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NVIDIA’s Major OEM Partner Returned 300,000 GPUs, Launch of GTX 1180 Could Be Delayed

NVIDIA's Major OEM Partner Returned 300,000 GPUs, Launch of GTX 1180 Could Be Delayed

Earlier, we reported that NVIDIA is possibly working on its next generation of GeForce series graphics cards that could be released in July of this year, starting with the GTX 1180, but it seems that the graphics card will not be released soon by [19659002] According to the new report published by Seeking Alpha, one of the 3 leading companies based in Taiwan and leading OEM partner of NVIDIA has returned information on 300,000 graphics cards for the company, creating an excess of inventory for the company with the GPU series of the current generation. The Seeking Alpha report also cites other sources to verify its publication and some extracts are highlighted below;

Taiwan reports now suggest that Nvidia has a gaming GPU inventory problem.

& # 39; Semiaccurate & # 39; reported on the subject yesterday. and cited the excess inventory in the channel as the main reason for the new delay of the GPU in the games.

The excess of information is so serious that one of Asia's main OEM partners reports 300k GPU to Nvidia.

Earlier this year, company CEO Jen-Hsun Huang announced that he is doing everything he can to serve the gaming industry well so that it does not cover any shortage of supplies, and this could be the reason why that the company developed so many GPUs that are no longer needed in the market at this time.

Lately, we saw a decreasing trend in the cryptocurrency mining industry, which could be another factor behind the shortage in demand. Although the company's representatives announced that there will be a decrease in cryptocurrency mining by the second quarter of 2018, they should have planned the corresponding production level to meet the supply.

See also: Intel will launch its Entry graphics cards in 2020 [19659002] Mining was one of the most important reasons behind the excess demand of the GPU manufacturing company, which also seriously affected the gaming industry due to the fact that increase in prices.

What do you think of this huge pile of inventory returned to NVIDIA? And how will this affect the launch of the next generation of 1100 series graphics cards? Let us know in the comments section below!