PUBG Mobile New Anti-Cheat System Makes Life Very Hard For Cheaters

PUBG Mobile

Like many other online games, PUBG Mobile suffers from crooks that can use additional applications and change game data to gain healthier benefits than others. The development team did their best to curb this phenomenon, but now it seems that they have a system in place to get rid of cheats in the fastest way.

Recently, a new PUBG Mobile cheat prevention system was introduced into the game. The system allows developers to monitor matches in real time and instantly detect fraudsters. Thanks to the system, the team can effectively observe gameplay to distinguish between unfair software usage and unusual game occurrences caused by player skills, delays or packet loss.

Once the crooks are identified, the new system allows the PUBG mobile observation team to ban them in real time, even during matches. This allows the game to be fairer than ever, where only technology is important.

Tencent's most important fair gameplay experience, as highlighted by Vincent Wang, GM of Global Publishing at Tencent Games.

We are doing our best to keep the cheats out of the game as much as possible and hundreds of team members are dedicated to this task. ”

PUBG Mobile is now available for iOS, Android worldwide.