Tennis Clash: Characters Guide & Best Characters in the Game

Wondering what the best characters are in Tennis Clash? If so, today's article will give you a complete character guide and Tennis Clash will give you the best characters.

If you want to know which character is the best one for you, let me tell you where you can find all the characters and what stats make that character special and good.

Are you ready to learn everything about the character of Tennis Clash? Then don't waste it and jump right in!

How to improve your character?

There are a couple of things you can improve in the game, and it's definitely useful because you can boost your stats a bit, no matter which character you play. First you need to know that every character has several statistics.

Agility: Ability to move faster, react faster and recover faster.

staminaMaintain more endurance during the match.

serve: Ability to start each point with a strong initial stroke called "Serve" or "Service" (basically the character with the highest subpoint starts)

Bali: Ability to hit before the ball bounces and make an overhead smash hit.

forehand: Ability to hit ball with dominant hand after bounce.

backhand: The ability to hit the ball on the opposite side of the dominant hand after bounce.

This stat gives the character some power, so it's all important nonetheless. You can enhance your character by equipping your character with a variety of equipment that can improve your racket, grip, shoes, bracelets, nutrition, exercise, and eventually one or more of your strings (slightly different from boosters).

To improve your character:

– Receive a variety of bags you can get in the game after completing a match ranging from free bag to point bag and basic / grand bag. From these you will receive a random card that you can use to improve your stats.

– You can upgrade this card by collecting several of the same cards and then paying for upgrades.

– You can upgrade your character level by collecting multiple copies of that character card.

List of characters and how to get it:


Aggressive bass liners

Start / Max Level Stats:

Agility: 2/17

Health: 1/7

Sub: 2/9

Bali: 1/8

Forehand: 3/13

Backhand: 3/12


Sex male

Age: 35

Height: 1.84 m

Hand: right

How to get: You will use Jonah as your starting character.



Start / Max Level Stats:

Agility: 2/17

Health: 1/8

Sub: 2/10

Bali: 3/12

Forehand: 2/11

Backhand: 2/10


Sex female

Age: 25

Height: 1.79 m

Hand: right

How to get: You can find her in a bag on tour 1 or later.


Counter puncher

Start / Max Level Stats:

Agility: 4/21

Stamina: 4/16

Serving: 1/8

Bali: 1/7

Forehand: 1/8

Backhand: 1/9


Sex female

Age: 21

Height: 1.75 m

Hand: right

How to get: You can find her in a bag on tour 2 or later.


Serve and bali

Start / Max Level Stats:

Agility: 2/16

Health: 0/4

Serving: 3/13

Bali: 4/16

Forehand: 2/9

Backhand: 1/8


Sex male

Age: 25

Height: 2.02 m

Hand: left

How to get: You can find it in your bag on tour 3 and above.


Counter puncher

Start / Max Level Stats:

Agility: 8/25

Health: 7/19

Serving: 3/10

Bali: 2/9

Forehand: 4/13

Backhand: 3/10


Sex male

Age: 17

Height: 1.71 m

Hand: right

How to get: You can find it in your bag on tour 4 or later.


Aggressive bass liners

Start / Max Level Stats:

Agility: 5/20

Health: 2/8

Serving: 3/11

Bali: 3/10

Forehand: 17/6

Backhand: 5/14


Sex female

Age: 28

Height: 1.95 m

Hand: left

How to get: You can find her in a bag on tour 5 or later.

What is your best character?

Having checked all the characters in the game, you can definitely see the stats at the maximum level from the beginning. Depending on which stat is at maximum, you can equip the correct equipment and cards to improve the rest of your abilities.

But if you want to know what the best characters are, doesn't this all help you a lot? Well, let me hear my opinion here.

– If you want a good player stamina And overall not bad. Florence and Kaito are both good choices. Stamina is important because you can make all of your opponents tired and make the game favorable.

– If you want a good player forehand and backhandViktoria is the best because she already has pretty high basic statistics.

– Very good player Bali Leo. It is definitely his field.

– If you want a high player AgilityFlorence and Kaito are both good at it.

Now I will choose overall Kaito In my book he has now become the best player (because the rest can be replenished using equipment) because the highest stats are the ones I consider most important.

This completes the Tennis Clash Character Guide and the best characters in the game! What is the best person for your opinion? Please leave your comments in the comments section below. Also check out our game guide to learn all the tips and tricks you need to win more games!