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Judgment (Judge Eyes) Chapter 9: The Miracle Drug Walkthrough

Judgment (or Judge Eyes) is another game by Ryu Ga Gotoku that is a derivative of the Yakuza series.

This time, you play as Yagami, a private detective who investigates highly dangerous cases.

Here is a tutorial from Chapter 9 (The Miracle Drug) from Judgment / Judge Eyes.

 Chapter 9 trial

Go to Kyushu No.1 Star [19659008] After the scene, go to Kyushu No.1 Star restaurant to meet with journalist Hattori.

 chapter 9 trial guide

After you arrive at the scene, talk to him. It will explain a lot about what AD-9 is and how it works.

 tips for chapter 9 of the trial

Review the case in the office [19659008] Then, go back to your detective agency to review the issues.

 trial, chapter 9, search

There, you will see Sugiura, Kaito and Hoshino waiting.

Talk to Hoshino to start reviewing the case.

 trial chapter 9 tutorial search

Continue organizing the information

After the discussion ends, talk to Hoshino again to continue reviewing the case.

 trial chapter 9 quest wiki

During the conversation, the correct answer is Director Kido.

 trial chapter 9 mission

should be "Six months ago, when Hashiki died".

 Mission Guide to Chapter 9 of Sentence

After the discussion, it is agreed that you should meet again with Okubo to ask him. if he is really innocent.

Go to Genda's legal office

Then, go to Genda's legal office to get some files of Okubo's case 3 years ago.

 trial chapter 9 tutorial mission

Investigate the Terasawa case

Next, also review the files of the Terasawa case.

 trial chapter 9 mission wiki

Get a taxi

After investigating the files, you have to get a taxi with Hoshino, it's on West Shichifuku Street

You'll meet with Okubo

 mission councils of Chapter 9 trial

Head to Tender

After the scene, head to Tender for a drink .

 trial chapter 9 tutorial

] Defeat the mysterious aggressor

Just outside Tender's door, you will meet a mysterious aggressor who wields a sword.

It is quite strong and will definitely cause fatal injuries. You may want to avoid being hit as much as possible.

 trial chapter 9 wiki

The best way to defeat it is to use tiger posture, as it is more effective against individual targets.

 trial chapter 9 wiki and guide

After defeating it, you will get 700 SP.

 trial chapter 9 wiki tips [19659067] tips for chapter 9 of sentence

Go to KJ Art

As it is no longer safe, you have to go to KJ Art to meet Kaito and to the rest.

KJ Art is now a friendly area since Kajihira is on your side for now.

 advice on trial chapter 9

Get together with Murase

Inside the KJ Art building, you should find Murase. It is on one of the upper floors.

 Guide to advice from chapter 9 of sentence

The door below leads to it.

 Trial judgment (eyes of the judge) Chapter 9 - the miraculous drug

Go to the ADDC

After the meeting, go to the ADDC

ADDC using any of the available taxis.

 trial (judge eyes) chapter 9 - miraculous drug guide

Find Shono

Once you're in the ADDC, look for Shono. First, talk to the person at the reception desk.

 trial (judge eyes) chapter 9: tips from the miraculous drug guide

then note to Shono near the staircase .

Search Mission

During the search mission, you can examine all the doctors near the staircase to obtain an additional SP.

 trial (eyes of judge) chapter 9 - miracle drug guide wiki

  trial (judge's eyes) chapter 9 - search for miracle drugs

  trial (eyes of judge)) chapter 9 - search guide for miracle drugs

Shono is the one in the image below.

 trial (eyes of a judge) chapter 9 - the miraculous drug search tutorial

Once you have finished, Look for the cat before stopping the investigation. The cat is just to the right, outside the window.

 trial (eyes of judge) chapter 9 - search for miracle drug wiki

Find a way to meet Shono [19659020] Next, you must find a way to meet Shono because he saw you and escaped.

Talk to one of your associates near the reception.

 trial (judge eyes) chapter 9 - the miraculous mission of the drug

See the directory

Then look in the directory to find a way to get to Shono.

 trial (eyes of the judge) chapter 9 - mission guide of the miraculous drug

During the search mode, look for the garage as shown below.

 trial (eyes of the judge) chapter 9 - the purpose of the mission of the miraculous drug

Go outside

Once you're done, head outside.

 trial (eyes of a judge) chapter 9 - the journey of the miraculous drug mission

You will meet the security men who want to escort you. They were ordered by the Vice Minister.

Defeat the security guys

The security chief uses one of those lightning rods.

Defeat all of them. You will have Sugiura with you.

 trial (judge eyes) chapter 9 - the miraculous drug where the cat is

  trial (eyes of judge) chapter 9 - the miraculous drug tutorial

Yagami and Sugiura will wear their uniform and go to the parking lot.

 (judge's eyes) chapter 9 - the miraculous drug tour guide

Verify the infiltration route

Next, go to the garage elevator to check the infiltration route.

 trial (eyes of the judge) chapter 9: advice on miracle drugs

Capture Shono

After the scene, You will end up in the medical wing. The doctors will try to stop you.

Defeat all of them.

 trial (eyes of judge) chapter 9 - the miracle drug wiki

 trial (judge eyes) chapter 9 - the miraculous drug wiki and guide

Then, you will meet another group of security guards, but this time with your head.

The goal is to defeat them in 3 minutes to capture Shono.

 trial (eyes of the judge) chapter 9: tips from the wiki on miracle drugs

After capturing it, Yagami will interrogate it.

During the conversation, the right answer is Emi Terasawa.

 trial (judge eyes) chapter 9 - miraculous drug tips

Chapter 9 of Judge Eyes ends here. 19659002]

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