Judgment (Judge Eyes) Chapter 8

Judgment (or Judge Eyes) is another game by Ryu Ga Gotoku that is a derivative of the Yakuza series.

This time, you play as Yagami, a private detective who investigates highly dangerous cases.

Here is a tutorial from Chapter 8 (A Broken Bond) from Judgment / Judge Eyes.

Go to the office Genda

After the scenes, your first task is to go to the legal office of Genda.

 guide of chapter 8 of sentence

There you will meet with Hoshino.

Go to the Kamurocho police station

Along with Hoshino, take the taxi to the Kamurocho police station.

 trial chapter 8 wiki guide

will have a scene showing Yagami, Hoshino and Ayabe discussing who could have killed Shintani and sabotaged Ayabe.

 advice for the trial, chapter 8

Find a way to meet Matsugane

The best person to find Mole is Hamura and to find Hamura , you have to meet Matsugane.

 trial chapter 8 search

The way to meet Matsugane will go through Higashi. He's at the video game center called Charles.

 search guide for trial chapter 8

Talk to him and Kaito will also follow him.

 trial chapter 8 search tour

Wait for Higashi to call

Then wait for Higashi to call. First, tour the city doing random things.

 trial chapter 8 search tour

Then he will be contacted by him.

 trial chapter 8 search tips

will ask you to meet Matsugane out of town.

Go to Kamuro Kikunoya

Now, go to Kamuro Kikunoya, which is a restaurant outside the city. Use any taxi and go there.

 trial chapter 8 mission

There will be scenes as you arrive.

 trial chapter 8 mission guide

Defeat the Matsugane family

While Yagami refuses to obey Matsugane's order not to find Hamura, You must defeat the Matsugane family.

Directing the family would be Higashi himself. 19659002]  trial chapter 8 mission tour

Higashi uses a sword at the beginning, but after a while, he will only be with his fists exposed.

 8 wiki mission

After defeating Higashi and the team, there will be another scene with Matsugane.

 trial chapter 8 mission tips

Get a phone call from Tsukumo [19659008] The best way to find out about Hamura's whereabouts is to spy on the Matsugane family.

To do so, you need a telephone intervention from Tsukumo.

 trial chapter 8 tutorial

Go there (cybercafé) and talk to Tsukumo.

 trial chapter 8 guidance guide

Next, you will ask for 100,000 yen for listening.

Pay Tsukumo

If you have the money, do so immediately.

 tips for chapter 8 of trial

Find money (optional) [19659008] Otherwise, you can get money by sending Renji Honda or Kasai to the lender you met in a previous chapter.

Conveniently, Honda and Kasai will appear nearby.

 trial Chapter 8 wiki

  trial Chapter 8 wiki and guide

You will be paid for your service. After obtaining the money, go back to Tsukumo and pay him.

Wait for Tsukumo to call

Next, you should wait for him to call when he hears it ready.

 trial chapter 8 wiki and guide

Return to agency

After obtaining telephone intervention, return to the agency.

 trial chapter 8 tips and guidance

Sit down and talk to Sugiura.

 judge the eyes - chapter 8

Find Tashiro

As Sugiura can not sneak into the Matsugane building, you need to find a disguise.

Search for Tashiro, one of the yakuzas.

 Judge Eyes - Chapter 8 Guide

The first clue is on Emerald Hill. Talk to the staff in front of the club.

 judge's eyes - chapter 8 guidance tips

He will tell you that Tashiro is probably in the Tenkaichi Alley. 19659002]  eye ​​judge - chapter 8 guide wiki

Find one of the small alleys in the area. The map is shown in the image below. You will see Tashiro dressed in gold or yellow.

 judge's eyes - search for chapter 8

Defeat Tashiro

You have to beat him to get it

 judge for eyes - chapter 8, search guide

Telephone taps of the Matsugane family

With Tashiro's clothes, heading towards the Matsugane building. [19659002]   judge eyes - chapter 8 search tour

Before entering, you will meet Sugiura outside the store.

 judge eye - chapter 8 search wiki

Once you're ready, enter the building through the front door.

 judge of the eyes - chapter 8 search tips

Look for three exits

Once you're in, you need to find 3 exits to wire play the place.

There is also a time limit. The cat is in the window, under the blinds.

 eyes of the judge - mission of chapter 8

The first exit is at the bottom of the door from which it came.

 judge's eyes - chapter 8, mission tour

Next, look for the large plant placed diagonally from the door, in the opposite side of the room. You need to examine it to move it.

 judge the eyes - chapter 8 step by step

Once the plant has moved, it bothers the exit.

 judge eye - guidebook of chapter 8

The last exit is in the other corner; Left head of the large plant. It's under the lamp.

 judge of eyes - chapter 8 tutorial wiki

Finally, you will also be asked to listen to the eavesdropping of Matsugane's room. Look for the TV screen. The exit is next.

 judge eyes - chapter 8 wiki

Defeat the Matsugane family

When you leave, they will discover you. Defeat several of the members of Matsugane.

 judge eyes - chapter 8 wiki and guide

Get information on L & # 39; Amant

After leaving the building, you will learn that Hamura is in some place to play, playing cho-han.

To find out where it is, head to L & # 39; Amant, the casino within Koi Bride.

 judge eyes - councils of chapter 8

Talk to this man who is in front of the door.

 judge of the eyes - advice and guidance of chapter 8

Tell you the location if you help him write the beautiful lady at the table of poker.

Talk to this lady.

 trial (judge judges) chapter 8: a broken bond [19659166] trial (judge's eyes) chapter 8 - a broken bond

Defeat the lady in poker

You need to win the game of poker This was easy. He retired from the beginning.

All he had to do was defeat the other poker player and the game was over.

 trial (eyes of the judge) chapter 8 - a broken bonus guide

The guy will tell you the location and the secret codes to enter.

Find the game studio

Go to the play area. It is the only one without a sign (image below).

It's in one of the corners.

 trial (judge's eyes) chapter 8: tips of a broken bonus guide

The correct code

] You need to knock on the door three times.

 trial (judge's eyes) chapter 8 - a broken link search guide

The correct password is " Can I talk to the Moon? "

 trial (eyes of judge) chapter 8 - a mission of broken bonuses

Finally, the answer is "Chateaubriand, blue "

 trial (eyes of judges) chapter 8 - a guide to missions of broken bonuses

After entering, you will see to Hamura playing.

 trial (judge judges) chapter 8 - a broken wiki link

Defeat Hamura and his crew

You have to defeat Hamura , his huge bodyguard and the other members of the gang.

 trial (eyes of judge) chapter 8 - a wiki and broken bonus guide

After defeating and questioning Hamura, his men will burn down the place, and they escaped.

 trial (judge's eyes) chapter 8: tips of a broken bond

Chapter 8 of Judge Eyes ends here.

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