PUBG Update: Patch notes of PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Version Here

PUBG Update : Patch notes of PUBG Mobile battle royale game, has launched its beta testing phase of version 013.0. The buzz for 0.13.0 version is very high in mobile game market. Everyone is excited about the features that are new modes that are coming to this game. Read our previous article about How To win Any Game in PUBG Easily Competitive Settings Changes

In this short article the Patch notes has been mentioned by me records associated with the version PUBG Update: More Patch notes of PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 of PUBG Mobile. All the features, new tools, game modes, etc to be introduced in the PUBG that is upcoming update mentioned in this article. The patch notes written below are officially announced by developers on their discord servers. So, each one of these features should come right into the Global Version 0.13.0 of PUBG Mobile.

PUBG Update: Patch notes of PUBG Mobile

1. New mode is coming towards the game: Deathmatch which will be obtainable in both FPP and TPP perspectives.

2. control that is separate for FPP mode: Users can now change gameplay settings of FPP mode in different section

3. New Feature for MVP Player: MVP emotes are added in inventory and display that is MVP results.

4. New Portable Closets Feature: Now the player can change appearances, voices and emotes in various closets that are portable can make amendments while in a match.

5. Walking, running and crawling will now keep impact on the ground

6. Amendments in Armor stats: armor durability will reduce by 25 now%. Nonetheless, the damage reduction shall stay same.

7. New Zombies in Survive Till Dawn: Tyrant, G, Licker and Zombie Cop these three zombies will no longer to stay in game. Four zombies which are new included with this Zombie mode.

8. Amendments in Liquid Nitrogen Bomb stats: Liquid nitrozen will slow the players down for the longer period as comparable to previous time of old version.

9. New Location: New Location Abandon factory has been put into the map. Now, the genuine name of map just isn’t mentioned. According to testing that is beta this location has been noticed in Zombie mode. This location contains rare tool lote but also has a employer that is brand new.

So these are the patch that is complete of version 0.13.0 PUBG Mobile improve.

Tencent Games has introduced PUBG Lite, a toned down version of PUBG and players is now able to experience the battle royale game on low end PCS and products that are mobile.

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