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Rowdy Raja (Raju Gadu) 2019 Hindi Dubbed

Rowdy Raja (Raju Gadu) Hindi Dubbed

Rowdy Raja (Raju Gadu) Hindi Dubbed Movie all watch with mrguider Raju Gadu Hindi Full Movie Release Date Below. Raju Gadu is a 2018 Telugu satire movie, delivered by Sunkara Ramabrahmam on AK Entertainments Pvt Ltd flag and coordinated by Sanjana Reddy, featuring Raj Tarun, Amyra Dastur, Rajendra Prasad in the number one spot jobs and music created by Gopi Sundar. A redo is being created by Sajid Nadiadwala and it will be titled Pilfer Singh and it will star Kartik Aaryan and Amyra Dastur.

Rowdy Raja (Raju Gadu) Hindi Dubbed Movie Trailer

Rowdy Raja (Raju Gadu) 2019 Hindi Dubbed Movie Release Date

Rowdy Raja (Raju Gadu) Hindi Dubbed Movie Television Premiere On 19 Feb 2019 At 8pm on utv movie so share this interesting news with south hindi movies fans. And For More Encounter Man 2 (Sankarabharanam) 2019 Hindi Dubbed

Raju is a natural pilferer ie., an ailment that he has a propensity to take things without his own insight. Raju’s dad runs a store in Hyderabad. At the point when Raju was in youth a specialist called Dr.Saima has promised to fix his ailment by concocting medication and has been attempting as far back as amusingly and unsuccessful.

Raju has consistent separations with young ladies as a result of his illness and one day a young lady Vennela finds about it and cautions him that he ought not adore any young lady else she will reveal reality. So Raju incidentally keeps running into Tanvi, a school going young lady. From that point on he begins covering his ailment with different entertaining reasons and subsequently winning over Tanvi.

After a couple of comical occurrences, the guardians of Tanvi concur with the marriage. Be that as it may, here the bend is Tanvi’s dad is the child of Suryanarayana who is a regarded individual in a town who loathes criminals a ton. On the off chance that he gets a criminal he will cut his hand.

Subsequent to entering the town and increasingly interesting episodes Raju influences everybody to trust that neurotic is his dad’s infection. Parallelly a gathering of fear based oppressors is looking for Raju as he had unwittingly stolen their bomb which was to impact for an agreement of 100 crores. So the psychological militant gathering attempts to tail him wherever he is.

In the mean time, Anji who used to function as a devoted worker in Suryanarayana’s home has been excluded from the town for taking the adornments of the god for a long time. Following 25 years Anji enters the town as a No.1 n in footwear representative to render retribution against Suryanarayana.

So he intends to take the adornments of god and put the fault on Suryanarayana, yet Raju comes in the middle of and acknowledges that he has stolen the gems. Lingaraju is additionally grabbed in light of the fact that he saw Anji’s men taking gems.

Anji and psychological oppressors meet and strike an arrangement incidentally, that to give adornments to them in return for the bomb which is in Raju’s towel. So Raju looks for the genuine guilty parties lastly demonstrates that Anji attempted to deliver retribution on Suryanarayana. So Suryanarayana cheerfully acknowledges the marriage of his granddaughter.

On the opposite side, Raju unconsciously takes the trigger portable and unintentionally lifts the telephone, so all fear mongers kicked the bucket in the impact. In the post-credits Raju takes the wedding chain unwittingly and everyone giggles.