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The 14 Best Camera Apps for Android: Snap and Edit Like a Boss

The best photo apps for Android

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Today, everyone has a powerful digital camera in their pocket or purse, one capable of taking surprisingly good photos with little to know. But even the best smart phone cameras can be improved with the right applications. While the file camera app on any Android-based smartphone provides an easy way to take and save photos, it does not offer advanced tools or features to fix your photos. A trip to Google Play Store will reveal a lot of applications to capture and edit photos, but it is not always easy to find the best of the group. To help, we examine the vast sea of ​​Android photo apps and round out the best ones below.

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The best applications for taking photos


  Instagram Gall Android

This should not be surprising, but if you're not yet on Instagram, here's the summary. It is one of the most popular photo applications in the world and the most popular photo sharing social network in the world. It is still one of the best resources of Android to capture all the picturesque sunsets, epic landscapes and delicious dinners. With access to a large number of creative tools and filters, Instagram gives users real control over the appearance of their photos. In addition to sharing on Instagram, you can also cross-publish on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, or save the image on the camera roll to share it on other services. In addition to taking elegant photos and sending them, Instagram users can follow the accounts of their friends, or celebrities and hilarious grandmothers, to have a constant splash of new images that are transmitted by the source.

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Google [19659011] VSCO Cam

  VSCO Cam Android Gall

A social media themed camera application without the fuss of likes and comments, VSCO Cam offers lovers of Photography a great way to share and inspire. With a wide range of presets and tools to change photos, anyone has the ability to turn everyday landscape shots into an impressive final product. The application also has its own unique processing technology that promises dazzling results, such as movies, that had not previously been seen on Android-based devices. When editing photos, including RAW photos, a simple touch of the phone's screen changes the viewer's perspective between the original shot and the final edited product, allowing simple comparisons before and after. After editing, users have the option to share photos on several popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and VSCO Journal.

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  Snapseed Gall Android 2

For a powerful camera application with professional-quality editing tools, look no further than Google's Snapseed. With a huge amount of editing options, users will not have a hard time making even the most mundane photos come alive. Snapseed offers users maximum control over their images by including a series of sliders capable of altering the vignette, blur, temperature and other attributes of a photo. The app also satisfies fans of the vintage look by offering the option to apply grainy overlays, 1960s style film roll effects or its exclusive Retrolux filter. Snapseed also allows you to stack effects in any photo, similar to Layers in Photoshop, which facilitates the production of a new result each time you edit a photo.

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Open the camera

Open Camera is another excellent application to use together with, or instead of, the camera's default application. With multiple focus modes, color effects, white balance and exposure compensation, Open Camera handles the basics and some. The overlay grid can be configured to help balance the dimensions of the photo, allowing you to channel your internal Ansel Adams by implementing the rule of thirds. Photos can be taken with a touch or remotely through voice commands. Simply say "cheese" and you will have that preferential hands-free selfie in no time. The platform can also be optimized for left-handed or right-handed users, and has the option to block the application in horizontal or vertical orientation.

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