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PlayerUnknown battlefields have a somewhat interesting, but rather boring, ranking system. This classification system focuses more on game time than on the actual skill level. A player can reach the top of the ranking system without even being near the top in skill. To do this, that player only has to play a lot. As long as you do not die in the first minutes of the game, you will climb to the leaderboard. The more time you spend on climbing, the higher you will get. Next, we will break down the classification system.

Survival title system

The PUBG classification system has 8 titles. From unclassified, these players are completely new for the season. They must play 10 games before they get their first real rank. After 10 games, the players will be awarded the title of “Beginner”. The next is the beginner, then expert, expert, expert, and finally survivor.

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. All titles have their own emblem, which will be displayed next to the name of the players in the lobby prior to the game and in the game. How to level up

The best way to level up is simply to play and survive. PUBG only cares how long he can live. Deaths, assists, lows and loot have nothing to do with the amount of points for the ranking system that you will get at the end of the game. It’s just about survival. Which means that to reach the highest “survivor” rank, a player does not even have to kill anyone. It only means that players in the survivor range know how to survive. What at the end of the day, PUBG is a survival game, so players know how to play the game. Each title takes 1000 survival points to advance through the next. Once you gain a new title, you can not lose it because there is no established degradation method other than the survivor rank. The survivor rank is maintained for the top 1000 players in each region. These will be the public grinders of parties that play a lot and know how to get chicken dinners.


There is no matchmaking for PUBG at this time. This means that people with the title “survivor” can be put in the same party as people with the title of “beginner”. Someone with thousands of hours of play can be compared to someone who bought the game yesterday. This is a great annoyance for many players. Experienced players want better competition, and beginners want a more relaxed learning environment. We hope that soon one day, PUBG will present a pairing system that encourages players to climb the ranking system to compete against other top level players.

System Classification Rewards

In addition to the emblems that players receive when they climb the ranking system, PUBG also offers end-of-season rewards according to the rank they obtained. These rewards are cosmetics that range from shoes to parachutes. If you reach the highest “survivor” rank, then you will receive all the rewards of the lower ranks. These rewards come from some pretty elegant outfits.

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