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Tap Tap Dig Cheats, Tips, And Guide To Earn more Coins

Tap Tap Dig is a new idle cracker game for mobile devices from Bandit Bacon Games. In this game, you play as Prospector Pete and dig deep into the earth about fossils, gold, and rubies. To get more coins, check out Tap Tap Dig Cheats, Tips and Strategy Guides.

Tap Tap Dig is an excavation and mine game produced by the Idle Zoo Tycoon game maker. In this game you play as a miner and dig the earth to gain valuable resources such as gold, rubies, and fossils. Gameplay is similar to other idle games, but with a unique concept and reward system. This post covered everything about the game. Tap Tap Tap Dig cheats, tips and tricks to get more coins, rubies, fossil activation, fossil usage. Let’s start Tap Tap Dig Game Guide without wasting time .

Beginning – Basic – Tap Tap Dig

As always, start with a tutorial. game; Tap Tap Dig game about miners, booster, upgrades and more. When the tutorial is over, the job is started and you are the boss! Basics – Tap Tap Dig is just a tap to start digging and get a coin. Use coins to upgrade your character. Upgrading your character will hire a miner to speed up your excavation and automate the excavation process and conduct research! Your goal is to reach this goal by digging deep into the earth. You need a miner with a huge amount of gold coins and the best experience!

Tap Tap Guide

In this section you will learn about miners, people, technology, research, fossils, and how to use fossils. Let’s start the Tapping Guide

. Characters and Skills

As described above, you play as a foot miner in this game. Tap damage is determined by the character’s level. For example, Tap Damage is 2000. When you tap the screen, the character starts to break. You can upgrade your player to increase tap damage. Upgrading the hero opens up skills and miners!

You can use Skill -> Skill to gain a temporary boost or advantage. For example, you do not need to tap the screen when you enable the Auto-tap technology. The “Show me the money” skill is used to increase the income of coins for a limited time. And you can use a lot of technology. Miners or Helper – Tap Tap Dig

You can hire a helper or miner to help you out in Fargo.

B. This helper works 24 hours a day, even if you do not play the game. If you come back to the game, you can claim your offline earnings. Upgrading a helper increases damage per second, and the more DPS, the more coins and fossils you have.

C. Research

Research in the Tap Tap Dig game is one of the main tasks. Research you can get a permanent bonus. For example, “Master Tapper” – this study can increase tap damage by 100%. To start a study, go to the Research tab (the book icon at the bottom of the screen), select the study and start using diamonds. How to get a free diamond at Tap Tap Dig? Fossil – Tap Tap Dig

You get a fossil through the game. Tap Tap Dig Cheats, Tips Read!

D. However, you must activate it to use it. The first tab (at the bottom) has a Big Bang option on the tab, from which you can activate the fossil.

E. How to use fossils

 Tap Dig What is the use of fossils? How to use fossils? This feature can be found in all kinds of idle games, but the names are different. Universally, it is a prestige function.

When this feature is enabled, the game is reset and restarted from the beginning. But with eternal privilege! Obtain a damage bonus.

That is, activating the fossil increases the damage rate. Therefore, each time you play a big bang damage increases. And you should use this feature. But before you use again (second), make sure you have more multiplier bonuses compared to the last time. Collect more fossils and bring up the big bang!

So this is a basic tab tab digging guide for beginners. Now, let’s get started. Click on the tab to get more coins, click Digger, Tips and Strategy !

2) Tap the tabs, tips and tricks

A. Get 30 diamonds for free

As you know, diamonds are one of the precious items in the Tap Tap Dig game. To receive it for free – tap on the diamond icon (top left) and scroll to “offer free diamond”. Click the Yes button next to Twitter, FB, or other icons. congratulations! I just have 30 diamonds. Diamonds can be used to convert or convert suspended fossils to active fossils. Double it! It is your choice! You can get a diamond by defeating the boss in the boss battle. Just collect Ruby.

B) Focus on Miner Upgrade

The first step in this game is to open or hire a helper. Focus on upgrading the helper because it will not work for 24 hours! So, to maximize your helpers, spend your coins and upgrade. Do not waste coins on technology upgrades because the duration is short and the upgrade cost is too high.

C. View the ad to activate the ad booster

After digging 10-20 floors, the ad comes out Suggestion – Hold it and watch the ad. Bonuses will be activated after viewing a series of ads. For example, see the first 4 ads and increase all helper damage by 50%.

D.) The Time Lapse Cheat

Using this trick, you can soon get more coins in time. However, it should not be used frequently. Go to your mobile settings and set the date to the next day. Go back to the game and instantly claim your offline earnings for 1 day!

E.) To see your video ads and double your offline earnings, always open a game with an internet connection.

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So, these are Tap Tap Dig cheats, advice for beginners. Download – here (Google Play Store). Best time management games for Android