Kleptocats Cartoon Network Cheats – Tips & Stratgey Guide

Kleptocats Cartoon Network is a new casual game for Android and iOS by Hyperbeard. Check out the Kleptocats Cartoon Network cheats, tips, and strategy guide.

HyperBeard, publisher of Tsuki Adventure and other Kleptogames, has released a new game called Kleptocats Cartoon Network. This time, the cat will guide you through Cartoon Network World-Adventure Time, the amazing world of gumball, Power Puff Girls, Steven Universe and Wee Bear Bears. In each world, you will find unique items for the characters that belong to that world / series. So don't waste your time and head to the main content. Kleptocats Cartoon Network Guide and Kleptcats Cartoon Network cheats, tips and strategies.

Kleptocats Cartoon Network Tips, Tips & Strategy: –Kleptocats Cartoon Network

Fill Catisfaction Meter

Kleptocats Cartoon NetworkTo get a cat to get new things and more coins, fill out the metric meter in the lower right corner. It can be filled by feeding, stroking or washing the cat. Tap the cat and choose an activity. Treat, pet and wash. With all this activity, the cat's love / heart rate monitor goes up. And when you reach the maximum point, send your cat outside.

Save gems for new cats and unlock new worlds

jewelryIn Kleptocats Cartoon Network games, gems are in-game currencies that are difficult to obtain. It can be used for a variety of things, including new cats, decorative objects, coin exchanges, and opening up new worlds. But f2p players have to spend wisely to open new worlds. Buy a new cat.

Press the Menu button from the top left-> New Cat. How do you get jewelry? With GemDog's Daily Login Reward. Or spending real money.

Worlds – There are currently 5 worlds in the current version of the game and you can find new items for the characters in that series / world. These five worlds are: –

  1. Steven Universe-Beach House
  2. Adventure Time – Wooden Fortress
  3. Powerpuff Girls-Girls Room
  4. Our Bear Bears-Kitchen
  5. Gumball-Living Room

Tap the world icon next to the menu button at the top of the screen. Use the <> key to switch between different worlds. The purchase button opens a new world.

Mini game to earn coins

Mini gamesCoins are the default currency of the Kleptocats Cartoon Network. It can be used to instantly recall a cat from your expedition for boutique items and more. You can open new mini games in each world. Playing this game will reward your coins; Not much, but worth playing around. In the top left menu button-> Mini Games-> Mini Game Selection-> Play-> Score-> Get Coins.

Watch the bonus reward video ad

Kleptocats Cartoon NetworkWhen playing a game with an active internet connection, you can be rewarded for in-game currency or items. Watch video ads and claim these rewards.

Call out the cat immediately or save time

Your cat takes time to bring things for you-it increases time per expedition. You can cut it by watching a video ad or spending a coin. Or play mini games during this exploration time. To be honest, it is a game to play while watching a movie or TV program !!!

Use of Code-Safety Code

If you have code, share it in the comments section below. Please follow Hyperbeard's Twitter and Facebook accounts for safety codes. To use the code, press Menu button-> Go to Settings-> Vault tab-> Enter Code-> OK.

This is a Kleptocats cartoon network tips and tricks for beginners. Do you have more tips, cheat codes, secret codes to share with other players? Please comment below!

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