Tennis Clash Tips, Cheats & Strategies To Beat Opponents

Tennis Crash Tips and CheatsTennis Clash is Wildlife Studios' new mobile tennis game. Let's take a look at this tennis clash tips, cheats and strategy guide.

If you are a fan of this sports game, try Tennis Clash, a new mobile game from Zooba game publishers. The game offers incredible PvP gameplay where you collide with other random players in real time to find high rank in the leaderboards. And if you've just started the game, today's Tennis Clash Tips, cheats and strategies using the beginner-friendly Tennis Clash Guide will help you win the game. So don't waste your time and head to the main content.Tennis Crash Tips and Cheats

Tennis Crash Tips and Cheats: –

  1. Try to push your opponent to the side
  2. Equip advanced strings to improve stats
  3. The faster you swipe, the greater the power of your shot
  4. Improve your agility properties to reach more balls.
  5. Pay attention to your fitness
  6. Push your character back to get a strong serve safely.
  7. Character position is key
  8. Surprise your opponent with softball tricks
  9. Soft hits are accurate, but strong hits are less accurate.
  10. Do not give free points to the other party

These can beat your opponents with tennis clash tips. Each tip, trick, and strategy is described below.

Tennis crash-> push your opponent sideways

Well, this is a simple strategy of catching opponents in a short time. The tennis court has a left service box and a right service box. You always provide a cross coat. For example – if you are in the left center when serving, you need to aim the right service box (crossnet of the opponent, the left service box). Always the opposite.

Now, come to the strategy – make your opponent hard to reach the ball – and miss the hits to score points.. And one of the best ways is to push the opponent to the other side. If he is standing on the left side of the court, he must hit the ball to the right of the court, in which case the character rushes to the right. And in the next shot you will hit the ball on the left side of the court.

If you continue with this you will definitely get the point. Otherwise you can at least reduce your opponent's health and make it harder to hit the ball – either way, you will win.

Tennis Crash-Advanced Stringed Instrument

Tennis Clash game has 8 strings. When you start the game, you'll get a nylon string, which is the default string. The remaining strings can be obtained by consuming green gems. Go to the game's home screen and in the bottom center menu go to the Lineup tab (racket). There you can equip / change the String.

  • Nylon straps – simple; Nothing special
  • Poly Swallow – Long Catch, Critical Hit
  • Maestro Multi – Quick Catch, Stamina Shield
  • Joker Card – Long Catch, Stamina Shield (Tier 2)
  • Toro Twine – Quick Catch, Critical Hit (Tier 2)
  • Punisher Gut – Backhand Counter, Critical, Long Catch
  • Siberian Wire-Forehand Counter, Critical, Long Catch

Tap a string on the screen in the String menu to see the features. Press the feature icon for more information. For example – the forehand counter ability increases accuracy when the opponent makes a forehand stroke.

Tennis Crash – Faster Swipe for Powerful Shots

To hit the ball hard, slide the screen quickly. When following the first tip (with the enemy facing sideways) you can hit the ball with a quick swipe. Struck means intense shots (fast), so your opponent doesn't reach the ball in time.

Agility Statistics

The total power of the character is the total value of all attribute stats. You can check your character profile and statistics in the Lineup tab. Of all the stats, Agility is the most important. You can also reach / react / recover quickly. In short, the reflexes are much better. Let's look at the character's statistics:-

  • Agility – move fast, react fast and recover quickly
  • Stamina – Endurance to maintain more movement during the match
  • Sub – the ability to start each point with a strong stroke
  • Volley – hitting the ball before bouncing – and the ability to smash overhead
  • Forehand – Ability to hit the ball with a predominant hand after bounce
  • Backhand-Ability to hit the ball against your opponent's hand after bounce

How do I improve this statistic?

Equip and upgrade better equipment to improve these statistics. E.g; Rackets, grips, shoes, bracelets, nutrition / proteins, exercise / endurance, etc. You get this device in troops you receive in victory or other rewards. Duplicate item cards are used during the upgrade and unlock the first time you receive a new gear.


You can check your character's health in the upper left and upper right corners of the game. Lower health slows the character's movement. To speed up your movement, you need to improve your character's stamina. Improved stamina by equipping / upgrading better gears.

And to reduce your stamina, hit the ball without moving too much. See the points below for details.

Easily go back for strong service

If you are close to the net, it is difficult to handle strong blows. Therefore, it is better to keep the character away from the net. Go back. You can easily hit the ball when standing upside down (fast hit with a strong blow).

Tennis Crash – Location is the Key

The position of the character is the key to victory. Maintaining the central position of the tennis court will help you quickly hit the ball towards the left side of the court or aimed at the court.

So we recommend that you move your character behind the center of the court. Before the opponent hits the ball or immediately after the first blow. How do you move your character? Tap the area where you want to move the character.

Tennis Clash – Surprise Your Opponent

If your opponent is far away from the net, tap the ball to get through the net. If you are far from the net, you will not be able to reach the ball in time. You can push your opponent away from the net by doing a very long and fast strong blow.

Swipe a bit slowly for soft hits.

And if your opponent is too close to the net, make a bang.

Accuracy issues

Strong hits are less accurate, while smooth hits are more accurate. When hitting hard, make sure it is not a cross coat line. Otherwise it is considered a foul. If you are not good at strong blows, don't do it. Focus on regular and soft hitting strategies.

Tennis Crash – Don't Give Your Player Free Points, Get Free Points

  • Don't hit the ball when visiting the cross court line – it's a foul so you score points
  • Serve correctly – 2 wrong servings and you lose score
  • Avoid fouling. Four, cross-court hit, wrong serve, etc.

Basic tennis crash tips and tricks for beginners. If you have more tips to share, please send us your feedback below.

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