MIUI 11 will Have Fewer Ads, Improve System Stability, Confirms Xiaomi

MIUI 11 May Allow Xiao AI Voice Assistant to Answer Calls for You

The next major update of the MIUI software is just around the corner. Xiaomi is expected to begin the official launch of MIUI 11 next September with a lot of features that we have been hearing for months. Details of many of the new features of MIUI 11 have been opened online in recent weeks, but the one leaked today seems to be the most interesting of the lot. Xiaomi may be looking to introduce a Google Duplex-style call feature, where your AI assistant can answer calls for you .

As you can see in the screenshot below, MIUI 11 is expected to bring a new "Cell between fingers" function to Xiaomi smartphones. The name of the function can be lost in the translation from Chinese to English, but the screenshot gives us a brief overview of what it is. The description of this function, as highlighted below, reveals that the voice assistant on MIUI 11-backed phones will soon be able to help you answer calls.

 miui functions 11

As for how this function works, you can select which call you want the voice assistant Xiao AI to answer for you by sliding the & # 39; inter – finger call button & # 39; that appears during the incoming call interface. The voice assistant will answer your call, transcribe the voice message of the caller in text and display it on the screen in real time. Xiao AI will then suggest text responses based on the conversation and transmit the selection by voice to the callers.

This feature is currently being tested and can be activated from the existing section "MIUI Lab" when MIUI 11 is activated sometime this year. Xiaomi is looking to build something similar to Google Duplex, which sees the Google Assistant talk to outlets or restaurants and book appointments for you. This feature will probably be restricted to China, since it depends on Xiao AI. Xiaomi will not transfer Xiao AI to global markets in the short term or depend on the Google Assistant for this function.

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