‘Marvel’s Avengers’ Reveals 4P Co-op and Does the Snap on Micro-transactions

If you're a fan of Marvel video games, you've been starving for years. Yes, Insomniac Games came and launched the Spidey games to get them back in shape last year, but before that there was a painful absence of all vengeful things. The last bone thrown at us were some refried "remasters" Marvel Ultimate Alliance in 2016 (all of them were removed from the list after two years). Today, at E3 2019, we finally got a game of Marvel that's worth it for …


Let's curb the enthusiasm of MCU fans before. You will not have a digital aspect in Marvel & # 39; s Avengers nor will you repeat the stories as you saw earlier on the big screen. Crystal Dynamics and Eidos Montreal have gone with their own interpretations of these iconic heroes.

You will be competing with (possibly) the best avengers as protagonists and expressed by some of the most talented actors for voice actors. You will be leading the team and achieving unlikely rebounds with a large frisbee like Captain America (Jeff Shine). You can call thunder as a pre-comedy review Thor (Travis Willingham). You will also thank for being able to launch tanks like The Hulk (Troy Baker). If it fails, you can gather intellectual information as the obvious choice for the stealth sections, Black Widow (Laura Bailey). And last but not least, you can enjoy a free flight like Iron Man (Nolan North).

Interestingly, the adventure that is offered is taking a darker route. A bit of a pathos Infinity War is at stake. In this universe, we are introduced to the Avengers in San Francisco, as they present a new and elegant S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier He is wearing a new energy source that has the geniuses of duels Bruce Banner and Tony Stark in disagreement. Banner believes Terragen's energy core is unstable; Stark thinks it's a good idea and that Bruce is probably envious of his idea of ​​using it.

  A photo of the Homework Teacher
9/10 henchmen agree that he is a bad person to work for. It is an absolute Taskma-ah, forget it …


Before the inauguration begins, the majority of the team is affected by a distraction attack on the bridge Golden Gate, while Captain America protects its new technology. What happens next is not entirely clear, but it is fair to say that things do not go according to plan. Our expensive houseboat explodes in a catastrophic loss of civilian lives. The Avengers are quickly declared illegal as a bad day at The Incredibles . Oh, and it's strongly implied that Steve Rogers is a ghost.

Most of the game begins five years after the tragedy. It will be your job to gather a group of heroes who do not especially like each other. The lack of Captain and the world has allowed doubt and disbelief to take root in some of them. When a mysterious threat arises that can not be ignored, it is up to you to bring the band back together and combine their abilities in amazing ways.

The best news is that, in addition to a single-player story, The Marvel Avengers will support cooperation with four online players. Crystal Dynamics says we can customize a growing list of heroes and face new threats as the game evolves into a series of expansions. Even better, each new super hero will come to us at no additional cost. There is no information on who we will see as an additional DLC, but this implies that Hank Pym will appear with a reduction beam. (And hey, it can not be too long before you remember forgetting to include Hawkeye, right?)

After Cap's defeat, someone coined the phrase "be Steve Rogered." It was too soon.


Goodwill and generosity continue, too. Crystal Dynamics has drawn a line in the micro-transactions and is on the right side of it. In the same way, they have officially declared that the Marvel Avengers will not be a place for random practices of looting and payment practices to win in general. We could not be happier with this.

Before we finished this, there were some other data of interest that we noticed during the revelation. First of all, there is a strange link between this game that takes place in San Francisco and a disposable line made by Peter Parker in the game of Spider-Man of Insomniac (comments that the other Avengers are "doing something in the West Coast ""). We also loved seeing the commercial hits of Taskmaster with Black Widow and a white Ironman EVA suit that looks strikingly like the Endo-Sym smart metal liquid armor from Avengers Vol. 5 # 32 .

A strange period of disconnection as we adapt to the new faces of these Avengers, we could not be more excited about this. Marvel & # 39; s Avengers plans to launch worldwide (boldly in the same month as Cyberpunk 2077 ) on May 15, 2020. You can get your spandex through a PS4 , Xbox One, PC, or Stadia. Also, the word is that the PS4 will first have additional content, not to mention access to the early beta.

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