Samsung Working on Augmented Reality Glasses

A new patent application filed by Samsung with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) suggests that the company is developing its own AR glasses. Believed to have been seen for the first time by Patently Mobile, the device looks more like a pair of standard eyeglasses, if only a bit on the bulky side, instead of full wrap-around headphones like the Microsoft HoloLens and the Magic Leap One. .

Published by the USPTO on July 11, official documents suggest that the device will have hinges on its two sides to fold it like normal glasses. Apparently, it also shuts off automatically each time it folds and turns on each time it is deployed. Apparently, Samsung is also adding magnetic sensors to the device to prevent it from being accidentally turned off.

Image Courtesy: Samsung (via USPTO)

The exact technical specifications remain a mystery for now, but Samsung noted in its patent application that one of the key components of the device It is an ARM processor, although, there is no word on the specific chip. However, the patent application suggests that the projector will show a translucent image with 3D depth for an enhanced AR experience.

Samsung is far from being the only large technology company that works with augmented reality glasses. While Microsoft has been working on its HoloLens Mixed Reality lenses for a while, Apple, Huawei and other companies are also burning midnight oil in next-generation technology that has often been described as a game changer by enthusiasts. technology and industry experts. , but has not yet left its mark among the main consumers.

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