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LifeAfter is NetEase Games' new survival game for Android and iOS. Check out LifeAfter guides, exercises, tips, tips and strategies.

NetEase Game & # 39; s LifeAfter is the ultimate survival game where you explore wilderness and team up with friends or random players to defeat infected zombies, wildlife and fight for survival. There are maps to explore, quests / challenges and more. You will build your own mansion and make useful items like weapons, armor, ammo and more. If you just started playing today LifeAfter Handbook and LifeAfter Tips, Cheats and Strategies Will help you. I also posted some exercises for beginners (tutorials).

Caution – This guide is intended for players who have started the game. If you have played the game for a while, check out the following post. –

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Start practice

Creating a character or customizing the look lands on an unknown land (highway). There is an NPC called Aleksey. He will guide you up to the tutorial. At the end of the tutorial quest, you will be killed by an infected creature named Lozarov. Quests can be found in the upper left corner of the screen. The first quest asks you to find useful equipment. All you have to do is go to the glowing circle area. There you will find a life detector. Open it up Continue to choose your bag. Open it up

The second quest is to use bandages to regain health. Tap the medical kit box on the screen-> Use Bandage.

After that, you need to consult with Aleksey. In the next quest, you will need to gather resources for making the Mando. In the wilderness, you can collect a lot of resources, such as ores, stones, timber, food, etc.


At the beginning of the game, stone / wood / food is the most useful material. You can collect stones or stones from the rock.

Get wood from trees. There are two types of weapons needed to collect wood, stones. These two weapons are an ax and a pickaxe. You need AXE to cut trees. To pick stones or ores from rocks, you will need a pickaxe. You can collect these resources even if you don't have any of these weapons. However, this tutorial provides these tools free of charge in the game.

You can switch weapons just below the mini map. Go to tree or tree or item to collect resources-> Hover (aim)-> Press AX icon on screen. The character automatically selects a resource.

You can also create this weapon (tap the crafting option in the lower left corner)-> where you can craft tools, weapons, ammo, health ingredients.

Dog / ladder

Collect enough resources and talk to NPC. After that, find a way to escape along the dog. The dog walks on a ladder. Talk about Aleksey's ladder. This tutorial will tell you how to use a helicopter to leave the map and go home. When you go out, the NPC will take you to a room to welcome infected zombies and Lazarus.


Zombies and Lazarus try to kill you You have to find the car you need to get out of the cabin and follow Alexin. After that you can find a group of people with a helicopter. Alexey will give you a shotgun. But no ammunition. Ammo boxes are located near helicopters. Go there and replenish your ammo. After that, you need to make barricades. There will be an old box in the same location. Open that box and you have Barricade or Barricade materials. Go to make options-> all-> Barricade-> craft. Open the crafted bag-> select the barricades-> gear-> put the barricades in a circle (behind Alexei).

Zombie arrives when done. Keep fighting with them until your team is ready to board. Aleksey repairs the helicopter. Head towards the helicopter. After that, the creature Lazarov attacks the helicopter.

Safe place

Lazarus attack crashed the helicopter and dropped all characters into the river. After that, follow Aleksey. You will come across the place. This is basically a building tutorial. In this tutorial, you will learn how to repair walls, build walls, doors, use a gear workstation, build a balcony, and more. The place already has a lot of facilities. Material bench, weapon box, gear workstation. You can make a door using a material bench. You can use a gear workstation to build a simple rifle. Use your weapon box to replenish your ammo.

After that, many zombies will invade the place. Fight and airdrops will appear. Visit there to collect resources. This is Part 2 practice of the LifeAfter game. Go to LifeAfter Lab practice.


<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-8228 size-medium" title = "LifeAfter" src = "×101.jpg "alt =" LifeAfter “width =”300 “height =”101 “srcset = “×101.jpg 300w, LifeAfter-1.jpg 320w “size =”(max-width : 300px) 100vw, 300px “/> Talk to the NPC after getting the bubble supply. Aleksey walks you through the lab. Take a look and after that take the message box, put it on the ground, leave a message, add resources, leave a message-> check and you will fight the infected zombies. The next room has a cabinet. (There will be a dog.) Use a gun to smash or smash the laboratory cabinet door and get a laboratory access card. After obtaining the lab access card, head for the exit door. (Go straight to the laboratory cabin door.) After that you will escape. Communicate with support. When done you will get another airdrop. I get AR (Rifle) from this airdrop. Use it to water lazarus.

