PUBG Mobile already exceeds 100 million active users per month

Yesterday, there was news that Battle Royale for mobiles had exceeded $ 2 billion in revenue over the last two years. Now, one of the most popular games within Battle Royale for the mobile sector, the famous PUBG Mobile has announced that it has exceeded the barrier of 100 million active users by month .

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The figure is certainly quite significant, considering that the game reached the mobile platforms in March of last year, and it is still reaping great success. The secret behind this growth would be the arrival of PUBG Mobile to new markets such as India and other countries in Asia, with the exception of China where we met a few weeks ago that Tencent had been forced to launch a censored version of the game with a totally different name.

Another key point of the success of PUBG Mobile has been the impetus of the eSports that have allowed to expand its fame. In addition, to celebrate this achievement, the developers of PUBG Mobile have decided to publish the contents of the new season the seventh that will house this Battle Royale title for mobile devices, adding new objects, equipment and costumes for Our character .

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