Reliance Jio Set-Top-Box to Offer Console-quality Gaming, Mixed Reality and More

Mukesh Ambani presented on Monday the set-top-box (STB) Jio which, according to the company, will offer several notable features, including 4K streaming, console quality games, access to premium content from the best streaming platforms and more. Apparently, there will also be a show "First day, first show" that will allow subscribers to watch new movies at home the same day they are released in theaters. The device can also host video calls with up to four people at a time.

According to Ambani, the STB will have a built-in graphics card that will allow users to play multiplayer games of the new era, such as FIFA 2019. Reliance is also working with several popular game developers and publishers, including Tencent, Microsoft and others, to bring more titles to the platform, he said. Of course, all that will add to your main job: decoding standard cable signals from local cable operators (LCOs).

The Jio STB will also support mixed reality services, which include shopping, education and movies. With MR shopping, users can try on a dress practically before buying it. The technology will also allow students to study 3D models of the solar system in AR. The company also introduced a mixed reality ‘Holoboard’ headset that, he said, could be used to watch virtual reality / AR movies and experiences using the decoder. Built by a company called Tesseract, the device will soon go on sale in India.

The STB will be provided as part of the & # 39; Jio Welcome Offer & # 39; to customers along with an LED TV or a home PC as part of a limited time promotion for customers who opt for the annual GigaFiber plan subscription, which will be launched on September 5, starting at Rs. 700 per month. Prices have not yet been announced, but if Jio's mobile services have something to do, expect him to be on the affordable side of things.

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