Nike’s Adapt Huaraches will let you ask Siri to unlace your shoes

Nike announced a new Adapt Huaraches, a modern redesign of the Huarache line featuring its own racing motor that can be controlled via Siri. You (the wearer?) Can say “Siri, take off your shoes” on your Apple Watch or iPhone through the Nike Adapt app.

Adapt Huaraches features the same neoprene booties and supportive exoskeleton as the 1991 Air Huaraches, but adds two LED lights that can change color through the app. The app offers a preset mode that allows you to set different colors and change your personality depending on the type and activity of your feet (for example, if you are chilling in the office or moving on your commute).

According to Nike, users can set up Siri shortcuts for their "personally most used shoe features". You can wear them and also take them off. Two people! There is also an option called “Siri, change the light to peppy green” using Adapt Huaraches' color change function. Let me know if you have more ideas for Siri Shortcuts. [19659005] Grid View