PUBG: New World Cup Event

PUBG: New World Cup Event coming in this the World Cup 19 season has started, PUBG Mobile has also launched a brand new event around it. A brand new World Cup Event is available in the event section of the game. Players can win many exciting rewards gun skins, various outfits, and Flipkart vouchers.

How To Enter In The World Cup Event?

In this World Cup event, a player can predict the winner of matches being played between national teams. If his prediction is correct he will get some in-game points and on the basis of those points, the top 10 players will get smartphones for themselves.

To start predicting winners of matches, a player will need tokens. These tokens can either be obtained by completing in-game activities which are:

Log-inPlay One Classic Mode MatchSurvive for 10 minutes in a classic mode match
Or he can buy these tokens directly from the offer zone available in the game.

If your prediction is correct of the match, the game will reward you with 3 runs while 0 runs for each incorrect prediction. Players can also buy more than 1 World Cup Event Token to score more runs for every correct prediction.

World Cup Event Of PUBG Mobile

The runs scored will get accumulated on a leaderboard every day. When your runs reach a certain amount, a player can also use them for redeeming various items available in-game.

Lucky Draw Rewards: During this World Cup Event, 5 lucky participants will also win gift vouchers from a well known e-commerce website. Player will get these rewards every Monday via in-game mail.

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Grand Prize Winners: When the event ends, top 10 run-getter on the leaderboard will get smartphones. While players on the rank 11-20 will get gift vouchers of 2000 and from rank 21-30 with vouchers of 1000 INR each from a well known e-commerce website.

If there is a tie on the leaderboard for runs scored, the winner be selected on three bases:

Higher Royal Pass RankHigher Player LevelHigher K/D Ration:
Redeem Rewards:

For 180 Runs: Sk8er Set

For 150 Runs: Desert Camo AWM Skin

For 80 Runs: Denim Shirt(light blue)

For 90 Runs: Rename Card

For 70 Runs: Classic Coupon

For 36 Runs: Rugged(Orange) UMP9 Skin (15 days)

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