PUBG Lite is actually developed down version of Players Unknowns Battle Ground as well as could become enjoyed in lower specs PC using really exact PUBG experience. Their move is valued simply by a lot of people and also that it has recently have a great grip on the marketplace simply just like it really is initial bigger version. PUBG: World Cup 2019 Event

PUBG Lite Gameplay

PUBG Lite:- Your weapon has a awesome firing rate and damage. However, that gun of the power just lacks recoil stability. To control the recoil of this beast, one should use the grips provided in the game. Choosing the best among the four grips is a task. Here are the comparisons.


The angled grip controls the recoil quite well but it has the highest vertical spray. The gun rises to it’s fullest when fitted with this grip. The grip reduces the horizontal spray of bullets and hence gives you better stability at close combat battles.


The vertical grip offers the best stability among all the grips. This holds the gun down and has the minimum vertical spray. The grip is useful and can be also used to hit the long-range targets.


The light grip offers very light or low stability in both vertical as well as in the horizontal spray. The grip provides can be used till you find the above-mentioned grips because it’s better to have something than nothing.


The Thumb Grip offers a better grip than the Light Grip and reduces the spray of bullets to a few extent. The grip gives an advantage of faster Scoping, which can prove useful for close combats. The thumb grip forms a “S” when held and shot straight.


The half grip is oftenly mistaken with the Flare gun because of it’s resemblance to the colour, the stability offered is quite decent. The grip holds the gun down but lacks in limiting the horizontal spray.

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