Post-Prime Day Hacks: BOGO Deals on Echo Dot and Google Home Mini

Now that Prime Day Day is back in 2019, we are looking for an exciting deal to prove that we do not have to wait for a monstrous sales event to get a good price. After reviewing the price of smart home devices today, I learned how much I can buy one-get-one-free (BOGO) for Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini.

Echo Dot and Google Home Mini are smart speakers alone. You can use it as a competent digital voice assistant without having to add another smart home device. When you need to see the benefits of smart home networking, entertainment, security and cost savings, Mini and Dot are all you need to control a fully integrated smart home for each system. In this sense, these small, versatile devices provide front-end and back-end values.

If Amazon and Google Home are available, you can imagine that you can distribute the smallest smart speakers to any home for free. Most people in the United States mean more business because they do not have to touch to talk to Alexa or Google Assistant, so there's no reason to switch to another platform. Eventually you would have found a way to pay two for the same amount you would have to pay for Amazon or Google Walmart's Echo Dot.

Dot2PACK – $ 50 off with Echo Dot (3rd generation) discount code

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third generation eco-dots The world. The current Dot offers greater and better sound than the previous model and can be paired with another generation of Dots for stereo sound.

Echo Dot list prices are often discounted during the sale, but are $ 50. In 2019 Prime Day Day 2019, Echo Dot was available for a minimum price of $ 22. Prime Day is over, but the normal $ 50 price is back. However, on the small print just below the printed price, please purchase two eco dots with a DOT2PACK code of $ 49.99 . The discount is reflected in the checkout. "

This BOGO code can disappear at any time, There is even the possibility of appearing in other areas in the time zone. If you wanted eco-dots but did not want to buy Echo Dot during Prime Day, here's one way to get one price. This transaction is very similar to what you can find on Prime Day. If you really want only one point, reduce the other one to a gift or give it to a friend. How to get two Google Home Minis from Walmart can be found at Echo on Amazon at


Google Home Mini 2 Pack – $ 29 – $ 49 discount

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This is not the same as using discount codes for Dot. Most merchants who sold Wal-Mart and Home Mini during the Prime Day Day in 2019 lowered their prices from $ 49 to $ 25. Since Prime Day is over, the Google Home Mini is priced at $ 49. Walmart and Google, however, offer the Standard 2 Pack for Mini. Usually $ 78, Google Home Mini 2 pack is discounted to $ 49, and the price is the same as one.

If you missed a Prime Day deal, you can still make transactions on a per unit basis by purchasing the Google Home Mini. 2 pack and save it as a second unit to share with friends or use as a gift. But when you buy your first Google Mini, you'll soon realize why many people have multiple units at home.

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