Nintendo Switch with Rocket League

Nintendo Reportedly Trading Revised Switch Console for Older Model

  Nintendo Switch with Rocket League
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If you recently purchased a Nintendo Switch, you can trade Nintendo for a better new battery life model. According to Reddit users, Nintendo representatives said that anyone who bought a Nintendo Switch after July 17 could trade it with a new Nintendo Switch, which significantly improved battery life. The representative confirmed that there was a proposal, but I was unable to provide specific details. Also contact Nintendo PR for more information.

If customers are entitled to an offer based on what they report, they should send Switch to Nintendo for exchange. When you call Nintendo Customer Service, a representative will check your purchase date on the console and send you an email with instructions on where to send the console. You do not have to pay for the upgrade, but you need to pay for the shipping. So it's not entirely free, but it's still a good offer for those who bought the switch just before the new model popped up in the store.

  Nintendo reportedly trades older switch consoles for modified models.
Nintendo Switch box art revision

It may be purchased without purchasing old Nintendo Switch. The packaging of the upgraded switch will not display the words “new” or similar. You should pay attention to the box instead. The old switch came in a box on a white background, and the new switch is red. If you discarded the box, you can find the serial number. The revised switch serial number starts with XKW.

Many people seem to be able to benefit from this. Retailers still sell original switches online and in stores. Not sure how long you can use this coupon.

The revised switch provides better processor and memory. Critically, this improvement translates into just better battery life. Nintendo claims that the modified switch can work for 4.5 to 9 hours between charges, but older models are in the 2.5 to 6.5 hour range.

Long battery life to benefit from this is worth the shipping cost and waiting time. If you hear about specifics from Nintendo, I will update this article. If you are not sure, please contact Nintendo customer service.

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