Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon Guide, Tips & Cheats!

Rocket Star is a new idle game developed by Pixodust Games. Check out Rocket Star-Idle Space Factory Tycoon guides, tips, cheats and strategies

In the Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tycoon game, the player manages the spaceship factory to select workers and leaders to create advanced rockets. Your goal is to unlock all locations in the galaxy like Mars, Moon, Space Station and more. And you can do it by launching a rocket. I first created and launched a rocket and then unlocked a new location in the galaxy. Once you’ve started the game, today’s Rocket Star-Idle Space Factory Tycoon Guide and Rocket Star-Idle Space Factory Tycoon tips, cheats and strategies to master the game.

Idle Space Factory Tycoon Guide

Basic-Game Flow

Rocket Star-Idle Space Factory TycoonAt the beginning of the game there is a space factory on Earth. When launching rockets, you can unlock new places like the moon, mars, etc. A rocket to each location or space factory – and a forwarder to dispatch resources from the platform.

If you pay attention to workers and shippers, the shippers at the bottom of the platform will send the resources and place them near the elevator. The worker in the elevator then takes the resources from that location and sends them to the platform where the worker builds the rocket.

There may be dozens of platforms. Depending on the size of the rocket, on each platform, workers can see the choice of resources or materials left by the person working in the elevator. And when you see using it, the star coin fell out.

Star Coin is the default in-game currency earned by workers when using materials or resources on their platform. You can see the star coin production per second in the top center of the screen. And just below the production status, the game displays a rocket progress bar. Once fully filled, you can launch the rocket after building all the payloads in the space factory.

This is the basic Rocket Star-Idle Space Factory Tycoon guide for beginners. Let’s take a closer look at the main concepts.

Rocket Star-Idle Space Factory Tycoon-Rocket Launch

Rocket Star-Idle Space Factory TycoonAs mentioned above, the goal is to unlock all locations in the galaxy and build space factories. Visit the galaxy menu by tapping the galaxy / globe icon in the bottom center of the game screen. You will see a list of planets or space stations from which you can build a space factory.

And to open a new position, you need to fire a certain number of rockets. E.g; After unlocking the space station, you need to fire your rocket to unlock Mars.

Rocket Launch Requirements: –

  • You need to build all payloads in that location
  • Rocket Progress Complete

Check the rocket progress bar in the top center of the screen of the space factory. Build all available payloads. When complete, the startup options appear on the screen. Tap-> in the top center. Press Next-> Skip.

What happens if I launch a rocket in a Rocket Star game?

  • One step ahead in the next location unlock progress
  • This game offers space cash in premium in-game currency
  • Also get the space box
  • Unlock new payload or platform

Rocket Star-Idle Space Factory Leader Guide

Leaders are characters with special abilities. You can get a character’s card or pieces from the space box. If you have enough cards from a particular reader, you can unlock it.

You can specify a leader at each location or space factory. Go to Space Factory and scroll down-> press + character option-> press leader-> assign it. Once a leader is assigned, you can tap your abilities icon to use your special abilities.

Use your skill pieces to upgrade your abilities.

Research and technology

You can invest Star Coin in Space Factory research, which gives players a buff / bonus. Yes – reduce upgrade costs, shipper upgrade costs, elevator upgrade costs, increased production rates, and more

You must spend separately for each plant.

Everything is included in this Rocket Star game guide for beginners. Let’s look at Rocket Star-Idle Space Factory tips, cheats, and strategies.

Rocket Star – Idle Space Factory Tips and Tricks: –

1.) Tap huge and valuable items for more coins

Rocket Star-Idle Space Factory TycoonIf you did not notice – pay attention to the platform on which the worker works. While picking the materials dispatched by the elevator staff, they sometimes drop valuables. This precious item stays there for a few seconds. Tap them before they disappear – you will get free coins.

2.) Become familiar with in-game currency

  • Space Cash – Don’t use it anywhere except to buy premium space boxes from stores
  • Video Gem – Available in store for boosters or essential boxes
  • Star Coin – Platform, Elevator, Shipper, Research Technology Upgrades

3.) Keep growing space factory

  • Higher ranking platforms generate more star coins, so focus on upgrading your lower ranking platforms instead. In other words, each time you unlock a new payload, more star coins will be generated for each new platform, so give priority to it
  • Designate leaders and use their abilities
  • Achieve goals and launch rockets for Space Cash & Space Box + New Payload
  • New technology research at all space plants

4.) Press the Space Dog

Space dogs now appear in space factories. Hit that dog and watch video ads for free.

5.) Press UFO

The galaxy screen sometimes shows a UFO. Tap to get free

6.) get the air supply

Now in the upper center of the space factory often appears an air supply box. Tap it and watch video ads for free.

7.) Complete the mission of skill fragments and universe cash

Press the Trophy button in the bottom center menu to open the mission page. There you will see challenges and missions to complete. That way you get space cash and skill fragments.

Rocket Star game tips for beginners. If you have more tips to share, write a comment below.

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