When you escape, you enter the city hall. There you interact with multiple NPCs. Justin, Rachel, Bulk, etc. Finally exit the City Hall and enter the "LIFEAFTER" game.

This is a complete LifeAfter practice to go through the tutorial. Learn more in the Getting Started section.

Start; Home foundation

At the end of the tutorial, you will enter the development zone where you can build a hut through the game (leave the city hall). But if you enter that zone, you will get infected zombies. You need to make a bow weapon and attack it. You need to create a bow and arrow to complete this quest. As mentioned above, to collect wood / stone you need AX or pickaxe. But there is nothing at the time. You go closer to rocks and trees-> tap the punch / action option on the screen. Collect trees to make a bow. Collect wood and stone-> craft arrows.

Also, there will be a container near your room when you arrive in that area. Open it and get resources. It is important to make a bow. Collecting manually takes time to collect. Find the container as soon as possible. After that, kill the infected zombies.

That's all for the next quest you need to contact the radio. Radio (communication station) is near the room. Find it. There will also be a home sign. Bring it and there will be land on the back of the room. There are more objects to get and retrieve.

Pick it up and place it in the Bag Menu-> Ground Selection-> Gear-> Blue Area. Now collect trees and stones to build a house. Also, with a little navigation you will find beds, chairs, gear workstations, material benches.

Keep all these facilities in your home. Make walls, doors and stairs. That's it for Life Beginners Guide for Beginners.

LifeAfter Handbook

Progress; Manually, rookie chapter

Once you build a house, there are two ways to play the game. You can follow the beginner practice quest guide or explore manually. Beginners Guide-> In the upper right corner of the game screen-> Press the Beginners button-> Here you can accept the challenge. You can see the reward on the left page of the book. You can find your achievements on the right page of this book.

You can also set your own goals. E.g; Make weapons, armor and make your home stronger or stronger. You have to collect resources in all these missions. These resources can be found in the wilderness. (Find facilities / items that can be made aiming at material benches, equipment workstations).


<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-8229 size-full" title = "LifeAfter" src = "" alt = "LifeAfter” width=”295″ height=”184″/>⇒ Use a helicopter to travel to other parts of the island. Stay in the development zone and tap the mini map in the upper right corner. The red exit icon shows the location of the helicopter. Go there and open it. A map window appears on the screen. You can visit several places. Choose Fact Zone-> Autumn Forest. You can unlock new areas by increasing your collection skills. Collecting resources in wilderness areas (e.g., autumn forests) increases your level of gathering skills.

Press the Go button to go.

⇒ If you are there, tap the mini-map and tap the + icon on the right to zoom in. On the left, you can see the resources available in that area. Make a note of the icon and close the minimap. Follow the small icons in the minimap to get resources. E.g; Food is represented by a green icon. Hemp is like a leaf. Collect these materials (as much as possible).

⇒ Once you are done, look for the helicopter (mini map-> open red exit icon). Go there and use the ladder.

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-8230 size-full" title = "LifeAfter" src = "" alt = "LifeAfter” width=”256″ height=”164″/>⇒ Keep in mind that you cannot take infected items. Climb up the ladder at the helicopter dodge spot and find the postman. Interact with him and choose items by mail. After that, go home-> find your mailbox-> open-> bring back the items.

Health, Hunger, HP – LifeAfter

To survive long in the LifeAfter game, you need to maintain the stats of your character. If you do not maintain health, hunger and HP, your character will die. Hunger – find food, cook things (a little blast will find a place to cook). Take this food. Repair HP using HP-> Bandages. Health – Keep your body warm with negative effects. Reduced health or starvation directly affects HP. When HP reaches 0, the character dies.

How to add friends in LifeAfter game?

Tap the dialog at the bottom of the screen-> go to the Contacts tab-> search for player name and add friends. To create a party, tap the flag option (quest box) at the top left of the screen. Tap on empty spaces to organize your team. – See how to play with friends or share resources

LifeAfter Technical Guide

Press the home button on the top left of the screen. Tap ability options. From there you can see three abilities of your character. Collect, battle and craft. Collect – You need to collect skill points to level up your collection skills or improve your master collection skills. Collect resources in the wilderness to earn this point. Combat – Hunt wild animals and zombies on the map to master battles or increase your combat skills. Crafting – Craft an item to earn crafting skill points. The more you get, the better your crafting skills. Press any ability-> to get the details of the skill.

Upgrading these skills requires dollars and skill points. Dollar or new dollar is the universal currency in LifeAfter games. Sell ​​items to sellers, logins, or event rewards to earn from Training Quests. Skill points can be earned by completing my bounty quest by killing mysterious creatures in fort battles in the mall.

