Kingdom Adventurers Guide, Tips, Cheats & Strategies!

Kingdom Adventurers is a new adventure RPG for Kairosoft's mobile. Let's take a look at Kingdom Adventurers guides, tips, cheats and strategies

Kairosoft's latest RPG Kingdom Adventurers is a simple yet fun mobile game. The game is struggling to grow the kingdom by building and upgrading many facilities such as research centers, vaults, shelters and more. Well, this is not the only thing you can do. You need to protect your town. With the help of allies or leaders, you can fight monsters, bosses, or grow resources or produce such as study boards, food, herbs, vegetables, bricks, and more. So don't waste your time and head to the main content. Kingdom Adventure Guide and Kingdom Adventurer Tips, Cheats and Strategies For beginners

Kingdom Adventurer's Guide


If you have just started the game, there are many questions such as how to proceed, how to get an ally or character or leader, material items for city upgrades, buildings, etc. All questions in this part. Let's get started!

⇒ agricultural resources

The five basic items in the game are trees, copper coins / silver, red stones / ruby, food and grass. These resources are needed to build or study a facility. In the upper right corner of the screen, you can see how many resources you have at the current time and the maximum value (storage). In addition to all this, there are many more items to discover as you progress through the game.

You can farm these resources with the help of your allies, leaders, or characters. First you need to distribute your character to a specific point. On the right side of the screen, press the blue Deploy button, select the letter, and then choose where to deploy.

distribute –

You can place your character outside the kingdom area. Start collecting resources automatically. For example – if you want to cut a tree, place that letter near it. The character automatically analyzes the environment and collects resources. Cutting grass, digging copper coins or similar items, collecting food, trees, etc.

Retreat –

You can also cultivate resources within Kingdom Territory. If you notice, there are a lot of trees, grass and bushes like objects that can be gathered inside the kingdom. Characters within Kingdom territory will automatically grind these resources over time. Red stones, rubies, trees, grass, etc. may appear. To load a character, press the Unfold button-> select the character placed outside the territory-Retreat.

After that the character returns home.

Kingdom Adventurer Allied / Leader / Character

Kingdom adventurerHow do you recruit or obtain characters in Kingdom Adventurers? If you have just started the game, you have to wait until the ship or village trade center feature is unlocked. Upgrade your village to unlock new features. You can get free characters from the tutorial before using this feature. Clear the fog to discover new characters.

Outside the kingdom territory, most of the map is covered with fog. With the help of the character, you can defeat the boss to clear the fog and claim the territory. Read the guide below to learn how to get rid of the fog.

You can also follow the storyline to discover new allies or characters or leaders. Near the town is an NPC that guides you through the game. Tap on him to discover something new. Study, building, character, etc.

Unlock the trade center or ship features to recruit characters. For the first time this game offers free tickets to help you get more characters. Tap the intro button at the bottom left-> there you can recruit characters with different occupations / occupations. A-C grade merchants, researchers, etc. It costs a diamond or a ticket.Kingdom adventurer

Hire allies

After getting the character, you need to hire him. There may be certain allies in the kingdom. And to increase the maximum number, you need to rank the cities. Tap the Recruit (+ button) option displayed on the town building-> Select your alliance based on skill / task.

job : –Kingdom adventurer

  1. merchant
  2. farmer
  3. Carpenter
  4. mover
  5. merchant
  6. researcher
  7. cook
  8. master
  9. blacksmith
  10. Doc
  11. monk
  12. ranchman
  13. Guard
  14. Article
  15. magician
  16. Paladin
  17. catcher
  18. Archer
  19. Ninja
  20. samurai
  21. Viking
  22. pirate
  23. champion
  24. Wizard

Every character has unique skills. For example, researchers can conduct research, farmers can grow crops better, and attackers can handle monsters well. To check the details of each character, you can check the list options-> tenants-> select tenants / characters / leader-> lifespan, stats details, skill details, etc. in the upper left corner. Tap the Trains option in the menu, then drag items from the inventory onto the hero to give experience. Go to the Equipment tab and press the Auto button in the lower left corner to equip your gear, including headgear, shields, armor, accessories, weapons, and more.

