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Battlegrounds of PlayerUnknown has recently launched its professional e-sport league and with it a set of unified rules to be used in all regions and in most competitive PUBG tournaments. In this article we will discuss the changes in the rules and exactly what those changes mean for the competitive scene.

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A big change in the The set of rules for the competitive game is the scoring system. Previously for North America, Europe and some of the other regions, the scoring system favored placement over deaths. It used to be much more important to get to the top 5 instead of killing another team. The new scoring system changed that. Now, each death is worth 1 point and a victory is worth only 10 points. This will encourage teams to seek killings instead of placements. After all, a place 5 th is the same as killing 3 enemies. In the old classification system, a place 5 would be the same as killing 14 enemies. That is all the difference. If you add up all the points of a game, the previous classification system was 70% placement points and 30% death points. Now it has been exchanged and there are 65% death points and 35% placement points in each game. The new and old scoring systems are shown below;

New scoring system :

1 st 10 points
2 nd 6
] rd 5 [19659012] 4
th th
5 th 3
6 th 2
th 1
8 th 0
9 th 0
10 th 0
11 th
] 0
th 0
13 th 0
14 th 0
th 0
16 th 0
Kill 1

Old Scoring System:

1 st 400 points
2 nd 330
3 rd 280
4 th 240 [19659011909017] th 210
] th 180
7 th 150
8 th [1 9659010] 120
9 th 100
10 th 80
11 th ] 60
12 th
13 th th
14 th th 20
15 th 10
16 0 [19659011] Kill 16

Loot configuration

Another big change in the set of rules of the competition is the booty configuration. Previously, the booty configurations for the competition were a little higher than those of the regular public parties. Sniper rifles and designated rifles only appeared 1.3 times more often, while assault rifles generated 1.5 times more often. The new competitive booty configurations are even more in place now. PUBG has increased the base loot by 1.8 times, which means that there are 1.8 times more loot for everything. On top of that, they raised the sniper rifle and the designated rifle rifles 3 times. This means that those two kinds of rifles actually generate 5.4 times more often than in the previous configurations. It is rare for a player in the new competitive configuration not to find the gun of their choice along with all the drugs and armor they will need. The new competitive booty configuration allows you to easily find a perfect distribution, which was rare with the old booty configuration.

Circle configuration

The circle configuration is another aspect of the competition that PUBG has recently changed. The new circle settings make it shorter at the beginning and middle of the game, but a similar game at the end. As players can find the loot they need to compete faster, they do not need as much time to do it. PUBG realized this and reduced the time before the first circle moved almost in half. The waiting time before the circle of phase two begins to close is also reduced by almost one minute. Each circle after that is shorter than 20 to 30 seconds. The adjustments of the previous circle for the competition allowed the players more time to loot, make decisions, participate in fights and more downtime. The new circle configuration creates a faster pace game and many more engagements as teams join at a faster pace. This system works very well with the new score and loot configuration.