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Returners is a new epic RPG for Android. Nexon Company, the founder of the Hex game. Check out the Returners guides, tips, cheats and strategies to learn how to easily win in all kinds of battles and form a great five-character team.

The Nexon Company is a new RPG for the Google Play Store’s mobile device In this game, the player has a team of 5 best characters to fight monsters and enemies in various game modes. The ripper game will help you build amazing characters and tactical cards, many game modes, Returners Guide and referrer tips, tricks and strategies th. Before learning about the basics of games, guide, tips and tricks, tutorials to learn all aspects of the game such as skill upgrades, gear upgrades, and level-up characters, the Basic Character – Team

The Basic – Returners – Getting Started

Start. After you finish the tutorial, you have to do everything manually.

Basic -> Returner The most important goal in the game is to form a team of heroes to defeat the monsters and opponents. At first it is very easy to win in battle. As it progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult. In combat, the hero automatically attacks the enemy. You only need to handle a few things. Hitting, tactical cards, formation and combat power. Start the Returners Guide and then check Returners cheats, tips and strategies .

Returners Guide

In the Returners game, characters are divided into the following classes.

  1. Tank
  2. Fighter
  3. Ranger
  4. Wizard
  5. Support

The tank type class includes high character HP. Fighter and Ranger classes include characters that best deal physical damage. Wizards and support class characters are good at MAG Attack, MAG DEF statistics.

How to get new characters

After finishing this tutorial, Returners Guide, Tips, Cheats, Strategy there are 5 characters. If you want more, you can summon a hero with a blue stone and a coin. Just go shopping -> Heroes tab -> Summon. Do not waste your in-game calls when summoning low-quality heroes. You can also get a new character by reward. Join the event by completing chapters in adventure mode. According to my details, you will get: –

  1. Day 3 character will be free on the second day. With attendance compensation
  2. On the sixth day 2,000 jewels; Summon 3 & 4 Star Heroes with your jewel.
  3. Another three-star hero on Day-7 (with attendance compensation).

Play games every day and get these rewards.

  • Edit Team -> Returners Guide

In the Returners game you can choose up to 5 characters in combat. You can set different character combinations for different game modes. For example;

On the main screen, tap on the team tab (bottom left corner) to see the team. League, adventure. To edit in the right hand side, tap Team options.

Now, please choose a character based on your statistics. Power, skill, star.

  • Level Up and Rank Up Guide

Most game modes are locked to Returners at the start of the game. To unlock this mode, you need to rank it. In Adventure mode, you can go to the end of the chapter.

Character Level Up – You need EXP to level up the character. You can win a battle. Only those characters will get EXP on your team. Also, you can use the EXP books (as rewards, complete quests in the dungeon) until level up.

  • Transcend Guide – Add asterisks to your character

When your character reaches the maximum level, you can use the Transcendence feature. Transcending adds an asterisk to the character. For example; You have 3 star characters. If you raise this character to the maximum level and raise the level, you will be able to jump over the beginning and become a five-star character.

Tactical cards are used in combat for player use. For example; Recovery Tactics cards can cure one of the heroes in battle. There are four types of tactical cards: – [19659000] Red card

  • Blue card
  • White card
  • Yellow card


How to collect tactical cards

It is very easy. Complete chapters, open your rewarded chest, and perform combat in different game modes with rewards.

Add an Strategy card by pressing an empty slot before starting the battle. At the start of the game; You have provocation and recovery cards. They are also the best.

So, this is the return guide. Learn about combat strategies, cheats, and tips.

Returners Tips, Tips, and Strategies

1) Focus on only 5 heroes. Best Teaming

 Returners You do not have to develop all heroes in this game. Focus on the top 5 heroes and upgrade your skills, equipment. At the beginning of the game there are two stars and the rest is one star. And there are thousands of blue stones. It is better to use the blues and summon four-star characters. After that, 4 star characters, 2 star characters and the rest have 1 star. On the second day, a three-star character appears. And on the 6th and 7th -> 2000 I get a blue stone and a three-star character. It will acquire 3 or 4 star characters using that gem.

  • Two 4 star characters
  • Two 3 star characters
  • and one 2 star character

Participating in the event may be better. Complete all quests and play in all types of game modes. In other words, make the best team as soon as possible. 1 star characters are useless.

2. Increase your character’s Attack Power

As described above, you need to focus on your character. As it progresses, it becomes increasingly difficult. – 19659000] Gear equipment

  • Gear upgrade
  • Upgrade technology
  • Level up
  • Transcend


To prepare the equipment: Gear, team move -> tap heroes -> auto equipment and that’s it. Increase gear status and upgrade gear to improve overall performance

Best way to level up -> Repeat chapters in adventure mode. Win the battle and gain experience. How to get high quality gear

[1959038] [1959038] “width =”300 “height =”169 “srcset =”https : /×169.jpg 300w, 373w “크기 => (max width: 300px) 100vw, 300px “/> Complete the quest and get the chest.

19659015] You can request “free geardraw” every 24 hours. Shop -> Gear -> Draw -> Gear claim

Upper league

<img class = “aligncenter wp-image-4734 size-medium” title = “Returners” src = “ 5-300×169.jpg “alt =” width = “300” height = “169” srcset = “×169.jpg 300w , https: //www.mrguider. Start the game in the Bronze League. This game starts the game in the Bronze League.


3) .Check out the event shop – get the best rewards for all the battles, Returners Guide, Tips

Tap the Event Shop option on the top left of the main screen, where you can exchange EXP books, scrolls, soul selection, 4-star tickets and event-specific coins to get valuable items like five-

How to get an event coin? Let’s just play the game Adventure Mode, Dungeon, Certification Ground / Stadium / League.

Also – the best adventure game for android

4). Returners – Combat Strategies and Tips

Combat Strength -> Compare your enemies to your team

  • Form, choose wisely
  • Change target
  • Tactic card mount


This increases.

To target a specific enemy, first tap on Hero, then select your enemy.  Returners

Timely use of strategy cards


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