Kingdom Adventurer's Building

You can get details for each building on the Kindom Adventurers Wiki Page.

Monsters, fog, and boss

A monster appears in the moonlight. Your character will automatically attack monsters. You need to place it near the monster. Defeat monsters to gain experience and inventory / items.

Fog – Places characters near the fog area. If you spend more time, the fog will disappear. You can also collect more resources on the map.

Boss – Remove the fog to interact with the boss. Monsters and bosses are hidden in the fog. And, to occupy their territory, you must fight and lose. If you find a boss, go there (boss position) and start the battle.

Town rank

Kingdom adventurerYou have to collect enough rank scores to rank up. Look at the ranking bar in the upper right corner of the screen. When it's full, you'll see an option to upgrade your village rank. And as the city ranks up, you can recruit more allies and the game offers free diamonds.

To increase your rank, you will need material items such as sturdy boards, fine bricks, and nails. Defeat monsters, bite cave monsters, or send characters to collect items from treasure chests. territory. They can get these resources by digging, harvesting ores and cutting trees. It takes time. So stay patient.

If you have built a material store, you can use copper coins for these items.

For beginners is everything in this Kingdom adventure guide. Let's take a look at Kindom Adventurers tips, cheats and strategies!

Kingdom Adventurer Tips & Tricks: –

1.) Open the Treasure Chest

chestOutside the territory of the kingdom, there will be a lot of treasure chests. You can earn valuable rewards from this treasure chest. Resources, material items, equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to open the chest as soon as possible. Simply place your character on top of the treasure chest. He / she will automatically hunt boxes, and once done, you can claim a reward.

2.) Make your character stronger

Train your character to increase stats, fight monsters to gain EXP and level up. Make them stronger by equipping them with equipment.

3.) Pay attention to the health of the character

Keep an eye on your allies and leaders. Continued battles with monster hordes to reduce HP stats. And if you lose all, you may die (depending on your life). Losing a character will be a huge loss to the kingdom. Therefore, you need to take good care of all allies sent outside the territory of the kingdom.

The list options in the top left corner-> Residents-> Residents List-> You can check the HP stats of the character. Retreat a character who lacks HP. If you have built a room or building, you will rest there.

And build a temporary shelter building in your village so that your allies or characters can restore their health. If not, you can use a recovery potion, which you can buy at the diamond store. – Go to List-> Items and double-tap the Recovery Potion to recover HP.

Temporary Shelter – Click Build Options-> Amenities tab-> Temporary Shelter on the right side of the screen. Double tap the building you want to build in your kingdom.

4.) Listen to NPC

NPCNPCs near town buildings discover new buildings and research. Therefore, do not forget to listen to it. Tap his message to follow the game flow. This NPC shares a lot of building, research, and character information.

5.) Research to get more benefits

Tap the Research option on the right side of the screen (if you don't have it, you'll have to continue to the storyline on the NPC or rank the city buildings). And for research, you need an outdoor research building laboratory. From the Research menu, select Reader (Research) and use the resources you need for research. For example – you can build farm buildings after researching farm research in the lab.

6.) Place your characters wisely

You need to deploy your character according to the resources you need to proceed in the game. For example, if you want grass, place your character where you can use it. For timber and wooden items, place it near the tree. Make sure you also dig copper coins and other things.

7.) Get Free Diamonds

You can use diamonds to recruit more characters based on your job / profession, weapons, facilities, items, and more.

Watch the video ad to get a diamond. Video ad suggestions appear (sometimes) on the left side of the screen.

Go to the diamond shop and scroll to the bottom-> free coupons will be provided. Share the screenshots to get the diamond and complete the Tapjoy offer for the diamond.

Included in this Kingdom Adventure Guide and Kingdom Adventure Tips for beginners. If you have any questions, please comment below. If you have more information to share, send us a comment below.

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