Mastery – Collect Mastery, Combat Mastery, Crafting Mastery

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-10151 size-full" title = "LifeAfter" src = "" alt = " Lifeafter” width=”218″ height=”136″/>One of the best ways to gain mastery scores is to complete quests on each map you unlocked by autumn, including forests, sand castles, and snow plateaus. It also unlocks every day when you reach a certain level in the quest feature. Earn points by completing daily At certain points, milestones are rewarded. Mastery, combat mastery, and crafting mastery.

Collect Mastery-Farm / Grind-Special items from each map. Provide this item to your NPC for Mastery Collection, Map Bounty Quests, Daily (Duty, Duty Points), Event Quests.

Battle Mastery – Engage in camp boss missions and inflict as much damage as possible, deal damage to infected / mysterious creatures, patrol and camp drills, participate in camp-infected resistance events, and play Mska University to battle Earn Mastery Points.

Crafting – Crafting an Item (not very helpful), Recommended – Completing the Map Bounty Quest, Daily, NPC Quests

How can I get a new armor or gun in LifeAfter?

Upgrading your manners unlocks some armor or guns. But not all! To get a new gun or armor, you need to fuse the shards using the Formula R & D Machine. You can get debris from NPCs (check list – here), events, treasure map boxes (via strengths), Charlestown boxes and shops. – Gun and Armor List and Fusion Methods

So this LifeAfter Handbook For beginners. Let's look at the top of us LifeAfter Tips, Cheats and Strategies!

LifeAfter Tips and Tricks: –

1.) Craft weapons and armor as soon as possible

If you have performed the above exercises, you must have a bow weapon. But if you want to survive for a long time, this is not a good weapon. To explore the deadly area, you need to build a rifle as soon as possible. Go closer to Gear Workstation-> Craft-> Weapon. You can create Mando, a melee weapon.

To make the Mondragon Dragon Rifle Gun Mando, you need wood, stone, hemp, and iron ore. All these items can be obtained in the Wilderness (Helicopter-> Pact Area-> Wilderness (Autumn Forest)). To build a Mondragon rifle, you need wood, pig iron and bones. Bones can be obtained by killing animals in the wilderness (e.g. wolves, deer).

To make pig iron, you need iron ore, twigs. Iron Ore – From Rocks. Twigs – Cut trees. Hemp – in the wilderness. Tap the minimap when you are in the wilderness-> Zoom in on the minimap to see the available resources on the left.

Armor – Armor can increase your HP hat, defense, and damage reduction. It is better to make armor as soon as possible.

2.) Get your backpack back

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-8231 size-full" title = "LifeAfter" src = "" alt = "LifeAfter” width=”256″ height=”161″/>If the character dies, you lose the item. After that, you will be resurrected at any location or at home. You can visit the place of death and reclaim your lost items from your last life. Shown as a backpack icon on the minimap. Go as soon as possible.

3.) Feed the dog, keep the dog

You can designate a dog as a guard. Close to the kennel sign-> pet view-> tap the dog-> guards. To feed the dog; Tap the dog avatar in the top left of the game screen and select the feed. In the LifeAfter game, you can improve your mood through food or increase your dog's fullness. You can feed bones, meat, watermelon, milk, vegetables, etc. If the dog does not feel good, he will not follow your orders.

4.) collect hemp and keep bandage

<img class = "aligncenter wp-image-8232 size-full" title = "LifeAfter" src = "" alt = "LifeAfter” width=”256″ height=”189″/>HP is one of the main stats of the character. In the LifeAfter game, you can use bandages to restore your HP character. Bandages can be made with hemp. Hemp items can be obtained in the wilderness. Click Production Options-> Restore-> Bandages. Use when HP is low.

5.) HP using bed, restoring health

Use bed-> sleep. Restores the character's health and stamina. By default the bed is free. Just navigate a little while on board. Or you can make a bed with a material bench.

6.) friends and team

Team up with your friends to make the battle much easier. If you don't have friends playing the same game, go to FB-> LifeAfter Facebook Group Search. You can find a friend there 😀

7.) Participate in the event

The LifeAfter game sometimes releases new events-be sure to participate in these events-complete quests, draw items and earn as many rewards as possible.

Also – LifeAfter Tips and Cheats for Advanced Players

LifeAfter Complete Guide List: –

These are the basics LifeAfter Tips and LifeAfter Guides For beginners. If you have more tips to share with other players, send us your feedback below.

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