere-and open the room. This is what we did. If you are an f2p player you should do the same.

All of this is in this Addams Family Mystery Mansion guide for beginners. Let's look at the best Addams Mystery Mansion tips, tricks and strategies.

Addams Mystery Mansion Tips, Tricks and Strategy: –

1.) Connect to Facebook for Ruby

In the bottom right corner of the screen, connect the crystal ball icon-> game to Facebook. When your account is linked to the game, 25 rubies are free.

2.) Visit a friend's mansion

Adams Family Mr Mansion CoinsIf you connect the game to Facebook and your friend is playing the game, you can visit their friend's mansion to claim free Addams coins. In the bottom right corner, tap Crystal Ball-> Visit-> Coins Tab-> Claim.

3.) Watch video ads for Rubies & Kooky Boxes

In the upper right corner, there is an option to see a video ad for a typical Kooky box. We tried it and the ad loaded, but the game did not send a reward. You can try – hope you get a box.

To get free ruby, you can watch a video ad. Press the + option next to ruby-> see the ad to see if ruby ​​is missing. Tried again but this game did not send a reward. Try your luck!

4.) Complete character quests for Ruby, Experience and Coins

Completing a character quest is one of the best ways to level up quickly. And get free rubies and coins as level up reward. Therefore, you can complete the character's quests to quickly level up and charge Ruby.

Tap the character icon-> in the bottom left corner to see the quest. Press the "Go" button to go to your destination.

5.) Keep the character's action

Players can complete character actions to earn items such as metal, wood, matches, and more. Tap the character roam in the mansion and you'll have the option to start the action. Press the Start button and you will see the character performing the action. When it is done, you can get spirit as well as items. Items can be used to create or complete character needs.

6.) Complete the desire of the character

Tap the To Do Checklist icon-> in the bottom right corner to see what you want. Give the item to complete the desire. If you don't have that, tap the-> icon to check the source. For example – a chainmail is an item that can be produced at a polishing station.

7.) Item Creation

The characters in the Addams Family Myster Mansion game will not drop quality items. Instead, they will give you raw materials such as wool, metal, etc. These items can be used for fabrication in workbenches such as polishing stations, explosion stations, etc. Tap Workbench-> Craft.

8.) Mansion Decoration

If you go to the gallery, you can buy a lot of items instead of Addams Coins. Level up to unlock new decorative items and decorate your mansion.

9.) send ruby ​​wisely

Do not use ruby ​​for useless tasks – complete tasks immediately, boxes, etc. Ruby is required to unlock the room as the game progresses. So save Ruby!

10.) Get a Free Kooky Chest – Spooky-O-Meter

Adams Family Mystery MansionTap the spirit bar at the top center of the screen. Reset every day. You can get a free Kooky Box at certain mental collection milestones. Therefore, try to get or get a soul so that this meter can be filled. Complete character action to win souls.

11.) stock upgrade

Due to the limited storage space of the inventory, you can store a certain number of items at one time. Collect items and upgrade your inventory so you can store more items. At the top of the screen, tap Bag-> Upgrade.

So here are some simple Addams Family Mystery Mansion tips, tricks and tricks for beginners. If you know more tips, please share in the comments section below.

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