Spiritwish Cheats: Tips & Guide to Get More Powerful and Pass More Stages

In today's article we will cover all the Spiritwish tips and tricks you have collected so far and share them with you to learn everything you need to know about the game and become more powerful!

This game is a typical dungeon retro role-playing game that has evolved into a place to guide you through various dungeons and encounters to discover more of the mystical world of Kaleva Village and other beautiful locations of Spiritwish!

Are you ready to learn everything? Spiritwish Tips and Cheats Do we have a sleeve? Then don't waste a few seconds and jump right down here!

Please select a starting team

At the start of the game, you can choose between two teams: a balanced team and more damage-focused teams.

If you are a new player now, it is better to use a balanced team. Because a balanced team makes it easy from the start, so if you want to do more damage, the second choice is not bad at all. either.

Whatever you choose, there can be no wrong choice here. I'm already a bit familiar with the game and want the best clear speed possible, so I personally pursued more damage intensive comp!

Tap on the ground to move your character away from danger

Fighting bosses and other superpowered enemies (mostly bosses) sometimes creates a red carpet that symbolizes the area from which to launch an attack.

The red carpet I love to call can be very dangerous, especially if a dangerous dealer has entered it. Therefore, to solve this problem, it is better not to harm the character far from the area.

This isn't necessarily mandatory at the start, but it's very useful because when you fight more other late game bosses, they want to start dealing a lot of damage and survive the dealer as long as possible.

Quest complete

In the game, there is a main story quest in the upper left of the screen. From there you will see many quests to guide you through the game. And if you want to upgrade your characters quickly, it is better to start following them instead of farming in one place.

They will give you a lot of rewards, and I suggest you start this quest as soon as you start the game. Because they are very nice and will give you a lot of EXP, gold and other useful items.

Equip better equipment for your character

As you progress slowly in the game, you can get better gear in various battles to fight and open numerous boxes containing countless random gears.

However, not every piece of equipment you will pick up is very good, so I suggest that you carefully examine their quality and always try to equip the best gear for the class you choose.

Gears come in a variety of attributes including common, enchantment, rare, unique, masterpiece, legend, and artifacts. Common is the worst and artifacts are the best gear.

Upgrade your equipment. You can use other old gears that require you to upgrade the best gear you currently have and replace it with a better one. Refined stones can also be used, but they are used most often because you will be choosing a lot of gears.

All you need to do to raise and upgrade the gear is to tap the gear you want to upgrade (Best Gear)-> Modify Gear. There are plenty of options to choose from to do anything here. I want with that piece of gear.

Do a daily dungeon

Every day you will be able to play dungeons every day in the game. Rewards will help you a lot because they can vary from experience, gold to a variety of gear.

There are several types of dungeons, each of which may have specializations. However, I never recommend it, because it's a gold and EXP dungeon, because it's the most useful daily dungeon.

Dungeons can be found by tapping Menu-> Mission-> Daily Dungeons in the upper right corner.

– Experience Dungeon: Provide experience

– Gold Dungeon: Gold Offer

– Technology Development Dungeon: Provide technical books

– Material Dungeon Enhancement: Provides a reinforced material dungeon box with a variety of reinforced scrolls.

– Amulet Development Dungeon: Provides talisman pieces.

These are all very useful, so you know that you will have to pay every day in the end, so try them every day before resetting them every day.


There are several types of raids in the game. After all, it's an RPG! Go to Menu-> Mission-> Co-op Raid tab and you will see some raids available during play.

These raids are available at specific times, so you should always pay attention to the “Time to Entry” section. Don't miss this out here as you can challenge various dungeons with 3 other players (4 total in total) to challenge good rewards (mostly card pieces).

There's also a weekly raid, but it's very good, but the entry requirements will be higher. For now try to improve through other available raids and game content. Weekly raid too.

Register old gear to codec

To get additional general stats, it's a good idea to register old gear (or unused gears) obtained from Item Codex so that you can get additional statistics as a reward.

They can be found in the Menu-> Achievement-> Item tab and there are numerous items that can register almost any item in the game. Whenever you get a dual part for a particular item or get a newer and better item, make sure that your existing gear is registered here.

Once you register your equipment, it will be removed from your equipment and cannot be used to upgrade other items. However, this is considered a better use of the gear because the gear is used only once and the rest of the gear can be used for the upgrade.

Every time you register a gear, a stat is displayed below it. For example, a rare item called Medium Spiked Armor Bottom gains Critical Hit RES +3! There are many rewards that can be aimed at individual upgrades. For example, if you want an extra +85 HP, find and register an old wooden knife!

Here is my suggestion: I always prefer to register the equipment after buying a better one to replace the old one. That way you will never be wasted and you will not miss the extra power!

Add new character

Each time you acquire a new character card, you can summon / create that character to add it to your team or add it as you wish. To summon a new character, go to Menu-> Character selection screen and you will see the character creation option at the bottom left of the screen.

If you have a card, you can create a new character. To change your character, just tap the X next to the 3 characters at the bottom of the screen. This will remove the character from the team. To add it again, tap the character you want to add and select Add to Team.

Some classes can only travel up to a certain distance and complete certain quests, so you'll need different characters for this kind of task.

Get more cards with your character

To summon more characters, you can not only get them from bosses as rewards in normal quests, but also from the shops! Go to Menu-> Premium tab to see summon options. Tap it to buy a 300 Blue Diamond Character Summon Box!

One box will pay 300 blue diamonds, 10 boxes will pay 3000, so buy what you can afford-they will contain a variety of cards with letters, so good luck!

Don't forget to check out the gameplay video here.

These are all Spiritwish tips and tricks we have for you now! Do you know more useful game tips and strategies? Leave it in the comments section below!