Major Minecraft Update Hits Nintendo Switch Today


A major update to Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch is available, offering many new features and fixes that significantly improve gameplay tuning and experience.

The biggest new addition to the update is the character generator. Players can personalize their characters in a variety of ways, including body size and shape, limb replacement and eye, mouth, hairstyle and color adjustments, facial hair and skin tones. Over 100 items are available free of charge, along with other custom accessories that you need to purchase.

The gameplay also received some fixes and additions. Foxes are added to take care of the player's chickens and try to be valuable. Brown Mooshrooms, Suspicious Stew, and Whither Rose have also been updated to include item frames, new abandoned villages, new note block instruments, and more.

New experimental game features have also been added. It includes new and improved structural blocks that allow creators to copy and save parts of the world into structures that can later be pasted back into the world.

The new update also adds more fixes and fixes. You can check out all of the update notes provided by Nintendo Everything.

Minecraft is now available on Nintendo Switch as well as other consoles, PCs, iOS and Android.